Friday, July 3, 2009

Just in Case

First of all I want to say thank you to Lea Liz for helping me with my blogging dilema. It was definitely a lot easier to do than I thought at first. In other news Nick and I had our first birthing class on Wednesday night. The first class was basically an overview of a bunch of words that you will hear during labor, and their definition. I actually knew all of them just from watching Deliver Me and Birth Day on Discovery Health Channel. However, I was very surprised by the questions a lot of the other mothers were asking. Apparantely I am the only one who watches those shows :). The next class is when we will start practice breathing, and the hubby's will learn how to massage different pressure points during labor. YAY for massages. I am so mad at myself because I was determined to document this night with pictures, but NO momma Sarah completely forgot :(. So, we have no pictures from our very first birthing class. I am excited because the class includes a breastfeeding class, and infant care class. Working in a preschool helped me to learn a lot about infant care. However, it will be very good to learn some new things, and interact with my hubby. I am soo excited to see him care for little Caleb. The breastfeeding class will be so informative, and I think it will help put me at ease, since I have no idea how to go about breastfeeding. After class that night we were surprised by one of our good friends who recentely moved to New Jersey. He was in town!!! We immediately went to a local bar and grill to see him, and 8 month pregnant me sat at the bar drinking water, and hanging out haha.

Yesterday we recieved our cord blood banking kit from via cord. Nick and I had talked about whether or not we wanted to bank Caleb's cord blood throughout the entire pregnancy. However, we both just could not turn it down. Though we have no family history of blood diseases, or various cancers we still wanted to bank his cord blood just in case. It makes me feel so much better to know that if God forbid something were to happen to our baby boy that we would have his cord blood banked, and it could result in helping save his life.

This weekend is still up in the air as to what all we are going to do. Normally we would go camping and to a lake on the fourth (pictures included from last years camping/lake trip), but since I am 8 months pregnant this year I do not want to camp. I would be fine cruising on a lake as long as the boat was going very very slow. However, we just have not decided for sure what we are going to do yet. I know we are going out the eat tonight with another preggo and her hubby, and then possibly to a fourth of July festival. However, tomorrow we have not decided as of yet. Whatever we decide to do I know it will be fun. I just hope it warms up, and the rain holds off. I am ready for some more pretty pool days. This weeks weather has made me sad. Happy fourth of July everyone I hope your holiday is wonderful.

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Rebecca said...

You are right about having a baby requires an enormous knowledge base. It sounds as if you have that well started. If you want more help, let me know.