Sunday, July 26, 2009

Loving the One and Only for One Full Year Today

Today as of midnight is my hubby and I's one year anniversary. It is crazy to think that one year has gone by, and to see how much our lives have changed. This time last year I layed awake in bed dreaming about the day ahead and going over and over details in my head. Tonight I sit awake due to the baby that we are going to have in our arms in a couple of weeks. I never would have thought this time last year that we would be two weeks from meeting the new love of both of our lives on our one year. In fact, I thought we would be celebrating our first year of marriage on some beach somewhere :). This year has taught me so much about myself, about love and about life. I have grown to love my hubby more and more everyday, and there are still moments when he takes my breath away.

  • I love how you truly take the time to listen to me, and to take my dreams and goals into consideration. I appreciate all you do to incorporate both of our ambitions into life daily.
  • I love how you fall asleep EVERY time you begin to give me a massage...even though I joke with you about it, it is an adorable quality that you possess.
  • I love that you are the father of our baby boy, and I can not wait to see the love you have for him.
  • I love that you are a provider, and that you work so hard to make sure that Caleb and I are taken care of.
  • I love that you love dogs as much as me :).
  • I love the struggles, the good times, and the lessons that we have learned this past year. We have overcome so many obstacles, learned a lot about eachother, and discovered ways to work through every situation.
  • I am so thankful that you love me, it still amazes me sometimes.
  • I love that you put up with me, and love me the same even when I am having a bad day, and my mood is not pleasant.
  • I love that you can cook, and that you have mastered some of our favorite meals.
  • I love that you are you...don't change.
  • I am so grateful for our first year together, and I am looking forward to many many more.
  • I love that we are so opposite, but that some how we mesh well together,
  • I love that you are athletic because I am SOO not :).
  • I love you forever and always


Lea Liz said...

Happy One Year Anniversary!!!!!!!!
I was the same way.. who would have thought I would of just had a baby on my 1 year anniversary!! Crazy how God works :):)

I can't wait for your baby boy to get here and to see pics!!

Have a great anniversary!! I love your wedding pictures!!!

Heather said...

Such a sweet post! Happy Anniversary. Our anniversary is on August 8th so I know how crazy it is that your anniversary is already here. I went to middle school with Nick and it's so nice to see him happy : )

You seem like a great girl. Congratulations on the pregnancy as well!

Caroline said...

Great pictures. LOVE the last one!!!!

Ashlee McCrary said...

aw! we did the same sunset behind us kissing picture too!