Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Funday

I have been truly making an effort lately to take in my children, and enjoy playing with them.  I know this may seem silly, but I feel as though I always have a million distractions pulling me all over the place.  House cleaning, laundry, cell phones, friends etc.  Today I vowed to just be in the moment, and I am so glad I did. 

Thankfully today was beautiful out.  We needed it after this blah weather.  Once breakfast was complete I changed the kids to play outside and outside we went.  First on the agenda was finger painting outside.  The boys love to finger paint, but this was Mckinlee's first experience.  She was so excited.  The girl loves to get her hands dirty (so unlike me). 

Finger painting turned into booty painting :)

After their artwork was complete we played with play dough outside.  I recently bought a play dough toy set at a consignment sale for 2 dollars, and the kids loved it.  This was another first for Mckinlee, and I was very proud of her. She loved to smash it, and put it in the containers and dump it out again, but never once tried to eat it. 

By this point it was hot out, and the water play began.  My kids love anything and everything water, and they played in the water table for over and hour.  They enjoyed dumping the water and jumping in puddles.  I joined in on that adventure as well.  They watered the grass, and dumped water on each other.  They then started "washing" their car and bikes. This was a huge hit!!

This morning was a great time, which resulted in hungry kids who ate a great lunch, and sleepy eyes for nap.  I also grew this morning.  I learned to just "be in the moment", cut out the distractions, and enjoy this fleeting time with my kids.  I am so excited for our afternoon adventures once they awake!


Taking In Caleb

Last night was a moment in time that I will never forget.  If I could bottle up one memory from Caleb's life thus far, and keep it forever it would have been last night.

Last night did not begin any different.  We went though the chaos of dinner, baths, brush teeth, put Kinlee to bed, and then Nick and I took Caleb to his room to read books.  It was then that the wonderful memory began.  We started out by reading a Dr. Seuss classic, and with Caleb talking to us about how he has blue eyes.  He then snuggled up to Nick with his arm around his neck, and just held Nick close to what seemed like forever.  Out of the silence we then heard a sweet little whisper that said "love you".  I think both of our hearts melted at that moment.  My sweet little man was laying there holding his daddy, and his sweet tiny hands were patting his daddy's back.  He had refused to wear a shirt to bed, and for some reason that made him seem all the more baby to me.  I couldn't help but reflect on the tiny back rolls that have been present from birth, and literally almost burst with love for this little man that God has trusted me with. 

In the midst of my reflection Caleb rolled over and pulled us both into lay on his chest. He kissed both our heads and said "love you".  He then said "lay on your pillows now" :).  I always kiss him and tell him he is perfect all of the time.  Generally he does not want to me to give him kisses so he immediately pushes me away and screams "I'm not perfect!" haha, however last night he pulled us in, kissed us and said "you're perfect"! Melt my heart!!!

We literally laid there for over and hour snuggling, kissing, fighting off cow kisses and laughing with our little man.  Our sweet baby who is less and less a baby with each and every day and more and more a little boy. Our sweet guy who we have so many hopes and dreams for, and who taught us to love in a way we never knew existed.

 Oh sweet Caleb, you are becoming such a perfect little man.  My prayer is that you will always keep that sweetness, compassion and love that you showed your father and I last night.  Hold tight to those gifts from God sweet boy, and use them throughout life to better his kingdom.  You really will be a Prince Charming one day, but for now I will take in every kiss, snuggle and laugh I can get from you.  I love you more than life my monk!


Monday, April 23, 2012

HBD 2012

This past weekend we traveled to my hometown once again for HBD2012.  It was a great time as always.  We spent a lot of time eating great homecooked food, and enjoying time with family. 

Friday we took Caleb and Mckinlee to the carnival.  Caleb was once again not a fan, and Mckinlee was a little too small to really ride anything. Caleb did really enjoy playing the different games though. 

It was a great weekend that went by way too fast. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fishing With Pa

Sorry we have been MIA this week.  My kids have come down with hand foot and mouth, we have been rearranging our house, painting and planning for a small trip.  It has been wild to say the least.  I really wanted to remember to do this post while the memory is fresh.  It is a little dated, but completely and totally something I always want to remember. 

As I stated in a previous post Caleb was gifted a fishing pole in his Easter basket from Meemaw and Pa.  My in laws have a pond in their backyard, and Caleb has always loved to watch Pa fish from it.  After much anticipation, he is finally big enough to join in the fun. 

After the egg hunt on Easter my father in law took Caleb down to the pond to fish.  Nick wanted to join but Caleb said "No just me and Pa!!".  So, we were left to watch from a distance.  While fishing Caleb caught 2 fish.  My father in law said that he was not too keen on touching the fish...that made me smile..he is SOO my child.  After they caught the fish and he posed for a picture they threw the fish back in.  Caleb told me he caught 2 blue fish and that they "threwww them real far in the wawerr". 

My father in law got these awesome shots of him, and I am so thankful for them.

I hid across the pond and tried to get a few shots of my own.

My little fisherman is so big :). 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Day

Once the kids awoke from nap on Easter we traveled to Nick's parents house for their family get together.  They always have amazing bbq made by Nick's grandpa, and an egg hunt for the kids.  Caleb had so much fun with the egg hunt, and did really well.  He was running so fast and grabbing as many eggs as he could find.  He also really enjoyed counting his "monies" when he was finished.  Mckinlee was more interested in eating the eggs :).

They also enjoyed getting their Easter baskets from Pa and Meemaw.  Caleb got a fishing pole, which will be a whole post of its own. 

The rest of the day was spent hanging out with family outside.  It was a great Easter!