Monday, July 6, 2009

Mighty Monday

Hello all. I have neglected my blog over this holiday weekend, and I thought that it might be fun to use mighty monday as a way to tell you what might have happened in the Gardella family this past weekend.
  • I might have not watched a true fire work display this weekend due to the awful rain.
  • I might have spent 4th of July at a friends cookout, and played a new card game (well to me anyway) called 7 up.
  • I might have attended a festival that was not entertaining at all :)
  • I might have slept in yesterday with my hubby, and then spent the day with our friend from New Jersey before he flew home.
  • I might have had a doctors appointment at 10:20 this morning.
  • I might have taken my husband with me because they had told me they were going to check if I had thinned out at this visit, and I did not want to be alone.
  • I might have been a little upset when they told me that next week is when they will perform the procedure, and therefore, I felt bad that I had my hubby go into work late to attend the appointment with me.
  • I might have gained 3 pounds. However, I might just be measuring 31 centimeters once again.
  • I might be wondering how my belly has been 31 centimeters for a month now even though I have gained 7 pounds???
  • I might have asked the doctor about this, and he might not have given me a true answer. I might not think he has an answer for me.
  • I might be getting another ultrasound in a couple of weeks, but right now the doctor might have just assured me that he believes everything is fine.
  • I might have thought I saw a sign of labor approaching last night, but I might be unsure...???
  • I might be lying next to two sleeping dogs, and loving the silence.
  • I might be a little upset about a banking issue right now, and hoping that we can get everything fixed.
  • I might be praying really hard that my hubby gets on the fire department (we may find out if he is moved onto the next level today or tomorrow).
  • I might be feeling a little inadequate because I can not work, and contribute to finances. I hate feeling like I can do nothing to help pay the bills.
  • I might be wondering if Caleb is going to make his appearance in the next 2 weeks due to the previously mentioned pregnancy/labor sign that I think might have occured yesterday.
  • I might be jealous that my little sisters are going to Aruba Wednesday, and I am stuck in Kentucky.
  • This might sound like a little bit of a complaining post, and I did not mean for it to sound that way :).
  • I might decide to go lay in the pool today, since it is the first warm day in over a week.
  • I might be cooking my hubby a big dinner tonight, and give him a long massage for working so hard.
  • I might be including a picture of my 34 week/ 1 day shy of 35 week belly.
  • I might think my belly button looks disgusting, and be questioning why I am including that picture in my post.


Abby said...

I can totally relate to the being-stuck-in-KY thing: my WHOLE family (40 people) went on a cruise this time last year and we were stuck at home. Make the most of it and have a staycation ;) Nothing compares to having that baby home safe anyway.

You're getting clost and looking as cute as ever!

Lea Liz said...

Your belly is adorable!! Your baby boy will be here before you know it!!

Pretty Personal Gifts said...

You're almost there!!! Hang in.

Anonymous said...

Just a little bit longer! :)