Saturday, July 18, 2009

Run Run Sydney

Hello all. Well I must say that today has been an eventful day. It all began this morning with a shopping trip with my friend Taylor who just found out she is having a baby girl. It was soo fun to shop with her, and look at all of the adorable baby girl clothes. After shopping I came home and took an oh so glorious nap. I am beginning to feel the 1st trimester type tired feeling again, and taking a nap was amazing. Afterward I cleaned my house, and was about to do some things in the nursery, but I decided to take Sydney out to potty first. So Sydney and I began walking outside like we do multiple times a day, however, today was different. We were walking through the grass, and there was a small hole that I did not see. This hole caused me to roll my ankle a little and fall down on the ground. Before you freak out, I just fell on my knee and hands, and there was no harm done to baby Caleb. However, this caused me to let go of Sydney's leash. You have to understand that Syndey is like lightening when she is running. You can not catch her. I immediately ran back upstairs to our apartment and called Nick. My exact words were "Nick you need to come home right now". I did not realize at the time that he would think I was in labor. He asked me really fast what was wrong, and I informed him that Sydney had gotten away, and I needed him to come help me catch her. I then went back downstairs, and walked outside to try to find her. Thankfully she ran to the woods beside our apartment, and not the other direction toward the highway. Neither of our dogs understand that cars will hurt them, and I just knew that she was going to run into the road. I made my way over to the woods, calling her name and trying to get her to come to me. All with no success. Finally I grabbed a stick, got her attention, and then threw it in front of me. When she ran over I stepped very quickly on her leash and CAUGHT HER. Thank God. I was so nervous that something would happen to our puppy, and that I would feel as thought it was my fault. Thankfully she is fine, and laying beside Nick on the couch right now as I speak. I have almost started crying multiple times tonight because I keep thinking that she could have died today. I am so happy that she is safe.

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Anonymous said...

Let's just be glad that everyone, including little Caleb, are ok!