Friday, October 30, 2009

Giving In

The time has come for me to give into the fact that my body may never be the same :(.  It has been 12 weeks since Caleb was born, and though I have lost all of my weight, my body is one flabby mess.  My hubby and I plan to begin P90X next week in order to tone up (more posts about that to come). However, the fact is right now my jeans do NOT fit me. When you go from this...

To this....

It seems to take a toll on your body! This little face was worth it,

 but I am ready to have my body back! I have one pair of jeans that I can button, and that is only because they are crack lover/showers/annoying to wear.  I have been sporting the Bella Band since giving birth, and I have to admit that it is no longer "cute" or "sweet" because there is no longer a sweet little pumpkin growing in my belly. No now it just screams "YOUR TO FAT TO BUTTON YOUR PANTS" at me haha. Also it is just annoying because it constantly rolls up.  Anyway, I was not going to give into the horrid shopping experience of buying new jeans, because I was going to be the ONE who could fit in pre pregnancy jeans automatically haha.  I know that I am blessed to have lost all of my weight, but to me my body is just different. I plan to tone up, but I haven't done abs in over a year, and I am so out of shape. Working out is going to kick my butt, and I do not know how long it will take to get my body back where I want it. Soooo, I am giving in. Today Caleb and I will be venturing the the wonderful GAP Outlet. NKY has such an amazing outlet store, and I plan to purchase a couple of pair of 10 dollar jeans. That's right Gap jeans for 10 dollars.  I have seen them there before, so I know they exist :). I decided that since it is my PLAN to fit back into my pre-preggo  jeans eventually that I will start cheap with my big jeans for now.  Hopefully I can find some nice fitting, cute jeans. I need them desperately (I mean there is a UK tailgate on Sat. and I have no pants to wear)!! I will let you know how the shopping goes :). Have a great Friday.

Also, please keep baby Stellan and his family in your prayers. I have read on others blogs that he is back in the PICU this week (it's his 1st b-day week). I have not been following their story directly, because I have a hard time reading about sick little ones, and it makes me freak out about every little mark/odd sound Caleb makes. However, this family needs our prayers, and this sweet momma could probably use words of encouragement right now.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Glimpse of the Future....

Halloween this year is definitely going to be different than in the past. I was thinking about this upcoming weekend today, and laughing about how old I feel now. Halloween in college was one of the best weeks.  Fun costumes, endless nights of partys, a chance to be someone new.  I loved it.  While in college I would spend tons of money on the perfect Halloween costume and prance around having the time of my life. Last year we had just moved to NKY, and only had one party to attend. Therefore, we did not spend a ton of money on the perfect costume. Instead we were creative, and maybe spent 20 dollars total for 3 costumes.  Funny thing is, our costumes ended up representing our future. 
We dressed up as rednecks, and I was the Quene of his duble wyde Trailer. We thought it was hilarious. However, no one in NKY has heard the country song "Queen of my double wide trailer", so they didn't really get it at first haha. Anyway, I already had one baby, was pregnant with another one, and Bella was our pet pig (even though she was dressed as a rooster).  I dunno we thought we were hilarious. The funny thing is the entire night people kept asking me when we were going to have a baby. We had just gotten married 3 months before, so my answer was "Probably in a year or so". HAHA I found out one month later that we were expecting Caleb.  Though we are not attending any Halloween party's this year, I know it will be a fantastic Halloween with our little man. Let me make a confession, I still have not purchased a costume for him. I am waiting until Halloween. I just can not bring myself to buy a costume that costs 20-30 dollars, since we are not taking him out. When they go on sale I will purchase one, and take a photo shoot of course :). Enjoy the pictures. 

Also, I have to share these pics of Caleb looking all stylish and grown up. We put this oufit on him for church the other day, and it just made me smile.

My Wish


Sweet little one I am so thankful for you.  From the moment I discovered I was pregnant with you, I have felt a love like no other. The moment I first felt you kick I cried tears of joy, when you were born I cried tears of joy, when you smiled, when you rolled over when you cry for me, I light up. When you have tears of sadness I cry with you. You are my world, and I am soo soo soo in love with you sweet one.  I want so many things for you, and I hope that I can always be a godly, loving, caring, understanding mother. I know there will be times in life when we have our ups and downs, but always know sweet precious that you are the greatest gift from God, and I will love you NO MATTER what. 

  • I pray that first of all you come to know God. I never want to force God or Christianity upon you baby boy. However, it is my prayer that God will take a special hold of your heart, and will make himself known to you in a mighty way. I plan to raise you in church, and I know that ultimately the decision of whether or not you come to know God is up to you. I pray that you do my sweet baby. I pray that you truly understand the deep love that God has for you. I pray that you understand that he has a plan for your life, and that he can work all things together for the good if you trust in him and follow him.  I pray each and every day that God will help me be a light to you, and even though there are times when I do not show God in the greatest way, I want you to always know that he LOVES you.  He loves you more than I love you, and that  is so hard for me to understand, because my love for you in indescribable. 
  • Life is hard at times sweet baby.  There will be days when it seems that all is going wrong, and where you feel as though you will never be happy again.  There will be deep heartache in life.  Loved ones may pass away, friends may be mean, you may not make the team, your girlfriend may break up with you. I know as you get older you will try to keep feelings to yourself.  Know my baby that I am always here to talk to you. I care about your problems, and if I could keep heartache out of your life I would do so. I can not take the heartache away, but I will listen, I will take you on a trip or outing to get your mind off things, I will hug you, I will love you, I will be there for you. All you have to do is come talk. Try your hardest to forgive and forget, and bite your tongue in situations where it is not always easy. Mommy has not always done this, and trust me little one nothing good comes from letting your tongue run wild.
  • Value who you are. Don't give into the pressures of this world just because others do so. I know that you are human, and that you are a guy, and that temptation will come. I pray that you truly step back in each situation and evaluate what will be best for your life. Please sweet little one never venture into drugs. Drugs scare mommy to death, and the thought of something happening to you is more than I can handle. Caleb I want you to realize that I love you so much that I would give my life for you, and I mean that with all of my heart.  Be good to the baby that I love so much, drive safe when you are older, never drink and drive, and please never ever venture into drugs. 
  • I am already praying for the woman that God may have in your future. I pray that you find all the love in the world in her, and that she make you the happiest you have ever been. I pray that you too will be able to experience the love of having children one day.
  • I pray that God allows me to raise you, and to see you grow up. I want to take in every moment of your life that I can.
  • I pray that you take the time to be young. You do not have to go directly to college after high school. If you do not know what you want to be, and you have other dreams share those with me. If you want to to travel, take the time. Be young, and enjoy yourself.  Life is to short.  If your wish is to go directly to college go for it. You can do whatever you want to do sweet little one.
  • Always know that you are the love of mine and your daddy's life.  We loved on you while you were in my tummy, and talked about what you would look like, who you would be like etc.  When you arrived our hearts stood still, and your face was the most beautiful thing we had ever seen. We spent hours holding you, looking at you, kissing you.  You are our hearts outside of our bodys.  Without you we are not complete.  Keep my heart safe sweet baby. When mommy goes on to be with Jesus, know that I will be there with open arms waiting for you and daddy to join. I LOVE YOU.
This song is my prayer for you baby boy...

"Trust in the Lord, and Never give up Hope your gonna do Great things, I already know. God's got his hand on you so don't live life in fear. Forgive and forget, but don't forget why your here. Take your time and pray, thank God for each day, His love will find a way, these are the words I would say"  by  Sidewalk Prophets.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Is there a way to block comments from someone who is not an annoymous reader without making your blog private??

Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Toy

Look at Caleb's new toy?? Notice anything funny?? Caleb doesn't like the toy so much yet but....

Bella does!! :) Well maybe not so much, but it was so funny to put her in it.  Caleb is not fond of the idea of sitting in this as of yet.  However, I am fond of the fact that I found it at a yard sale before he was born for 5 dollars. It cleaned up so well, and I am excited to see Caleb play in it in a few more weeks. 

Today has been a lazy day at home. Loved it though.  We have played a lot of cards, and played a lot with our little man.  We tried to take some pictures of Caleb, but he was not that into it. We got a few cute ones, but not without the beloved binky!! My child is addicted :). Oh well, we will break that habit later. I secretely love watching him suck so hard on the binky and make his little humming sound. My dad kids us and says that we could pick him up by his binky because he latches on so hard :).

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Boys Boys Boys

Today was so fun!! First off my hubby had today off, and he Caleb and I spent the morning sleeping in. We slept until noon, and I have to say it was amazing to cuddle and sleep in with my hubby on a weekday. That never happens.  We then decided to travel to Lexington because Beth was in town with baby Jaxson, and we were going to get all three baby boys together for the first time.  We all went to Blair's and had a Baby Party. Megan, Mallory and Saul joined as well.  The boys were so cute together, and Ashton and Caleb looked like giants compared to little Jax.  It is so crazy to think that Caleb was that tiny!! Prepare for picture overload :). 

Caleb sleeping in this morning!! SO Cute!

Megan and Mallory cuddling the little men!

Happy Boys!!

First time they met Jaxson. We had to watch and make sure they didn't punch him! :)

Youngest to oldest.  Jaxson 2 weeks, Ashton 7 weeks Caleb 11 weeks

Tummy time. Megan had to hold Caleb to keep him from rolling over :)

Look how tiny!! Love him!

Momma's and their little men!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Over the Top

Thanks Brit for awarding me!!

So here are the rules..

You Can Only Use One Word!

Pass this along to your favorite bloggers!

Alert them that you have given them this award!

Have fun!

1. Where is your cell phone? table

2. Your hair? Pony

3. Your mother? Grammy

4. Your father? Papaw

5. Your favorite food? Japanese

6. Your dream last night? Teeth

7. Your favorite drink? Coke

8. Your dream/goal? Caleb

9. Favorite TV Show? Greys

10. Your hobby? Acting

11. Your fear? Spiders

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? South

13. Where were you last night? Work

14. Something that you aren’t? Mean

15. Muffins? Blueberry

16. Wish list item? clothes

17. Where did you grow up? Pikeville

18. Last thing you did? Ate

19. What are you wearing? Pj's

20. Your TV? flat

21. Your pets? Dogs

22. Friends? Fun

23. Your life? Amazing

24. Your mood? Happy

25. Missing someone? Mealy

26. Vehicle? Camry

27. Something you’re not wearing? Socks

28. Your favorite store? Forever 21

29. Your favorite color? Pink

30. When was the last time you laughed? Today

31. Last time you cried? Birth

32. Your best friend? Nick

33. One place that I go to over and over? Nursery

34. One person who emails me regularly? None

35. Favorite place to eat? Japanese

I award...ANYONE who wants to play!

Also go check out Duet Diva's blog for Cowboys Excellent Adventure Fridays!! Such a fun idea and giveaway!!

Fab Bag Giveaway

Abby, at Babbling Abby is hosting a fab bag giveaway.  It is an adorable and functional diaper bag that I would love love love to win! Go check it out.

Just a Tip

Tonight was one of THOSE nights at work. You know, the kind of nights where you question over and over again why you are there, wish you were home with your family, and where you get really really annoyed. Let me just say, I like being a waitress. There is something about the fast paced atmosphere that I really enjoy. However, with waitressing comes bad nights, with hard to please customers, and bad BAD tips. Tonight was one of those nights. First of all we were pretty slow, and therefore I was able to give my tables undivided attention (which is good and bad). In the section I was in there is one round table that can set more than 4 people. There are two servers in that particular section, and you take turns with the round. Well, the first round came in and ate, and then decided to sit and sit and sit (not my table). However, at the front of the restaraunt there was a family of five waiting for that round. In fact, they waited for an hour and a half. I have no idea about this because I am not the hostess, and therefore I do not seat the tables. Fast forward to when this party is finally seated. I get their drink orders, bring them their drinks, explain the special, take their order, place their order, bring them their coleslaw and salads, refill their drinks, remove their dirty plates...wait...wait...wait....35 minutes later their food is still not ready. Father at the table who had waited an hour and a half to be seated, who swears they could have pushed two 4 tops together to seat him before hand. Probably true, but I am not the hostess so I do not know. Anway waited an hour and a half, and now has waited 35 plus minutes for his food gets VERY VERY ANGRY. In fact, he asks me what is going on. I explain to him that sometimes our fish fry special takes a while, depending on how many orders are in the kitchen. However, I go and check with the kitchen and assure the table it will only be a few more minutes. This was not good enough for him. He proceeds to go Yell at my manager who "did not seat him promptly, and needs to have the food hurry up". Finally the food arrives. The table says their fish is cold. I do not know if it really was, but hey we will go with it. We offer to take it back to the kitchen to be warmed up. No not good enough. My manager then offers them free dessert to make up for everything. I continue to fill their drinks, clean their plates, and look after them. Anyway, the bill comes it is 113 dollars, so therefore, I expect at least a 20 dollar tip. I was hoping beyond hoping that they would understand that I was not to blame for everything bad that happend to them that night. I was the nice waitress who did everything in my power to make it better for them. They leave I look at the tip 5 DOLLARS!!! 5 dollars people!! It was not my fault, but they thought they would "get back at the restaraunt", and therefore not tip their server!! I was pissed!!! Anyway, the moral of this story is to give everyone out there in blog world friendly advice when it comes to dining out.

1. If you are not seated promptly your server has nothing to do with it.
2. If your food takes to long, or is not cooked properly that is not the servers fault. We only ring in the food, we do not cook it, and therefore it is out of our control.
3. You do not get back at the restaraunt by not tipping your server. You only waist your servers time!! Servers only make 2.13 an hour and depend on tips to make money that night. If you can't tip your server, then do not eat out that night. Go to fast food!
4. Good rule...tip 2 dollars for every 10 dollars you spend.

Sorry for the rant, but it was an annoying night.

Here is a picture of someone who makes it all better.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

And the Little One Said

Look at these adorable pictures of sweet boy in his little robe!! Love it

Monday, October 19, 2009


Hey all.  It's good to be home.  I had an amazing time in my hometown.  It was so good to spend time with family, and they all love love love spending time with Caleb. My grandmother is doing fine, and the surgery went well.  First of all I put the most adorable outfit ever on Caleb today.  It could be one of my new favorites, and I am going to try to find more made like it.  Second of all my little man is growing growing growing.  Tonight (like 5 minutes ago), we placed him down for tummy time and he rolled over 2 times within 5 minutes. Until tonight he had only rolled over two times before, and now he is doing it like a pro.  Also, I will let the pictures to come speak for themselves, but he looks so grown up.  I swear in this first one it looks like he is two years old, with teeth, saying "cheese".  I just love him to pieces!!!

Let Me Tell You a Secret....

....about a Papaw's love.  A secret that my Papaw said was just between us.  Papaw's don't just love their grandchildren every now and then.  It's a love without end Amen.

Bella had to get her loving too. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Saying Goodbye

I have to saw goodbye until Monday.  However, I did want to ask you all to keep my grandmother in your prayers.  After I get off work tonight Hubby, Caleb, Bella and  I are traveling to Lexington to be with my family.  My grandmother is having a pace maker placed in her heart tomorrow, and I would like to ask you all to keep her in your prayers.  Eventhough it is a pretty routine surgery she is still really nervous, which is understandable. After the surgery I am going to go back to my hometown with her in order to help her the next few days.  Caleb, Bella and I will aslo be away form Hubby until the weekend, which is always hard.  The surgery is scheduled to be around 11 am tomorrow.

Also, I must say that I have a new love for Tommy baby clothes. I personally have not bought any Tommy clothing for Caleb, but we have received a few hand me downs! I love love love them!! I think I might have to invest in some more cute Tommy outfits for him.

Oh yea, I forgot to answer the question from Meant to Be a Mom concerning my tell all Thursday. She asked if Caleb slept through the night, when did he, and how did we get him to do so. Caleb does sleep through the night. Generally about 7-8 hours.  When we first brought him home from the hospital I would try to rock him to sleep, cuddle etc. However, after many sleepless nights I realized this was not working. At about 5-6 weeks I began the process of self soothing, and though it was hard at first it works. We also established a nighttime routine.  Bath, bottle, bed.  If he begins crying really hard I go in and check on him, but never pick him back up unless he has messed himself.  As far as nighttime feedings he used to eat every three hours. 2 bottles during the night. However, around the same time 5-6 weeks I began slowing decreasing the amount of ounces that I fed him at night, until he no longer wanted to eat.  He generally wakes up at around 7 am to eat now, and it is so wonderful!! Hope this helps.

Bye till Monday..Have a Great weekend!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Up Up and Away

Once again I have a question for all mommas out there in blog world! I know I am full of questions :).  My question today is about diapers. So far in Caleb's two months of life we have been a huge fan of Pampers Swaddlers. I love love love their soft little diapers, and they seem to fit so well.  However, today we have ran out of all of our size one pampers, and we are trying a pack of Luvs that someone bought us. I do not know if I am going to like them as much because they just seem so rough.  However, I am going to try them and see how they work with Caleb. I am afraid to try Huggies, even though we have a pack, because Huggies wipes caused Caleb's bottom to break out awfully bad!! Anway, my question today is about Targets brand Up and Up. I have heard good things and was thinking about buying a pack to try.  However, before I go spend money on something other than Pampers Swaddlers I wanted to have some feedback.  Do you recommend them? Are they rough? Do they fit well and hold in leaks?  Have you completely sworn off other diapers after trying them?? Please share your thoughts with me so I can decide where to invest our diaper money next.  Thanks mommas!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Family First

Today was an amazing day with my hubby and baby boy.  We woke up this morning, got ready for church, and started to walk out the door. It was then that we realized that we had 10 minutes until church began, and a 20-25 minute drive to get there.  I hate to walk in late, so we just decided to go get lunch instead, and made a vow that we would be better with our timing next week.  We just went for a simple lunch at Arbys. We didn't want anything big, so it was the perfect option. I fed Caleb while Nick ate, and then sat and talked with my hubby while I finished my food.  Then we traveled to a first for me, and a first for our family of three.  A Pumpkin Patch.  We did not have pumpkin patches that I am aware of in my hometown, and therefore I never went to one.  We had fun pushing Caleb around in the stroller, and picking out his very first pumpkin. A 10 lb pumpkin to be exact. After picking out a pumpkin we had fun taking pictures with our little man throughout the patch. Of course little man decided that it was sleep time once again.  We have not had a family photo shoot yet that he was awake for. Oh well, it will be cute to compare pictures of this years trip with next years.  Next year he will be a one year old, fun loving toddler. Oh how that will be different.  Enjoy the pictures, and I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


This past week my friends Beth and  Neil welcomed their little man into the world.  Jaxson River Foddrill was born on October 7th, and he weighed 7.8 and was 191/2 inches.  He looks a lot like his momma. Neil called me that morning and let me know that they were planning on taking Beth in for a C-Section that day.  I packed everything up for Caleb and I, and we headed to Lexington. Jaxson was born on our way down, but I waited until later that night to go see him. I wanted to make sure both baby and momma were out of recovery, and I had to wait for my grammy to finish her appointments so she could watch Caleb. 

I didn't know I was going to be in this picture. Attractive I know :)

In the meantime we visited Blair and baby Ashton.  Ashton is growing so much, and it was so cute to see him and Caleb together once again.  Caleb punched Ashton in the face, and I informed him that it is not nice to hit his friends. He must use nice hands from now on :). Then they held hands :) so cute. 

Also, I wanted to say a bloggy happy birthday to my hubby. His birthday was Thursday, and we celebrated last night. I made his favorite angel food cake with strawberry filling, and cool whip icing.  Happy birthday babe.

It is going to be so fun seeing Caleb, Jaxson and Ashton play together as they get older.  I am so glad that we all three had little boys, and I am excited for the future of little boy make believe to come.