Monday, June 24, 2013

Canoe Adventure

This past weekend we went canoeing for Father's Day. We had originally planned to do that Father's Day weekend, but rainy weather ruined those plans.  I am so glad we rescheduled because it was so much fun.

Nick's cousin Ashely, and her family joined us along with Nick's sister Abby.  We rented 2 canoes and went on the 6 mile ride.  Caleb rode in the canoe with Hayden, and Kinlee and Abby rode with us.  The river was so peaceful, and Caleb really liked to help paddle :).  They gave the boys a paddle of their own, and they loved it.  Kinlee actually did really well.  She had a few whiny fits, but otherwise enjoyed herself.

We stopped four times to swim, and the water felt amazing.  Kinlee was wild, and was jumping, and trying to swim away from us, laughing the entire time.  That girl....... Caleb loved swimming with Hayden.  We also stopped at a campsite and had ice cream.

To top off a wonderful day we also got to ride back to the parking lot in a school bus.  HUGE deal for my little man.  His biggest dream is being big enough to ride a school bus.  He was in heaven, and did not stop smiling the entire ride.  He LOVED it.

It was an amazing day.  We already have plans to go again, and camp!

Sunday we played at home all day. It was the perfect pool day, and Uncle Tony was in town, so it was nice to see him.  I have to brag on Caleb for a minute.  He is doing so well learning to swim.  Yesterday he practiced a lot. He is doing great at treading, and kicking off the bottom to come up for air.  He is also doing well with grabbing the side to pull himself up.  He loves swimming with the kick board in front of him.  I am so proud of him!


Friday, June 21, 2013

Sweet Summertime

Yesterday was one of those perfect summer days.  It was a day of laughter, splashing, friends, and love.  We met up with Caleb's friends from school at a local park, and had so much fun playing.  It was a super hot day so at the end of the play date we took the kids to the creek to squirt water guns and cool off.  Oh the fun that we had.  It reminded of me of childhood, and I was just as giddy as them.  My kids loved it, and I plan on doing this many more times this summer.

This little miss is the perfect combination of priss and tom boy! 

In her own little world, dancing....per usual.  

Brother had a little too much fun drenching his sister I do believe.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013


This past week I felt as though the kids and I were go go go.  We had tons of fun, but we did not have a moment to chill.  We were literally out of the house everyday by 11.  This past weekend, we were also busy.  Father's Day we were gone all day visiting the Dinosaur Exhibit at the Museum.  Don't get me wrong, I love to go go go, but I also like to sit back, and just take in the simplicity of my days with my toddlers.  So, this week I have decided to slow down a bit, take time to play, and just enjoy spending my days with my kiddos.  Aside from working at night, and one planned play date we have no plans this week.

Yesterday was gorgeous, so we decided to spend a day swimming at home.  My in laws have an above ground pool set up, but my kids are not big fans of it. Caleb says that he doesn't like it because he can not reach the bottom with his feet.  Anyway, we pulled out their kiddie pool for the first time this year, cleaned and filled it up, and placed their play place slide in it.  Mckinlee all but died and went to Heaven.  This was a brand new experience for her, since she can not remember playing in it last year. Caleb remembered it from last year, and entertained me with stories from last summer (the child's memory is ridiculous).  Mckinlee was all over it. Down one slide, down the other slide, in and out, splashing, jumping, "swimming" etc. She loved it.  Caleb loved pretending like it was the pool on his pirate ship, and fighting off all the bad guys that try to steal it.  It was a great day spent at home.

After naps we rode bikes outside until daddy got home, and then we had an all out water balloon fight.  It was a blast.  Caleb was hitting the balloons off his baseball tee, chasing us, Kinlee was running around screaming and laughing, and Nick and I felt like kids again.  We were all soaked afterward. We literally stayed outside until bath time.  It was such a fun day.

I love this picture, in all of its redneck glory.  The over turned chair in the background, the dirty pool water from the grass, the empty cooler that held the water balloons, the beer bottle in the make shift cup holder etc......Yea, that's how we roll.  

The kids and I have enjoyed sticking around the house once again today.  I got some chores finished, we painted, learned about the letter A, practiced writing, ate lunch, and the kids are currently napping.  I have to work tonight, but I am sure thankful for the simplistic morning we have had.


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sports are Hell......

Most of Caleb's T-Ball games this season have started out like this.  Pout face, needing mommy or daddy, attitude galore, refusal to participate......why do I do this to myself again?

 Instead of hitting the ball with his bat, he decided to swipe it with his hand while yelling........yea........mother of the year award here. 

Running the bases was a huge hit with him at one game because he wanted to show everyone how fast he was.  The next game....he decided to slowly stroll.  I thought if I tried to race him then he would run.  Instead he continued to walk, and I made a fool of myself......crazy embarrassing picture.  Have I mentioned I hate sports.......

Sitting on the base sure seemed like a good idea.....

Let the walking continue......

Running to catch the ball in the outfield was a hit.  Thank God.  

Unless someone else got to it first, and then he was sad again.  

These two love birds got into a little competition.  I love Presley's face in this.  She is so determined to beat him to the ball, and that arm stuck out in front of him cracks me up.  Notice his upset face....he was about to start yelling at her....

They were quick to make up though.  

Look at his sweet face of joy for her when she got to the ball first! 

He told her "Good Job Pres!" My sweet boy....swoon

Caleb may not love T-ball all the time, but he sure loves this girl! 

T-Ball has been rough.  A little joy mixed with a whole lot of yuck, but we are still there to cheer and support him during each and every game.  This little cutie is the best cheerleader of all.  (Yes we rock our pj's to the 9:30 am soccer game.......don't judge.)