Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Photo Shoot

 A cute photo shoot today in Caleb's back up Easter outfit.


Library Music and a 6 mile Walk

Today was such a fun and unexpected day!! First off the weather is GORGEOUS!! That always puts a smile one my face.  However, today was also our very first day of a FREE, let me repeat that FREE library baby music class.  Taylor had told me about it, and we decided it sounded like a lot of fun.  I mean it is basically just like kindermusik only without the 180 dollar price tag!! Caled seemed to enjoy himself, and at the end he showed off his rolling tricks to get to the toy of his choice. 

Cute Isabel

However, while there we met some new friends that got to Taylor's church and their babies Presli and Max.  They were oh so cute, and I just had to die at how chunky and adorable Presli was. We decided that her and Caleb would make the most beautiful eyed chunky babies of all time, and we just had to take their picture together.  How cute is she with her bow??

After the class us 4 mama's and babies sat in the library and chatted it up, and then we went on a 6 mile walk! Yes you heard me right, well maybe I am telling a little fish tale. However, let me assure you that our probable 2 mile walk felt like 6 for us mama's, and pushing strollers up hills was almost to much! We looked like a little stroller mafia.  It was so much fun and so unexpected.  Great to make new friends, and we have decided to contine the tradition every week!

Stroller mafia minus Max who was eating at the time


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

MaMa Called the Doctor

So, remember how Caleb had a runny nose and cough before we left for Florida, and he checked out just fine at the doctor? Well, the runny nose and cough have re-appeared along with white on his tongue. I called the pedi today, and they had me come in because they said his nose and cough should have gone completely away by now.  So off to the pedi we went this morning.

I was convinced that little man had thrush because he has never had white on his tongue before. The doc on the other hand is not completely convinced yet, and he told me to watch it to see if it thickens.  YUCK.  I hope it is nothing.  In the news of his nose and cough it has been diagnosed as a probable sinus infection, and we have been given our first round of antibiotics to take for 10 days to knock it out.  If that does not clear it up, then Caleb has to come in for allergy testing.

 I really hate that I do not know for sure what it is, and that the doctor is not positive either. I hate to give him antibiotics for a sinus infection, when it is really allergies, but that was the best course of action in the doctors eyes.  Caleb is acting fine and he does not seemed to be phased by whatever it is.  It will be interesting to see how he does with his medicine after he wakes up from his nap though. 

On another note this past weekend we went to Lex to get all the babies together. This is only the second time they have all been together and it was so much fun. Little Ashton is crawling everywhere, and Caleb and Jax are still just rolling around.  It was so cute to watch them play and interact. 

Caleb was obsessed with Ashton's Sophie. He played with this thing for over 45 minutes. I think the Easter Bunny may have to make a HARD $20 dollar teether purchase.  I mean really? Why is a teether so expensive, and why did my baby love it so much?

Caleb 7 months, Jaxson 5 months, Ashton 6 months
Caleb also has become a complete belly sleeper. Nothing I can do to change it.

If you haven't noticed Caleb's hair has really come in the past few months.  Just for giggles look how daddy styled it.


Butt Scootin Boogy

Butt Scootin Caught on camera.  He is scootin as slow as a snail as of now, but he still got where he was going.
(FYI: ignore my really excited voice, and all my sentimental sayings. I had a moment)

Also, here are my favorite pictures from Florida that I just got from my sis. He just looked so cute in his summer outfit! Oh how I adore plaid shorts :).


Monday, March 29, 2010

I ------ on Peter Cottontail

I have a confession to make bloggy friends.  A confession that might make some of your want to cringe to think about, and may make others of you laugh out loud! I will begin at the beginning.

Yesterday was just a normal sad day in the bluegrass. I mean hubby, Caleb and I had arrived home late from Lex on saturday night after watching the CATS loose to WV :*(.  We decided that we were going to have a fun family day yesterday and we had a lot planned.  First of all we slept in and went to the late church service.  This did not work to well for Caleb because it was during his naptime, and he ended up having a break down in the nursery.  I saw his number flash up and I basically ran to the nursery to see what was wrong. Once there I was greeted by the hateful nursery desk lady who proceeded to tell me very harshly that "he had been crying for a long time!".  I wanted to respond by saying "Hey miss mean nursery greeter, maybe you should have paged me when he first started crying, and then the problem would have been taken care of.  Also, while we are at it, maybe you would like to me a little more polite to parents considering you are working in a church nursery and all!".  I was a little livid to say the least.  At least the ladies who actually watch him are sweet as they can be.  UGHH. 

Anyways, after church we went to use a gift card at Olive Garden, and fed Caleb his lunch.  At this point he is still fighting his nap, and is becoming a little cranky. 

After lunch we went to Old Navy to check out the cute baby boy clothes, and to get hubby some new shirts.  Then it was time for the highlight of our day! The time to visit Mr. Cottontail himself.  We were meeting our cousins and their baby Baylee at the mall at 3:50, and we had a few minutes to spare so I suggested going to change Caleb's diaper. However, by this point our little man had fallen fast asleep in his stroller, and he looked to peaceful to wake him (mistake). 

We proceeded to get in line, and wait to get the long awaited picture.  Caleb awoke, and we picked him up only to find that his pants were pretty darn wet with pee.  However, he had dark jeans that you could not see the wetness through.  This is when the dilema in my head began bloggy friends.  I mean I was in line, we only had a change of shirt not pants, and the only other thing I could put him in would be a sleeper. I mean he couldn't have his Easter Bunny Picture taken in a sleeper.  That would be so not cute.  So the question was going back and forth in my head "do I change him, or do I leave him"?  I asked hubby and my cousins and we all decided that since the Easter Bunny has a fluffy costume on, and since he would  never feel the wetness through the suit, that we should just let Caleb be until after the picture.  So yes bloggy friends, I am that mom that let me baby PEE on Peter Cottontail.  However, a cute picture did emerge from the story, and Caleb was changed as soon as we got our picture :).  Hope I didn't gross you out, I mean I am sure other mama's have done the same thing.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Don't Go Chasing Caleb

Remember this post?  Yeah the one with the TLC throwback, and the discussion of how I think little man will never crawl?  Well, little one is surprising me, and putting my words to test.  This past week he has become a moving machine.  I swear we go to Florida, and come back and dada swears he is a different baby.  He is all about some rolling now.  Back to front, front to back, back to front, front to back (you get the picture).  He has also mastered going from a sitting position to falling on his belly and trying to scoot.  He usually only goes in a circle, but then he starts rolling back to front, front to back again (is that picture getting annoying yet? :)). 

Also, he has a little secret that he has not quite let dada and I see yet.  Yesterday, I place him in the center of our living room with toys, and I walk into the kitchen to get some lunch.  When I come back to the living room he is right infront of the stereo (still sitting), and playing with the buttons.  The stereo was atleast 1 1/2 feet from where I sat him, and I knew he didn't roll because he was sitting.  Do I have a secret butt scooter on my hands?  My parents said  I never crawled, but I only scooted on my behind.  I wonder if Caleb is going to do the same thing?  I am trying to catch him in the act, and when I do there will be pictures, and probably a video. 

My sweet little snuggle bunny has also become a crazy mover in mama's arms. I will have him sitting upright in my lap, and the next thing I know he is on his belly and trying to roll off my lap.  Oh, bloggy friends, I think my little non moving baby is ready to get up and go. 

Warning: Pictures that have nothing to do with post.  (I haven't caught him doing the butt scootin boogy yet)

His first time in a swing

I think the plan is to go see this precious little one today (and baby Jax).

Caleb is riding in a big boy carseat now (daddy was adjusting the straps)! (ignore the mess in the car, we had just got back from Florida and the car was packed!)



Friday, March 26, 2010

Vacay Pics

Auntie K, Caleb and I had a great time on our trip to Florida, and we arrived back home last night around 7.  It was great to stop by and see cousin Matt, Chris and Aunt Lib, and to eat some wonderful potato soup before coming home.  However, it was even more amazing to arrive home.  Hubby had cleaned the entire house for me, and washed our bedding so the bed was all nice and clean.  He is just so sweet.  Caleb actually adjusted back to schedule great, and he slept so well in his own bed last night.  He also went down for nap right on schedule today.  He is such a well adjusted baby if I do say so myself.  I will tell you more about whats new with him in some posts to come.  Todays post is just filled with some pictures from the trip (warning lots of pictures). I am waiting on Auntie K to send me some of my favorite pics from the trip from her camera. 

At the beach

At the aquarium (note he is only wearing a onsie because we were not planning on going anywhere after the beach, and this is all we had with us. His beach clothes were filthy)

He loved looking at the fishy

How cute does he look beside this big manatee?
Love the chunky legs

That's enough for today...but there are still more to come :)

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Headed Home

We enjoyed our last day on the beach today.  It was soo beautiful.  Unfortunately, the last few days have been chilly and ucky for beach time, but we lived it up today.  We visited Fort Meyer today, and it was beautiful.  We even got to be entertained with a spring break booty shaking contest.  It was hilarious.  Oh to be young again :) haha.  Caleb had fun playing in the sand, and we even let him sit in the tide of the water because it felt wonderful.  He was still not a fan, and did not understand why we had him sitting there.  He was adorable however, and melted my heart with kisses all day.  The plan to tan it up this week, did not really happen.  However, I will be working on that all summer and I am oober excited for pool days with my babe.

We are heading home tomorrow.  Keep our safety in your prayers please.  I am excited to get back to blogging and sharing bunches of pictures from the trip. Until then here is one to hold you over.  I think he may just be the cutest baby in the whole wide world.  Hope you agree :)


Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Love You Sun

Hello from Florida.  Mr. Sun listened to mama Sarah, and shone bright for us all day!! Caleb absolutely loved the sand today, and I think he had it in every crevis of his body.  I am so not the mama that allowed him to chew on his sandy hands and toys. I mean I would be so horrible if I allowed him to get one speck of sand in his mouth :).  He had so much fun rolling, talking, and scooting in the sand, however the cold ocean water was an absolute no go (even for mama).  He also did wonderful on the trip down.  Thank you God for blessing me with baby who travels well, and for keeping us safe on the trip down. 

PS. We miss you Dada!!