Monday, June 29, 2009

Mighty Monday

Babbling Abby had an idea to begin a Mighty Monday post, and it looked like fun. Here is my shot at it.

I might have woken up a million times throughout the early morning hours to use the restroom

I might not have been able to fall back asleep and tossed and turned until I awoke for my next restroom trip.

I might have been woken up by my dog crying to go use the restroom.

I might have tried to go back to sleep afterward with no success.

I might have tried to watch abc shows online, only to find my computer freeze each time.

I might have cleaned my entire house, and done 5 loads of laundry.

I might have layed in the pool for a solid three hours on a float.

I might have contemplated what I am going to do with my life the next six weeks without work, all the while awaiting a baby.

I might have sat in Caleb's room and imagined my baby being here.

I might have cleaned out my disgusting car with my hubby.

I might have been really upset that one of our dogs shed, and that the fur would not completely clean up out of our car.

I might have covered the backseat with a sheet in an attempt to make it easier to clean before the baby comes.

I might have given my yorkie a bath because she decided to go swimming in a dirty pond and then roll in mud.

I might be counting down the days till my baby arrives.

I might be washing work clothes for my husband as we speak.

I might be hoping I can sleep tonight.

I might like mighty Monday's and continue this each week.

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Abby said...

Love your Mighty Monday!