Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Days

We are here.  Still figuring out this new world with three children and loving every second.  Paxton turned 6 weeks today.  6 whole weeks.  That is insane to me.  How quickly the weeks/years pass will never stop blowing my mind.  6 weeks as a pregnant woman feels like an eternity, and as a new mom it literally passes within the blink of an eye. 

Paxton is still amazing, sweet, and so so easy.  I think he has the award as my easiest baby.  I didn't think it was possible to beat Caleb, but I think he has.  He is currently 10 lbs 6 ounces, only wakes up one time at night to feed, generally eats every 3-4 hours and never cries.  Literally he will fuss for all of 2 point five seconds, and the second you pick him up he stops.  He rarely even cries when he is hungry.  He loves to grunt...that is more of his form of communication.  He is smiling all the time now, and it melts my heart.  The first smiles will always be one of the best moments of parenthood. 

Look at those rolls!!! LOVE! 

The bigs are still here and still growing up on me.  Caleb is such a sweet big brother. The other day I was getting them ready for school, and Paxton wanted to be held.  While I was getting Kinlee dressed Caleb went over to him and started singing "If you are happy and you know it".  He was clapping Paxton's hands and all.  Caleb NEVER sings, so this was the sweetest thing ever.  He looked at me and said, "mom he is so calm whenever he sees me".  Melt my heart.  He loves to hold him, talk to him, and show him off to his friends.


Mckinlee loves him as well.  She is kind of over holding him, probably because he is already half her size.  She loves to talk to him and sing to him though.  She continues to keep us laughing.  The other day I was nursing and she was being really really quiet.  I asked her what she was doing and she came around the corner looking like this....
He reasoning, "I just wanted some tattoos".  Oy vey.....that girl. 

Caleb impressed me with his math knowledge the other day.  He was playing basketball and he said, "I have this many points. 2 and 2 and 2 and 1..that makes 7.  7 points".  Why yes son..yes it does.  I was impressed. He is also able to write his entire last name now from memory.  I was impressed because our last name is not a short one.  I guess I might as well face that he is growing up on me. 


Friday, March 14, 2014

Mckinlee Three Years Old

Sweet Mckinlee-

I can barely believe that you are already three.  THREE! You are literally growing up before my eyes, and it breaks my heart how fast time is fleeting.  You are such a hilarious little person.  You have a personality that keeps me laughing, second guessing, and praying 24/7.  You are strong willed, opinionated, loving, hilarious, fearless, wild, whiney, brave, social, a performer, a dancer, a singer and all around amazing.  I can't even find the words to describe who you are at this age.  You are you, and you have been from day one. 

You have recently started preschool, and you love it.  You walked right in without a tear on your first day, and you haven't looked back since.  This experience has really allowed you to embrace children your own age, and that has helped with your attitude around some of your friends.  Yes, my dear, you have an attitude at times.  You know what you want, and you want it when you want it, and sometimes it is really hard to reason with you.  We are working on using our words, cutting out the whining and trying to be patient...... You hear "be patient" so often that you now tell us to "be patient" all the time. 

You love to perform right now.  Daily you will climb on the coffee table and say "Hey everybody! You wanna hear my song? OKAY" will then bust into a song and dance combo that is so freaking adorable I can hardly stand it.  You are often hilarious with your dance choices, and have brought us to tears multiple times.  At the end of your performance, you will close your eyes and bow...every time....I melt!

You became a big sister recently, and you have actually taken to the role much better than I thought you would.  You love Paxton, and you love to hold him, kiss him, and help with him.  You really haven't been jealous.  I am very proud of your for that. 

You and brother play constantly. I love that you are each other's best friend.  You guys are constantly running around the house, in some make believe world, and I love to just sit back and listen to your imaginations run wild. 

You are sleeping in a big girl bed, in your big girl room.  You inform me daily that you need Princess's on your walls, so we are working on that one.  The other day I realized that you had colored on your wall with purple crayon. I asked you why you did that and your response was..."Because I like that color, and I want my walls to be purple"....Yes. That is your personality in a nutshell.  I find myself sitting and shaking my head multiple times a day.  Your personality scares me to death, but makes me want to pick you up and kiss you to death at the same time.  I love that you have such a strong personality, but often times I find myself questioning how to parent you. So, bare with me throughout life sweet one. We are in this together, and I promise I am doing the best I can.

In terms of discipline, I have learned if I give you an inch you take a mile.  We have had a lot of trouble with you not listening lately, so I have had to force myself to follow through with everything I ask you to do. Even if it is something as simple as pick up a toy. If you don't listen I have to follow through and make you pick it up.  It seems to be helping.  Fingers crossed and prayers going up. 

This Kinlee-ism has me praying for the future.....

Kinlee loves the song "what does the fox say". Generally I will play a game with her asking what different animals say and she will answer to the tune of the song. Today I asked her "what does kinlee say", her responses "kiss me kiss me boys....and give me money give me money boys"....... To say we are in trouble with this one is an understatement!!!

You have a little boy in your class that kisses you. The other day Caleb told you not to kiss that boy at school, and you responded with "I will.....haha". 

To say the least, you keep me on my toes. However, I would not want to spend, nor could I imagine a single day without you in my life. I love you so much my sweet baby girl.  You are beautiful, perfect, and I am so blessed to be your mother.  Here is the year three. May it go by slow, and be filled with love and laughter.

photos by ic photography

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mckinlee Turns Three

In the midst of the crazy month of February, my sweet Mckinlee turned three.  Le Sigh.... We celebrated early at Great Wolf Lodge, just in case Paxton made an early arrival.  She had a blast, and so did we.  My dad and his girlfriend/her family came  in to celebrate with us.  We reserved a room that had a cabin in it for the kids, and that was a huge hit.  After our first day at the water park we celebrated Mckinlee's birthday in our room with cupcakes, gifts, and pin the tail on the donkey. 

On the eve of her birthday we took her to Toys R Us to pick some presents.  She of course wanted the entire store, and we had to narrow down her choices.  We then ventured to Chuck-E-Cheese for some more fun. 

Her actual birthday she woke up to balloons everywhere, and a birthday muffin (complete with candles).  I took her to the mall to get her nails done, and she loved it.  We then played, ate, and rode the carousel.  That night we went to my in laws to celebrate with cake and presents. 

She seemed to have had a great birthday, even without a party. 


Paxton One Month

I can't believe that as of today my sweet bitty baby is one month old.  This landmark in time never gets easier.  I can remember vividly when both of my other two turned one month old.  The sting, and realization that they are growing up never eases.....sigh.  I guess that is life huh? 

Paxton is still the easiest baby ever.  I though Caleb was easy, but this little mister may have his big brother beat.  He is the definition of chill, laid back, go with the flow... and perfection.  I may be bias but he is awesome, and handsome, and well Perfect :).  Okay, I will stop bragging about my wonderful baby now, because is there is one thing I have learned in motherhood it is to never act like you have it all figured out.  So, FOR NOW, he is easy. I pray every day that he will stay that way. 

Paxton at One Month:

Eating:  You nurse generally every 3-4 hours.  You had one night during your growth spurt where you cluster fed, but that has not been a norm for you.  You generally only nurse off one side per feeding.  We have had to watch your gas because you spit up a bit if we do not make sure you burp.  I am hoping we can avoid reflux with you. 

Sleeping:  Let me just say you are an amazing sleeper (KNOCK ON WOOD).  You have even slept through the night once. 8 hours.  Last night you only woke up one time to eat, and then I laid you back down still awake, and you went to sleep on your own.  We have been trying to get you to fall asleep on your own only for bedtime.  Daddy and I snuggle you basically the entire day until then.  You are doing pretty well with it.  You still sleep propped on your boppy, and you like to be swaddled as long as your arms are out.  (Just like you big brother and sister).

Size:  I do not know how much you weigh.  I would guess at least 10 lbs.  You have outgrown almost all of your newborn clothes, and are mostly wearing 0-3 now. I may have shed a tear over this.  You seem long to me. 

Exciting New Things:
  • You are more alert during the day now.
  • You have smiled a few times in response to me.
  • You have a love hate relationship with your baths
  • Your head control is amazing. You have been raising your head since birth, but you will raise up and look around all the time now. 
  • You love to fall asleep in the bend of daddy's arm.
  • You love your mommy the most :)
I love you sweet baby!!