Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Feel A Little More Prepared

Today is the day. No the nursery is not yet completed, and I am not going into labor. However, I am the proud owner of our first pack of diapers. YAY. It is definetely about time that Nick and I boarded the diaper buying train and began preparing for the not so pleasant parts of parenting. Tonight we headed to Kroger to rent a movie from red box, and in turn ended up walking out with our first pack of diapers. Since the magazines only recommend you buy two-three packs of newborn diapers, and I figured most people would buy us larger sizes, we bought a pack of Pampers Swaddle Me Newborn diapers. I love how they smell like baby. Now, I feel a little more prepared if little Caleb were to make his arrival early. At least we would have one pack of diapers to cover his little bottom.

In other news I thought I would include a picture of Bella sleeping like a pregnant lady. I sleep cuddled up to a pillow every night in this same position. Maybe she is trying to be like her momma :).

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