Monday, July 27, 2009

Hello from Jamaica

No, I have not broken all of the doctors orders and not only traveled further than an hour, but traveled to another country as well. However, I can not help but sit and think back on this time last year. That is because this time last year Nick and I were almost to Jamaica, and we would be there until August 5th. I can remember being so excited that we did not even care that we had to wake up at 6 am, crawl out of the most comfortable bed of all time, and catch a flight at 7:30. Even though we had not crawled into bed until about 3:30 and we were exhausted. However, the idea of laying on the beach in Jamaica was soo appealing. All the wedding stress was over, and there were literally NO WORRIES for the entire week. Ahh to be honeymooners again :).
This morning instead of catching a flight to Jamaica we got to take a peak at our little baby (which is just as great). Can I just say that he is smashed up. Poor little thing. I could not tell his head from his stomach or his arms from his legs. He is one smooshed ball. The ultrasound technician said that he is still measuring small. 36 weeks and 1 day to be exact. Which is way smaller than the 4 day behind ultrasound we had at 32 weeks. However, she said that on the graph his growth is consistent for him, and they are predicting that he weighs 6 lbs 8 ounces which would put him in the 40th percentile. My fluid is still fine, but my placenta in her words is OLD. She showed us my placenta and said that if it looked like a rock wall (mine clearly did) that it had seen its last days. She said that if the baby would not have been measuring consistent for him and with my old placenta I definetely would have been referred for induction. However, since the baby is still measuring okay for him (even though he is small), she said that the doctor could refer 1 of 3 options at my appointment tomorrow.
  1. Allow me to wait it out, and see when labor naturally begins (I don't really want to do this one). I am afraid with my old placenta will come problems for little Caleb. She said a lot of times with old placentas the baby will not get enough nourishment.
  2. The doctor will strip my membrane. I looked this up because I was not sure what it meant. Basically during my cervical exam he will run his fingers around in there to loosen my cervix and uterus up. The ultrasound tech called this the exam from hell. Sounds painful, and though it can begin the labor process it is not guaranteed and may need to be repeated. (Not sure if I want to do this either).
  3. Schedule induction (I'm all for this). I would love to know when labor will begin. All of my family lives out of town and we have various friends that do as well. I would love to be able to give them a day to arrive for the baby to be born.

Truthfully, I am just ready to know what decision the doctor will make tomorrow. 1 will break my heart, and worry me to death. 2 is workable, sounds painful, but the tech told me to just be really active tomorrow and the next day and that helps it to work. 3 best case scenario (unless they schedule induction for the end of next week because then what would be the point??). Until tomorrow I am going to take in the ONE PRETTY DAY of Kentucky weather, and lay at the pool. It may be my last chance this summer. Pray for me to be patient as I await the doctors decision, and pray that the best decision for Caleb's health is made.

One more note for this post (I know it is long). This weekend we celebrated our anniversary. Our original plan included zoo on Saturday, and then a romantic dinner/something else on Sunday. However, we awoke on Saturday to a down pour, and then our power went out. Therefore the zoo idea did not happen. The night before we attended a county fair, and let me tell you it was COUNTY. Anyone from Pikeville knows what the definition of County is, and it blew me away. I guess it was because I am from eastern Kentucky (which has a really bad rep for being country). However, here in Northern Kentucky they have tractor pulls, demolition derbys with lawn mowers, and they sell animals at their fair. I didn't really think tractor pulls existed unless you lived in the west. My husband then informed me that they had students at their high school who would drive their tractors to school on occassion WHAT??? This cracked me up. So needless to say my husband can never ever call my hometown country again after what I experienced on Friday. Anyway, Saturday we decided to have our romantic dinner at a Hibachi Grill, and then went and watched The Ugly Truth (hilarious). Sunday, we woke up for church. Our new church we found is doing a series "Questions that deserve an answer"...basically all the tough questions that Christians blow off to non Christians. (How can a good God allow suffering, How can there be only one true religion, Do Science and God coorespond etc...). Soooo interesting that we do not want to miss one Sunday, even after Caleb arrives. After church we finally went to the zoo, and we had a fabulous time. Let me tell you though if I did not walk that baby out yesterday then walking is not going to do the trick. Afterward we came back home, cooked pancakes, and just enjoyed eachothers company. Like I said before we are planning true anniversary night after the baby arrives, but it was a wonderful anniversary weekend with my wonderful hubby.


Abby said...

Happy Anniversary! Here's to many more...and praying that Caleb is on his way too :D

Lea Liz said...

Praying for good news at your Dr appt tomorrow!!!! I know you're so ready for your baby boy to get here and that would worry me to with them saying "old" placenta! Goodluck girly!!