Thursday, July 16, 2009

How much Longer????

That is the question that I keep asking myself. How much longer will I be pregnant, how much longer till Caleb arrives, how much longer will I have to put up with nausea etc etc etc. This morning was quite eventful. I had my pre registration appointment at the hospital today at 11:15. Nick was working so I traveled alone, and went in to fill out the necessary 19 pages of paperwork. Let me just inform you that last night was once again spent hugging the toilet, and so mamma Sarah is a tired girl today. Anyway, during the course of the paper work the lady asked me a lot of medical questions/history, and questions about symptoms I am experiencing currently in the pregnancy. I let her know that at my last appointment I was 70% effaced and 1 centimeter dialated, and that I had lost my plug. She then began asking me about nausea, and I informed her that the past 4 nights have been spent hugging the toilet. She then put all of my symptoms together and adviced me to call my doctor to see if they wanted me to come in for another check this week. She was afraid that I was having signs of early labor and did not know it. So I leave the hospital and try to call my doctor. Let me just tell you it took me 30 minutes to get in touch with the nurses even calling the emergency line. That fact really freaks me out. In between trying to get in touch with the doctor, I am trying to call my hubby because I am convinced I am in early labor, and I need him there with me. However, my hubby does not answer the phone. So I am calling the doctor, calling my hubby, calling the doctor, calling my hubby. All the while freaking out and sitting in my car. Finally I get in touch with the nurse, and I let her know that the lady at pre registration had told me to call and let the doctor know about my symptoms and see if i needed to come in again this week. The nurse asked me a few more questions, and then she told me that unless I began having consistent contractions that she believed I was okay, and that it would be fine to wait until next week to be examined again. WHEWW RELIEF. Finally, my dear hubby calls me back and I tell him not to listen to his voicemails because I am pretty sure I sounded angry in them, and I let him know what had happened. He apologized for not answering, and promised that he would keep his phone close, and check frequently to see if I had called from now on. The rest of the day I relaxed at the pool and laughed about this mornings happenings. I am still wondering when this little baby is going to arrive. It is a waiting game for sure.

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Ashlee McCrary said...

it's always hard at the end just *waiting*!!! dont forget to treasure those last days with your baby still in your belly! you'll sure miss those kicks once he's born! sounds like you're really close tho! i was 50% effaced I believe the day i lost my plug & then went into labor late that night after gettin a relaxin facial! maybe you should try one of those? hehe