Monday, October 29, 2012

I already Miss....

The 80 degree weather.  I know in comparison to many people on the east coast I have nothing to complain about.  However, this freezing wind is making me long for the warmer days of summer. Or just the 80 degree weather we had last Thursday.  Only in KY will you have 80 degree weather one day and 40 degree weather the next.

The kids and I tried to soak up the last bit of warmth last week by playing outside.  We just finished moving in with my in-laws as we house hunt, and they have tons of land.  The kids were loving the huge backyard, and all the fall leaves.

Caleb and I enjoyed playing football.  I love this little face.

 Of course no fun day is complete without a Kinlee tantrum.....


Wednesday, October 17, 2012


This past weekend Nick and  I took the kids to the local zoo for Hallzooween.  The zoo was filled with trick or treat stations and they had activities with the different animals with pumpkins throughout the day.  You were suppose to dress the kids up, but we decided last minute to go, and the kids do not have their costumes for this year yet.  I pulled Caleb's costume from last year out, and thankfully it still fit, but little miss did not have one. I just placed some fairy wings on her.

It was a fun day, but it was super super crowded.  I prefer going on the weekdays for sure.  The kids seemed to have enjoyed themselves though.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mckinlee 20 Months

Didn't I just write her 19 month old post yesterday?  Basically....(yes still behind).  Any who despite my lack of blogging little miss is still growing up.

Mckinlee at 20 Months:

Eating: You are still picky picky.  You are a total junk food fan, and you could down at least 3 glazed donuts at one sitting if I would let you.  You are finally able to drink whole milk, and will tolerate one sippy a day.  You still love your after nap time snack the best, and you will eat and eat and eat at this time.

Sleeping:  You have been sick this month so you have been waking up a lot fussing. I can go in, replace your Ellie, cover you up and you go back to sleep. Last night you did not wake up at all so I think we are over that hump. You still take at least 1 two hour nap a day starting at 1 pm.

Size: Still tiny tiny.  You need 18 month pants for length but they sag off your booty and your legs. I have still been buying 12 months for your skinny's since they are tucked into boots. You are 20 lbs.  You still wear a size 2 diaper for naps and bed, and you are wearing a size 4 shoe.

Teeth: No new teeth.

Speech:  talking talking talking.  You are a jabber jaws. You have started putting a lot of 2 word phrases together.

Exciting New Things:

  • You can whistle.  Not on demand, nor do you know what you are doing, but you have been doing it for the past few days.
  • You are potty trained. You still have an accident every few days so I would say we are still "working" on it, but 9 times out of 10 you make it to the potty.
  • You are all about making faces now.
  • You dance all the time.
  • You did a flip flop all on your own. 
  • You love to say bye and say it every time you leave the room. 
  • You cry after daddy a lot now. 
  • You have to have ice in your drink 24/7. 
  • You can drink out of a cup very well without a lid and eat with utencils.
  • When you count money you say "1 paw" "2 paw"...pointing to the face on the money.
  • You always say 2, 3, go
You are so sweet and wild and fun baby girl. I love you.

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Friday, October 5, 2012

First Field Trip

Yesterday Caleb had his first field trip with Preschool, a trip to a Pumpkin Patch.  The morning started off a little rough, and we were late due to my mix up of starting time, but it ended up being a great day.  We arrived about 20 minutes late to meet his class, so we missed the first part of the hayride.  I was sad about it, but Caleb had no idea he had missed anything.  The kids played on a play set, we walked a corn maze, rode the hay ride to the pumpkin patch, and then watch a fun puppet show.  After the puppet show we went to see the animals at the petting farm.  Mckinlee was all about feeding the animals, but Caleb was not to interested.  Caleb hung out with his friend Jonas from school most of the time, which was cute to see.

There was an elementary school there for a field trip as well, and Nick asked the bus drivers if Caleb could get inside the bus.  He is obsessed with school buses, and always wants to ride on one.  He ran over and was super excited, but was not very interested once he got on board.

We had a family lunch after at a local favorite, and then came home for a long nap.  It was a great day!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Going Potty

I am happy and scared to announce that we are on day 4 of Mckinlee using the potty!! I shudder to think that I may have just jinxed myself, but I had to take a moment to brag and document.  Mckinlee will be 20 months on the 6th, so I am so excited that she picked up on potty training so young.

At around 18 months Kinlee started grabbing at her diaper and saying "potty" each time she would go.  I decided to run with it then, and I tried the 3 Day Method, which worked wonderfully for Caleb.  It did not appear to be working with Kinlee because she would hold it all day until I put a diaper back on her.  So, basically I just allowed her to run around with no pants, and sit on the potty when she wanted in and effort to get her comfortable with it.  She has been doing this off and on for a few months. Every once in a while she would actually use it, but for the most part it was a game.  However, this past weekend she just started using it on her own.  She runs in, sits, pees or poops, and then comes out and tells us she went.  My favorite is when she says "Hooray"!

We are still going with the pant less option at home.  With Caleb I introduced wearing pj pants about a week into potty training, and then about a month later I introduced underwear.  I am a little nervous to try pants with Kinlee. I am not sure if she can even pull them down herself, so we shall see how that transition goes.  I am excited to say that we are almost there, and holding my breathe to find out if we are really out of diapers.


Monday, October 1, 2012

Catch Up

Once again I am behind.  I feel like that is the start to all of my posts. I keep telling myself that I will get back into blogging consistently but it has yet to happen.  So, once again I am writing a catch up post.

A couple of weekends ago we traveled to Illinois to visit some of my college friends. We all try to get together a few times a year, and I just love getting to spend time with them.  They really are friends for life.  I love being able to pick right back up where we left off.  They are so uplifting and loving, and I am truly blessed to have them in my life. The trip was super fun.  We visited a park with animals, and walking tails, ate frozen yogurt, had a camp fire, went to parks, and just hung out.  It was a great weekend.

This past week my grandmother has been in town, and on Friday we took the kids to Otterville. Grammy had never been so it was fun to show her around.  The train at Otterville now goes to a pumpkin patch, and the kids were able to get off and pick pumpkins.  Caleb made sure he got a big one.

Nick and I were introduced to an amazing park yesterday.  It has a great play area, lots of grass, a beautiful view, and a creek that you go wade in.  It was too cold to wade yesterday, but the kids had fun learning to skip rocks with daddy.  This may be our new go to park.

So, now I am semi caught up.  There are a lot of big things going on in life right now, and I am trying to stay afloat.  I will try to make my blogging more consistent though!