Monday, August 31, 2009


Sorry two posts in one day. However, I wanted to talk about my hubby a little. He is soo wonderful and such great daddy, but the other night cracked me up. We were at home getting ready to go out to Margaritas Mexican Restaraunt for dinner (so mommy could finally have her daa daa daa FROZEN STRAWBERRY MARGARITA that she has waited almost a year for)!!! However, I was getting myself ready and I asked Nick to change Caleb, and get him dressed. Nick being the wonderful hubby and knowing that I am usually picky about the outfit we are going to put Caleb in asked me "What do you want him to wear"? I gave over my reins and told him "Whatever you want him to wear you can pick". I was thinking he would find a cute little outfit and dress him up. I finished getting ready and walked into the nursery to find him laying the crib in this little number. It is a onesie that says "Safe Sleep this Side Up" on the front and "Roll me over Please" on the back. I burst out laughing. Daddy's are soo funny. The two times Nick has picked out an outfit he has chosen onesies with funny sayings. I smiled and gave my hubby a hug, and thought ohhh Daddy's. Caleb did wear this outfit out by the way, and looked pretty darn cute if you ask me. Oh by the way the Margarita was well worth the wait!!

Mighty Monday

Happy Monday...I thought I would dedicate this entry to all the things I MIGHT have learned so far about being a mommy.

I might now know a love that is beyond what I ever imagined.
I might now know not to trust people when they say you will not need too many newborn clothes or diapers because the baby will outgrow them too quickly. Due to me believing this Nick, Caleb and I might have ventured to Once Upon a Child yesterday to find warm newborn clothing that Caleb can wear to church. The only long sleeve outfits he had were sleepers, and we needed something more fancy. All of Caleb's clothing above newborn might be huge on him, and I might think that he is going to stay in newborn diapers forever.

I might believe that it is more difficult than I originally thought to get a newborn on a eat wake sleep schedule. Newborns might just love to sleep after they eat, and it might be hard to get them to wake up.

I might be giving into the fact that my teets are drying up. I might feel great about giving Caleb mommy milk for one month, and I might be contimplating when to move strictly to formula. I might not know much about formula though so if you have any advice I would appreciate it. What kind worked best for your baby, any money saving tips etc etc.

I might be a little sad that my mommy milk is going away though because it might of made me feel great to know that I could feed my little man.

I might now understand that leaving the house with an infant has to be a planned event. Getting up and going on a whim is not possible.

I might have learned that if you place the clean diaper under the dirty one before you change the baby that it cuts back on number of times your baby pees on you. I might understand that Caleb is still going to pee and poop on me at times though.

I might have learned that if you go ahead and change a baby's diaper before a night time feeding and not after that the baby generally falls immediately back to sleep. Key word Generally.
I might love binkys but at the same time they might be bad when the baby is trying to fall asleep and binky falls out of their mouth. Then you find yourself pondering "Do I put the binky back in the mouth or not"???? (this is happening to me right now). Any advice?

I might have learned that Wal Mart generic diapers are not a choice for us. For the time being Pampers Swaddlers are our choice (but expensive). Any good brands any mommas have found out there?

I might have learned to have two middle of the night bottles ready in the bedroom with you for when baby wakes up. Cuts back on crying time, and helps put baby back to bed quickly.

I might have learned that hubby's do not immediately wake up to the stirring sounds of a newborn. They wait until baby is screaming to respond. Mommas wake up immediately.

I might have learned that there is nothing you can do about newborn acne except wait it out.
I might have learned to pack and pack and pack some more when leaving home. You can never over pack when it comes to clothing, blankets, burpys etc for a baby. NEVER.

I might be confused on when Caleb will actually be one month old. He will be four weeks on he a month then? Or will it be Friday the 4th since he was born August 4th?? I need to know so I know when to post about him turning one month haha.

I might have learned that Desitin works wonders on diaper rash. Highly recommend it.

Caleb might have smiled at me mutiple times this morning while I was playing with him. I might have decided that there is nothing more precious than your baby smiling at you.

I might have learned that Caleb is the best thing that every happened to me, and that I am blessed beyond words to have him in my life.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

In the Deep Dark HIlls of Eastern Kentucky

Caleb and I are home from our trip to Eastern Kentucky. We had an amazing time visiting family and friends. All in all I did okay packing for a newborn and having everything ready to go. We only had 6 bags, a swing, monitor etc etc etc. Packing for an infant is sooo different. I stuck to original plan and left immediately after Caleb ate. We stopped one time at a gas station to fill up, have a diaper change and let momma use the restroom. We then began our journey to the mountains. On the way to my hometown you travel a road called the Mountain Parkway. Exits on this road are few and far between. Caleb decided to have an emotional breakdown in between two exits (20 miles to the next). He was screaming because he was ready to eat, and I was behind a car going about 10 below the speed limit. I sat in the car singing, and talking trying to calm my baby until I could pull over at an exit and feed him. Finally we made it to the exit, the boy was fed, and we started on our way again. He did not break down again until we were about 10 minutes from my house. I pulled over at a gas station and gave him his beloved binky and all was good again. (Since this trip we have invested in a mirror that allows me to see baby boys face in the backseat). The trip at home was a great time. He was able to meet a close family friend and her husband. Two of his great aunts and uncles, and he met Uncle Mark, Aunt Libby, and Matt. Matt was home and is home from Atlanta for good. He will begin therapy at Central Baptist in Lexington this week, and will be living there at his house. Matthew is one of Caleb's middle names. Matt held him and rubbed his foot it was soo sweet. He even told me he would help me change his diaper, but I didn't hold him to that. On the way home Caleb did amazing. We were planning to stop in Lexington and see my little sis at her apartment. Caleb was sound asleep until we hit Man o War. He then began breaking down, and I can tell you Man o War never seemed so long. We made it to Auntie K's apartment though, and Caleb got his tummy filled and was greeted with lots of hugs and snuggles. When I arrived home I was greeted by my hubby, and a doggy who is very much in heat. Somewhere in between being pregnant, and having little Caleb we forgot to have Sydney spay, and now we are dealing with a bleeding puppy. Our solution........

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mighty Monday

Happy Monday....well almost Tuesday.
I might have decided that Caleb and I are going to visit my hometown this week. We might be leaving tomorrow morning and staying until Friday morning.
I might be a little nervous about traveling alone with an infant, but my hubby might just have to work this week.
I might have spent all day cleaning, and packing for this trip. I have packed an enormous amount of clothing for Caleb, since we seem to have a lot of accidents that cause us to have multiple clothing changes a day. I might have packed multiple bags for him including a bag completely devoted to diapers and wipes.
I might still have to pack bottles, my breast pump and formula tomorrow morning plus give my little man a bath, and time his feeding perfectly. It takes approximately 3 1/2 hours to get to my hometown. I am hoping that he can hold off to eat again until we get there.
I might hope that he sleeps tonight so we can leave first thing in the morning. If he decides not to sleep then we may leave a little later in the day so I can nap first.
I might just be sad to leave my hubby for three days :(. I might wish he could just forget about work and come with me.
I might be excited to show my little man off to family members in my hometown who have not met him yet.
I might not be able to blog until I return.
My baby boy might have diaper rash that we are having trouble getting rid of. Any advice?
Beth and Neil and soon to be baby Jaxson came to visit last night. Caleb might be ready to meet and play with baby Jaxson.
Blair might have baby Ashton this week, and that is so exciting. Caleb's friend will finally be here.
This past weekend we might have attended a family graduation party, and Caleb might have met his baby cousin Emma Lee.
I might have played poker this weekend, and had my FIRST GLASS OF WINE since November. I might have felt the affects of the wine very quickly. My hubby might have stayed up with little man that night :).
I might hope that all of you have an amazing week.

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Milky Problem

Happy Friday all. I hope you have all had a wonderful week so far. We have enjoyed our second week of our baby boys life very much, and I can not believe how much he is already changing. He is soo stinking cute that I just smile sometimes. We have been working on sleeping this week, and some nights have been amazing, and some have still been a little challenging. His only for sure pattern as of now is that he is awake around 11-1ish, and after his 5 am bottle he sleeps until you wake him up to eat again. Therefore, the nights have not been too awful as of yet.

At 2 weeks he has been having two-three long wake times a day.
He has come so close to rolling over that it is ridiculous. He rolls to his side, but stops there. Two week old babies are not suppose to be able to do this haha. I have to keep my eye on him every time I lay him down.
He enjoys one binky, and will not take any other one.
Unfortunately a little newborn acne has appeared on his face. Anyone have any tips on how to get rid of it??
Most of his newborn clothes are actually fitting now. He weighs 7 lbs 1 ounce now
He is taking about 3 ounces per feeding...which brings me to my problem

My teets that have been leaking since 20 weeks, are beginning to dry up. After bringing Caleb home from the hospital I was able to pump 5-6 ounces every 3 hours. This was plenty to feed him, and have back up for the next feeding. However, since two or three days ago I can only pump 2 1/2-3 ounces if I am lucky. I have tried pumping more frequentely, eating more, drinking more water etc etc. I called a lactation consultant today and she told me to go to GNC and purchase an herb capsule. She says that will help. Did anyone else have this problem? If so what did you do? I really want to be able to continue breast feeding, but I am becoming discouraged.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


A HAPPY GOOD MORNING TO YOU. Sorry for the happiness this early in the morning for all you non morning people. However, I have an announcment.......ready......CALEB SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! We have been trying to implement Baby Wise, and he wasn't taking to well the the "nap times" yesterday. He likes to cuddle to fall asleep. So, I have to admit I was worried about last night. However, I changed his diaper and put him in his pj's at around 10:30. I then read him two stories and he fell asleep in my arms. Generally when we put him down he will wake up and cry, but I walked him to the bassinet, turned on the monitor and waited. NO CRYING just a sleeping baby boy. AHHHHHH I was soo happy. I got him up at 1 for his feeding and he did not wake up. I placed him back in the bassinet after I changed his diaper, and waited. NO CRYING just sleeping baby boy. The doctor had told me to try 4 hours in between his night time feedings unless he woke me up before. I sat my alarm for 5, and he woke me up right at 5 with a little wimper. He was wide awake during his feeding, and soo cute I might add with those big blue eyes. I was worried that he would not fall back asleep, but he ate 3 OUNCES...big deal for him. Cuddled with me while I burped him, looked at me while I changed him, and then when I layed him down he fell right back to sleep and slept until we got him up this morning. THis makes for a happy mommy and baby.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mighty Monday

Hello all. I might have missed last weeks Mighty Monday because of my new little bundle. I might try to make up for it today.

These past two weeks just might have been the most amazing weeks of my life.
I might just be totally and completely head over heels in love with my little monkey man.

This past weekend I might have freaked out and called the pediatrician because Caleb's poop looked red and I thought he was dying. The pediatrician might have told me that baby's can have red poop when they are breast fed and to call in the morning if it continued. He might be tired of first time momma freak outs I'm sure.

I might have spent four hours in the ER on Saturday getting checked for blood clots in my left leg. They might just run in my family after childbirth. Two shots of a painful blood thinner in the belly, and one ultrasound later, I might just have no signs of blood clots. I might be super excited about that because I did not want to be hospitalized and have to leave my little man.

I might of had to leave my little one for the first time to go to the ER, and I might have cried a lot on the inside.

My daddy and sister just might have come to visit us yesterday. We might have gone to eat at two different restaraunts because my sister only wanted Panera Bread, and my dad and I wanted Italian. It might have been a really fun time though.

Nick and I might have given Caleb his first big boy bath last night. He just might be the cutest baby in the world. He might not have liked it too much though. His favorite part is still having water poured over his head.

Caleb might have pooped in his towel while I was rocking him waiting for daddy to fix the bath water. I might have giggled, and grabbed a new towel.

I might have a pile of dirty baby laundry to do today, including poopy towels and blankets. However, I might just be cuddling with my little man right now and I do not want to put him down.

He might be pooping while I am holding him as we speak. I might just wait until he is for sure finished before I change him.

I might be reading Baby Wise, and trying to get Caleb to follow the eat, wake, nap schedule. However, he might like to eat then sleep with no wake time. He might just like to be awake at 11 when mommy and daddy are trying to go to bed. I might feel guilty letting him try to self soothe himself in the bassinet, however, I might know from previous experience in child care that babies need to learn how to do so.

Bella might have semi cuddled with Caleb last night before bed time. That was the closest she has been to him so far.

We might have finally made it to church yesterday for the first time, and Caleb might have just been an angel baby.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Just a quick question for now. I will be sure to post soon about the life and happenings of Caleb. However, we all know that mommy Sarah has been craving a margarita this entire pregnancy, and I have to admit that now that I am NOT PREGNANT (YAY) I am really craving one. I am pumping my breast milk and feeding Caleb by bottle. However, I have been searching the internet, and I can not find any rules on breastfeeding and alcohol. Any breastfeeding momma's out there know how much milk you have to have stored before you can drink? I don't even want a huge amount just one frozen strawberry margarita before summers end. Please let me know if you have the answer :).

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

1 Week with Sunbathing, Jaundice, and Jesus

Today markes one week in the life of little Caleb. I can't believe that a week has already passed. Time is already FLYING by, and I am trying to hold onto every minute. This last week has been wonderful, scary, amazing, tiring all rolled into one. Having this little boy has changed our world. My heart is now outside of my body, and I am so blessed. My world now consists of timing pumping and feeding every three hours, changing diapers, cuddling, washing baby clothes, and just loving my little one. Caleb had a little scare with Jaundice this week. His count went up to 19.1, and at 19.5 they admit babies into the hospital. I have to tell you I was one terrified momma, when the doctors called to tell me the results. They instructed us to place him in the sun at 10 minute intervals throughout Saturday, and then to return to the hospital Sunday morning for another test. I cried and cried. It is soo scary when you think something is wrong with your little one. Thankfully the sun worked, and his count dropped to 16.7. They said once it begins dropping it continues to drop. After his doctors appointment Sunday morning Nick and I decided we still wanted to attend church. We just love the series that the minister is doing right now, and we did not want to miss one. We generally go to the second service which begins at 10:30. However, after the appointment we were in need of a nap, and we decided to shoot for the late service which we thought began at 12:30. We got up, got ourselves and Caleb dressed, and headed out the door. We were getting ready to get off the exit for our church when we realized that the late service began at 12 and not 12:30. So we never made it, but we at least attempted, and Caleb looked cute in his outfit that was too big. All of his clothes are too big though.
We had his one week appointment today. Everything checked out A okay, except the doctor wants him to gain more weight. He weighed 7 lbs at birth and he weighs 6 lbs 12 ounces right now. The doctor gave us a lactose free formula to mix with my breast milk which will give him more calories, and keep him from pooping out all of his calories as well. We have been going through A LOT of poopy diapers. I also learned last night that I have to watch what I eat with little Caleb. I was soo excited to each chicken wings last night, because I had to give them up during the pregnancy due to heartburn. One of our sweet friends brought us dinner from Applebees last night, and I engorged myself with wings. I felt fine, pumped my milk, and proceeded to feed Caleb. FYI Babies belly and spicy food does not mix. I was up ALL NIGHT long with a baby with an upset tummy, and I changed 5 poopy diapers within 2 hours last night. My poor baby boy. Mommy will never do that to him again. Hope you all are having a great week so far.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rub a Dub-Dub

Today was such a relaxing day at home. The first three days of Caleb's life were filled with visitors, and hospitals, and learning how to care for our new little one. However, today we just spent a day at home with our little man, and it was wonderful. Last night Caleb became cranky when we first put him to bed. After laying there listening to him cry for about 20 minutes I could not take it anymore. I can't bear to let my baby try to self soothe and fall back asleep off, and would cry from bea ll alone in his bassinet. He kept kicking his blankets ing cold. I asked Nick to run to the nursery and grab his swaddle blanket, and let me tell you it worked wonders. He only woke up one time last night after he spit up, and then I had to wake him up the second time to eat. He even slept in this morning. Such a good baby boy. All day long he has just cuddled and loved on us. In fact, he hasn't really cried at all except for diaper changes and a little during his VERY FIRST SPONGE BATH AT HOME. We have our follow up check up with the hospital tomorrow morning, and so we had to clean our little boy up. We gathered all the materials we would need, and took our knowledge from the demonstration in birthing class, and cleaned our little boy up. He cried through a little of it, but all in all I think he enjoyed it. He was all cleaned up and I was washing the remaining part of his bottom, and then he began squirting poop. It was soo funny. I sat there with a washcloth on his little bottom catching the poop and laughing. Ohhh little babies are soo funny.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Coming Home

I am too tired to post tonight. Caleb discovered his lungs last night, and I am a tired momma. We were able to go home today. Here are some pictures of our little cutie.

Labor of Love

I just want to begin by saying that yesterday my world changed forever. I now know a love that is so undescribable, and incredible that I have never experienced before. A love so instantaneous but so real. I am the happiest person of all time right now, and my baby boy is sooo perfect. I am cherishing every moment spent with this little cuddly monkey, and loving every minute.
I know I was always interested to read of others labor stories, and therefore, I thought I would let you know mine. Yesterday we arrived at 6:30 for induction. I was more afraid of the IV that morning than anything else, even though it was a rush of many emotions knowing what the day would bring. at around 7 they began my IV which I believe was the WORST part. At around 8 the doctor came in and broke my water....that does not hurt at all. I then sat in bed with my sister and hubby and watched Big Daddy. During this time I began feeling some pretty consistent contractions. Nothing awful or unbearable, but they were all that I wanted to experience. I wussed out pretty quick and asked for the epidural. My philospophy was why feel pain when I don't have to. I have to admit I was nervous about the epidural, but let me tell you...I barely even felt it. The nurses kept me busy talking and the worst part was the numbing shot before they actually did the epidural. I highly recommend it to anyone, and let me tell you it is NOTHING to be afraid of. Soon after that it began to kick in, and I could not feel anything. In fact the entire right side of my body felt like your lips do after getting them numbed at the dentist. My left side was numb as well, but I could still feel touch to it. The doctor checked me and I was at 4 centimeters....a couple of hours later I was 8. During this time we played cards to pass the time. Then they came in to check me once more and the nurse said "There is his head"...and the girls that were in the labor room with me got to take a peak. The nurse told me I was 10 centimeters and that we were going to begin pushing. She had me convinced that it would just take a few pushes because his head was already crowning. So I went into the first few pushes with a mighty effort. I had my mother-in-law, grandmother, sister, sister-in-law, and my hubby in the room. I was a lot less bashful than I thought I would be. Anyway, I began pusing, and shortly after she realized that Caleb has his head turned slightly to the side. She began trying to get him to turn his head, but did not succeed. The doctor tried as well with not success. I continued to push and push and push....for 2 hours. I was in very good spirit but I began to become frustrated toward the 2 hour point, and I was desperate to get him out. I had been using a mirror to give me a visual of the head coming down in hopes that I could push harder. However, no matter how hard I pushed he was just not coming out. I kept saying "I'm sorry" and everyone was laughing telling me I had nothing to be sorry about. Finally, the doctor decided to use a vaccum and he had to cut me a little, but with 6 back to back pushes, a cut, and a couple of sucks from the vaccum my baby was out and in my arms. In fact I did not even realize he had cut me until I looked down 5 minutes later and I was being stiched up. I was soo overwhelmed with love and I still am....maybe I am a little more in love now :).

I slept a little last night. However, I am in the process of pumping and feeding every three hours, and since my milk is not in yet we are also supplementing formula. Every sound Caleb made I would wake up and check on him. I am just trying to get used to this new momma business, but I am loving EVERY MINUTE.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Caleb has Arrived

Hello all. Sorry, that it has taken me so long to post pictures. I know I promised I would try to not neglect all my blogger friends out there, but little Caleb is too cute to take time away. I will give you just a quick run down of todays happenings for now, and a more lengthy post will follow with the entire labor story soon.
Caleb Matthew Craig Gardella
Born August 4th, 2009
4:17 pm
7 lbs 20 1/4 inches
Dark hair, long fingers and toes, and the cutest baby in the world