Sunday, April 19, 2015

Soccer and Life

This past week began with life getting back to normal.  I went out of town last weekend, so when I arrived home there as laundry, cleaning, and shopping that I needed to get caught up on. 

Monday we dropped Caleb at school, and then the littles and I ran to Sams and Kroger. Kroger was out of car carts, but thankfully they were fully stocked in the free cookie department. This my friends is called survival.

I worked Tuesday night, had a girls night Wednesday, and Thursday night we began our Brave journey with church. 

Saturday was Caleb's first soccer game of the season.  He is number 3 this year and is playing for coach Adam once again.  He scored the first goal of the game, played an extra quarter, and scored 3 more goals! He did so great!

Saturday night we went to Jenn's wedding.  I unintentionally coordinated the kids outfits, but they would not corporate for a picture! We had a lot of fun! Caleb enjoyed playing with his cousins, and Mckinlee loved dancing.  My sis kept Paxton!

Today has been very rainy.  We skipped church and I caught up on cleaning/went to the grocery. 


Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

We had wonderful Easter weekend.  We decided to attend church on Saturday this year, and Nick's parents joined us.  The service was beyond amazing.  I don't even have words to describe it.  Our church brought us a service from the streets of Jerusalem, and it as so moving.  I am so beyond grateful for the church we have found.  Nick has become a Christian, and was baptized, we have both grown spiritually, and our kids love it. It was such an answer to prayer after years of church hoping. 

I tried to get some pictures of the kids before and after service.  The pictures crack me up.  Kinlee would not stand still, Paxton hated the grass, and Caleb was cold.  I laugh every time I look at them, but I know I will cherish them one day when my kids are grown.  This was Easter 2015.

I don't even have words for this girl. Trying to get a family picture with her.......goodness. She is hysterical.

Sunday morning the kids awoke to a scavenger hunt from the bunny.  They enjoyed finding the clues, and they could not wait to find their basket.  Once the basket was found they were so excited about their toys and candy.  They ate way too much candy, and bounced around the room playing.  We then had breakfast and spent a few hours snuggling on the couch.

We also colored eggs before heading over to Nick's parents for family Easter.

Nick's parents always get the kids fun summer toys for Easter.  They had a blast looking at all their goodies.  The rest of the day was spent enjoying family, hunting eggs and eating yummy food. 

It was a great Easter.

**Things I want to remember**

  • Kinlee evangelized to the Dollar Store when she saw the chocolate cross.  She told the entire Easter story, and explained that Jesus died so we could go to Heaven.  So sweet and cute.  I told her the candy cross was symbolic of the cross Jesus died on and she said "What's bolic?".  Everyone started laughing.
  • Paxton stood on his own a lot this day. 


Thursday, March 12, 2015

I Finally Feel Like Spring Has Sprung

Ahh, warm weather!! It appears that it has finally arrived, and I am hoping that it is for longer than a minute.  We spent all day yesterday outside playing and organizing the garage.  We had just piled up the kids toys for winter, and I had to do some organization so they could get to them now that it is warm.  Paxton loved being outside yesterday. He played in the exasaucer, and crawled around. It was cute to watch him experience it for the first real time.  We were all in such a good mood.  My plan is to take the kids straight outside after school today. I have to work tonight so I want to soak in as much of this day as I can before then.

Mckinlee has been saying "Mommy I  wish baby Jesus did not give me this crazy hair".  Last night she brushed and brushed her wet hair trying to make it straight "like Mikelle's".  I knew the day was coming where the curls would annoy her, and all though I didn't expect it to be so soon I gave her a  little treat.  I dried and straightened her hair, and she wore it straight to school.  She asked for  no bow, and asked me 5 times on the way there if it was crazy again yet.  I assured her it wasn't and she walked into school so confidently.  You could tell she thought she looked beautiful. Every time someone commented on her hair she would smile and laugh.  I love her confidence, and I am glad she felt beautiful.

Not much else to report. Paxton is growing up, and the other two are as great as ever. 


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Snow Days

This photo was taken on Sunday at church, the day before OCTAVIA hit.  We have been living in a winter wonderland since Monday.  I was really thinking we were going to escape any large snow storm this year, but we did not...and there is more snow coming this weekend.  I am ready to move South.  Anyway, we have not left our house since Sunday. 

School has been cancelled all week, roads have been bad, so we have had many lazy days at home.  Tuesday was my birthday.  We could not go anywhere so the kids and I had a mattress party in the living room, and watched old movies on Netflix.  3 Ninjas Kick Back was a big hit.  We cuddled, laughed, and were lazy all day.  It was not a glamorous birthday, but I enjoyed every minute with them.

We have ventured into the snow a few times.  Caleb has loved helping Nick shovel the driveway, Mckinlee has loved rolling in the snow, and Paxton has enjoyed the snow from indoors.  The kids and I walked to our neighborhood park yesterday while Nick stayed home with Paxton.  We went down the slides that were covered in snow, used the swings, played mother may I/race/red light green light, tried to build a snow man, and had so much fun.  We were all freezing by the time we got back indoors.

Speaking of indoors, I have ran out of ideas to keep the kids and myself entertained.  I can only clean so much with 3 kids trapped indoors.  The end of the day comes and it looks as though I have done nothing.  I have turned to Pinterest all week to keep us entertained, and most ideas have been a success. 

It is freezing out, but I think we may venture into the real world tomorrow.  The gym is calling my name.  I have to get out before the next storm hits, or I may go insane.  I love this time with my littles, but I think we would all benefit from some outside interaction. 


Paxton's FIrst Birthday

We celebrated Paxton's first birthday the day after Mckinlee's party.  Having two babies 1 week apart is not something I would recommend.  Party planning was exhausting, and by the end of the weekend I felt as though I had ran a marathon.  However, Paxton's party came together great, and he seemed to really enjoy himself.  He was in a happy mood the entire time, ate some of his cake, and allowed anyone and everyone to hold him.  I would call that a first birthday success.

We did an "Our Little Wildcat" theme.  My sister, a DUKE fan, told me "that was the worst idea I ever had".  However, I figured UK blue was an easy theme, and some décor items we will be able to use again.  My sister made a basketball smash cake, I ordered cupcakes from SAMS, we had some appetizers, and minimal décor.  I made sure that I had a photo book at the entrance for family and friends to sign (I have done this for all three kids).  I didn't go as above and beyond as I have previously for birthdays, but it was stress free, and our guests enjoyed themselves. 

The banner was purchased at Hobby Lobby and then my friend Brittney painted his name. 

My mother in law made the wreath, the banner, and the flags.

My husband made the KY sign. 

Paxton was not as into his cake as Mckinlee was, but he liked it more than Caleb did.  Once he figured out what it was he enjoyed eating it.  We had to finish with a bath, so that was a success.


He mostly received gift cards so we only opened a few presents. 

I wasn't great at taking photos.  I loved having a photographer at Mckinlee's first for that reason.  I missed getting photos of him with Nick and I, and him with various family members.  It is what it is at this point, but I am disappointed. 

All in all it was a great party though!

Paxton, I can not believe that you are already one.  It just doesn't seem possible.  My memory of your birth/first week, is still so fresh. I literally feel like it was yesterday.  You my boy are the sweetest little thing. You are so calm, so laid back, so loving.  You kiss me, hug me, and pat my back while you squeeze me daily.  I love it.  You dance on que now, love to wave hi and bye bye, do so big, will raise one finger if we ask you how old you are, shake your head no, and crawl.  You walk behind your walker like a pro, and love to pull up/cruise around everything.  You have four teeth now, with two more trying to break through.  You say dada and mama.  You love Caleb and Mckinlee.  You have started laughing at them so hard whenever they are around now.  You are so perfect. I literally can not get enough of you, and I never want you to grow.  You have the cutest smile, and the most adorable "stinker" face.  Goodness I love you bud! I pray that you will be an amazing man one day. A man among men.  A follower of God, a leader for your family, an amazing husband, and that you will experience the joy of fatherhood.  I pray that God blesses you with health, and enough money to not worry. I pray that you always understand why you are on Earth, and that you chase after your dreams.  However, for right now, I will hold you, snuggle you, smother you with kisses, and wish for you to never grow up.  I know you will be an amazing man, but for right now you are my sweet, loving, cuddly one year old boy, and I am so blessed to be yours.

Love Mommy