Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today is my neice Sahara's 7th birthday. It is so crazy that she is already that old. I still think of her as a little tiny baby. It makes me sad to think how fast time is going to fly when little Caleb arrives. Britney from also had her baby today. She was 5 lbs and I believe 10 ounces and they named her Kennedy Brooke. Such an exciting day. It makes me so excited for Caleb's arrival. HURRY UP AUGUST I WANT TO HOLD MY BABY!!

I am really enjoying working at Greyhound Tavern so far. Right now I am in the training days which can be annoying, but I am actually excited to get back into serving. Working at a preschool this past 8 months has taught me a lot, and I really enjoyed getting the chance to learn more about infants. However, I love the fast paced atmosphere of serving and meeting all different types of individuals.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Found a JOB!!!

I must say that I am so very excited to have found a new job in just one day of job searching. I mean I know that serving is not the hardest job to find, but it just reassures me that I made the right decision by quitting my previous job. It is so strange for me to just up and quit a job like I did this week, but at 25 weeks pregnant, I have done some things that are unlike me. I called the hiring manager today and as soon as he answered he asked when I could start!! YAY! The restaraunt I will be working at is called Greyhound Tavern, and the owner is affiliated with the owners of Merrick. I am so excited, and anxious to begin serving again. I always enjoyed it. My quest for tomorrow is to find white button up shirts that still fit me, and pray that I can still fit in my black pants. I have to tell you a funny story about filling out the applications yesturday. A question on one of the applications was, which is worse ignorance or apathy. I froze, and I could not for the life of me remember what apathy meant. I texted Nick and one of my friends in a frenzy to find out the meaning before the manager noticed how long it was taking me. Finally the manager walked away for a minute, and I called Nick and made him give me the definition in a hurry. My final answer was apathy. Oh the pregnancy brain.

I would also like to include a list of things I have learned about myself/pregnancy up to week 25

1. Never ever ever come between a pregnant lady and her food. I have had some hysterical crying fits over waiting for food, and I just have to look back at them and laugh.

2. I do not cry as much as I used to. In the past I would cry when I was angry, sad etc. However, now I just get very mad and aggrevated. The tiny things can set me off. (I hope this changes and that I go back to crying after the baby comes. I do not like being angry and mean).

3. My body is no longer my own. I feel as though I am living just so Caleb can grow and come into the world healthy. Everything is all about him.

4. Baby furniture is very expensive and needs to be sold in more stores.

5. I always have a million questions to ask my doctor, but at every visit I forget. I definetely feel as though I am so dumb sometimes I feel like.

6. I have to take time in the day to lay back and relax. This past weekend I did not take that time, and I truly felt as though my belly was going to burst if I tried to stand up straight.

7. You get out of doing a lot of things because "you're pregnant". This I secretly enjoy. We are moving at the end of June, and I know this will come in handy at that time.

8. My husband is amazing. He is so willing to put up with my hormones, my cravings, and my constant talk about the baby. I love him so much, and I am so blessed.

9. Feeling the baby move is the most amazing feeling in the entire world. Also, watching Nick's face when he feels the baby makes me smile. Those are my favorite moments of the day.

10. I think about Caleb at least every 5 minutes within a day. He consumes all of my thoughts, and I can not wait to hold him.

11. I enjoy writing to Caleb in the journal I am making for him. I have told him so much about my past, how I am feeling in the pregnancy, what is going on in life etc. This is all in hopes that he will understand who I am and where I am coming from.

12. August could not come soon enough. 9 months is a long time to wait to meet someone you are madly in love with. However, I want to make it to August so that he will be healthy and strong.

Monday, April 27, 2009

25 Weeks

I promise this will be my last post today. I guess three is enough. Here we are at 25 weeks. Little Caleb is about 1 1/2 pounds, and 9 inches long this week. My book said that his nostrils are now beginning to open, and this may cause him to have hiccups that I will be able to feel. I have to admit this fact is very exciting to me, and I can not wait to feel them for the first time. This weekend he was kicking so much, and last night I think there were 7 people who got to feel him kick in a period of 30 minutes. Everyone was so excited to feel the little push. I always enjoy watching people's reaction because they are so excited, and every body immediately smiles.
This week I have decided to try to find a serving job for this summer instead of continuing to work in the preschool atmosphere. There are various factors that were put into this decision. My teaching job was very stressful, and I had to deal with a bunch of stress each and every day. However, I have always enjoyed serving, and I am excited to go back to it for a few months. Nick and I have decided that after the baby arrives I will not work full time. I am planning on maybe serving a couple of nights a week just to pull in a little extra money. Please pray for me while I am job searching. It is so scary to transition and not know when I will be hired for a new job. However, hormonally and financially I can not stay at my previous job any longer. I am planning on trying to work full time until the end of June, and then possibly a little in July. Pray Pray Pray for me to find a new job this week so I can begin the training process and start making the tips.
I am including some pictures from this weekend of me at 25 weeks. The dress hid my belly very well. I am also including a picture of my friend Blair who is 23 weeks. It is so exciting to have two friends pregnant with me at the exact same time.

Sunday's Happenings

My busy weekend did not end after the wedding festivities. On Sunday I traveled to my hometown to celebrate 2 of my neice's birthdays. Sarhara, the oldest is turning 7 on the 30th, and Gracie, the baby, just turned one on the 24th. It is so crazy to me that either one of them are that old. It seems like yesturday that Sahara was turning one and now she is all grown up. I love my neices so very much, and it was so fun to share their birthday party with them. Sahara is all grown up and into clothes now, and little Gracie is just starting to try to walk on her own. They are growing up way to fast. I have included various pictures from the party. I love the one of little Gracie in the birthday bag. It kind of looks like she was flipping off the camera. So humerous. I had some bonding time with her while I was there. I took her and pushed her in a swing for probaby a good ten minutes. She was so cute, and I couldn't help but think about how excited I am to have little Caleb and take him to the park. Sunday was a great day for a birthday party and the end to a busy weekend.

Foddrill Wedding

I have to admit this weekend was enough to wear any non pregnant person out much less a 25 week pregnant lady. However, it was all worth it to watch two of my best friends begin their lives together. I arrived in Lexington on Thursday to help Beth with the last minute details. Beth, Blair, Beth's momma and I stayed up and made and iced 108 sugar cookies and marked each one with a pretty cursive F. Friday morning I went with Beth and her momma to the mall to find a mother of the bride outfit, and to various stores to buy last minute things. The best part was our salad and bread sticks at Olive Garden. Off to rehearsal/rehearsal dinner that night, then back to the reception site to finish decorating. Finally Saturday was wedding day, and it went wonderfully. Beth looked so beautiful, and it was so much fun to share this day with her. After the reception I was able to go eat at Merrick with my hubby and Blair and her hubby as well. It was fun to go back to Merrick and enjoy the sunshine and the yummy food. Unfortunately, my camera died soon after we arrived for the reception, so most of the pictures that I was able to take were pre ceremony.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pray for Britney and Kennedy

I just read on Britney's blog that she is at the hospital right now waiting a decision as to whether or not she will be induced tonight. She is at 16 weeks, and has recently developed preclampsia. The doctors had told her previously that they might induce at 37 weeks, however, her blood pressure has elevated today. Please pray for her and her little baby girl as they await the doctors decision. Here is a link to her blog I know that she is probably excited to meet her little one but also frightened because she is coming a few weeks early. Keep them in your prayers tonight.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Going to the Chapel and Beth's Gonna Get Married

This Saturday my friends Beth and Neil are tying the knot. It is so crazy that their wedding is already here, and I am so excited for them. I am traveling to Lexington either tomorrow night or Friday morning to help Beth with last minute details. I remember how stressful the week of my wedding was, and I wish I could have gone down sooner to help her. My belly is not as big as I thought it was going to be for the wedding, and even though I am pale, I am excited to wear the bridesmaids dress. I really like the dresses and how they are made. in honor of the bride and groom to be I have included some pictures. The one in the middle of of Beth and I breaking it down at my wedding, and the other two are just silly pictures that were taken back in the day.

As for little Caleb there have been no more scares today, and he has been moving as much as he was before I freaked out yesturday. He is so stubborn and silly already. Please keep baby Kayleigh in your prayers. She recentely came out of surgery, and the doctors fear that she may have significant brain damage. The link to her blog is on the right side of my page. If I do not have a chance to blog again have a happy weekend, and I will be sure to post pictures of the wedding asap.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Worried at 24 Weeks

I have been missing from blog for a few days now, and that is because I traveled to my hometown for Hillbilly Days. Hillbilly Days is a festival started by Shriners to raise money for children at their hospitals, and it is always a good time. For 4 days in the month of April Pikeville is taken over by Hillbillies, and I have never missed a Hillbilly Days yet. It was fun to hang out with family and old friends from high school. Nick and I were not able to make it to town until Friday night, but it was a great weekend.

Sunday we decided to visit my brother and nieces, ages 7,5,and almost 1. Afterward we started back to my house in Pikeville, and while we were stopped at a red light a car hit us from behind. It was just a little fender bender, and it only scrated the paint on my grandmothers bumper. Unfortunately, it was enough to freak a 6 month pregnant lady out. Right after the wreck I felt Caleb move so I tried not to freak out. However, over the last two days I have felt him move less and less, and I began to have some stomach cramps. Anyways to make a long story short, I started freaking out thinking I was going to have a miscarriage, or that my little boy had already passed away. I called the doctor today and Nick and I rushed in to make sure everything was normal. The doctor assured us that at 24 weeks a baby can change sleeping patterns, and that we should not be concerned about movement as of yet. They checked for the heartbeat and let me listen to his little heart beat away for a few minutes. I am sure they get tired of freaked out first time parents, but it is definetely a scary experience to be pregnant and know that you have to keep a little baby inside of you alive. They assured us that everything was fine and we went on our way. While at the doctor I discovered that I have gained 6 lbs in 2 weeks. When I first began the pregnancy I weighed 104, and at around 14 weeks I had dropped to 101. I gained those three pounds back and at 22 weeks I weighed 106, and now I am 112. It's so crazy to watch my weight change so much because it has always been pretty consistent. Nick and I bet that I would gain 20 lbs throughout the pregnancy, so we will see if that prediction comes true. In the meantime I am seriously considering buying a fetal heart monitor incase I have any more scares like I did this week. I think it would just reassure me that everything is okay. I am so thankful that our little fender bender did not harm little Caleb, and that he and I are both growing on schedule.

Monday, April 13, 2009

First Big Purchase

I officially made my first large purchase for little baby Caleb. I decided to go ahead and order the bedding from my previous post (the circle one). I just loved it too much and after many days of searching just to make sure I have decided that this is the bedding that will be in my little guys nursery!! I was afraid to wait to order it, due to the fact that I do not know if it will go out of stock any time soon. I can't wait for it to come in. It just makes it feel as though it is one step closer!!

Nick and I had a wonderful Easter, and I hope you did as well. The only picture I have of us he has his collar to his shirt popped and he will not let me add it. He was joking around, and sadly it was the only picture we took. We went to church yesturday morning, and the service was very nice. We then came back to Nick's parents for their family Easter. Nick has a huge family and their family gatherings consist of 50 people or so. It's so different than my small family. However, it was fun and the food was wonderful!!

We are now at 23 weeks, and I have not yet read anything about this week to know what little Caleb is doing. However, last night it was so weird because I looked down and the left side of my stomach was much bigger than the right. I immediately started rubbing the left side, and whenever I would touch my stomach he would move. It was so neat, and I felt as though he could feel me. It was so cool.

I have also decided to start a journal for Caleb that I will one day give to him. I basically do not know what all I will include in the journal, but I just want to let him know how much I love him. So far I have written to him about the pregnancy, my family background etc. I just want it to be filled with my life experiences, love and advice. One day I hope that my words will help him through struggles, help him to understand where I come from, and help him truly understand how much I love him.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

22 Weeks

Here we are halfway through our 22nd week of pregnancy, and I feel wonderful. Caleb has become so active over the past couple of weeks, and I love to just lay there and feel him move. There are times when I laugh out loud because his movement is becoming so strong, and it is so fun to feel him move and imagine him being in my arms. We have reached the point where we can see my stomach move when he kicks, and also if my arm is laying on my stomach it will push up if he kicks. I LOVE IT! Feeling our baby move is probably one of the best experiences of my life.

Last night I had my first pregnancy horror dream. I used to have dreams about the wedding all last year, and I would wake up sweating because I thought they were true. Last night I dreamed that little Caleb was born, and he was beautiful. However, Nick and I kept forgetting about him. We would go hours without feeding him or holding him, and my breast milk dried up because I forgot to begin nursing him. It was horrible. I felt as though he was going to die adn it would be my fault, but we could not remember to take care of him. Talk about a nightmare!!

Luckily Caleb is still growing in my belly, and although my cravings are not always the healthiest choices he is getting fed and growing!! My belly has really shot out this week, and it makes me smile. I also finally gained 2 lbs, and I was relieved when I realized this at the doctor this week. Thus far I had been loosing weight, and I wanted to gain some to feel healthy. Caleb is about the size of a package of oreos this week, and can now taste different foods in the amniotic fluid. I really need to start throwing some healthy tastes in there. Did any one else have trouble staying on track and eating healthy during pregnancy?

Each week seems to be going by faster and faster, and I hope that continues throughout the pregnancy. April will be eventful with Easter this weekend, Hillbilly Days next weekend (WOO), and Beth and Neil's wedding the last weekend. Now, I just need to make plans for May. I have realized it helps pass the time if I have something to look forward to every weekend.

Monday, April 6, 2009

A Strong Possibility

Thanks for the comments about the pediatrician. I have spoken with my mother in law and she gave me a recommendation as well. After searching through various bedding collections I think I may have one that I really like. This is not for sure yet, but I thought I would include a picture and get feedback. I really wanted to include a color scheme from an outfit that I bought Caleb the other day. This bedding set I think includes the colors nicely and would be easy to throw one or two more colors in with. Give me feedback and let me know what you think. The picture of the giraffes shows the different colors I was thinking about incorporating in the room. Maybe throw in a yellow or green somewhere.

The Search for a Pediatrician

I have come to the point in the pregnancy where it is time to start thinking about a pediatrician for little Caleb. Since I am new to the area of Northern Kentucky, I am completely clueless as to who a good pediatrician might be. Nick's family has provided some input but honestly I have forgotten the doctors names and I am going to have to ask them again. I have googled pediatrics of northern kentucky, and found a few groups of doctors that I feel as though seem well qualified by their website. However, how do you really ever know if you feel comfortable with them until you meet them? I am actually kind of clueless at where to begin. Do I just call the different offices, and see if they have an opening for my unborn baby? Do you meet the doctors before they care for your little one for the first time? This is a really big decision because they are going to be caring for the most important thing in our life. If any moms to be or moms out there would like to give me advice on how they picked their pediatricians, and what steps I need to take to find the right one I would appreciate it. I have to take paperwork into the hospital within the next week or so, and fill out all my labor/delivery paperwork, and I am suppose to have a pediatrician chosen by that time. HELP!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Baby Clothing is Starting to Pile Up

I thought that I would share with you a few of the outfits that we have purchased baby Caleb thus far. I am having so much fun picking out clothing, and I must admit it is hard for me to leave a cute outfit behind in the store. I love these little retro swimming trunks. He will not be able to get into the water when he is first born, but hey, I can dress him as if he is going to :). The white onsie below stole my heart. I love things that say mommy loves me and the giraffe's were just to cute. The green outfit below was purchased by my grandmother the weekend before we found out if Caleb was a boy or girl. We were both positive it was a boy, but we bought a green outfit just in case.

This blue cutie to the left is going to be his coming home outfit. I saw it yesturday and I could not turn it down. It is perfect for an August homecoming. AHH I Can't Wait!!
The auction the other night in Lexington went really well. It was so nice to see some familiar faces and remember our beloved Bill. The day after arriving home though I became very ill at work, and I have been locked up with a fever throughout the weekend. I thought I was getting over it but now I am beginnning to feel as though it is coming back. UGHHH. Pray for me please.