Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Random Thoughts Tuesday

  • It has been to long since I blogged.  I have kind of been in a blogging slump.
  • The last two days of pregnancy have kicked my booty.  Just when I thought the sickness was behind me it came back full force.  Feeling better today...fingers crossed that it stays that way.
  • Caleb is walking everywhere, and it is just too cute to watch him wobble around.  PS when did my BABY grow up?
  • Soo...I am convincing myself that bundle is a boy.  I don't know if it is because I want a girl so bad, or if it is mother's intuition (spelling?).  Anyway, I had a dream last night where I could see he/she moving in my belly, and then he/she was in my arms and peeing on me.  Bundle looked like Caleb only with blond hair at birth, and he/she kept peeing on me.  So much so that in my dream I was like "you must be a boy because you are peeing so much". However, everytime I tried to look between its legs I couldn't tell what it was.  I am getting anxious to find out.
  • We almost have a boy name picked out but I have to tell you this story.  My #1 pick for a boy name (hubby didn't like it) was COLSON.  Love it!  Anway, I was looking up baby name meanings the other day, and guess what Colson means?  SON OF NICHOLAS.  Kind of perfect right? I mean that is my hubby's name after all.  I think it is a sign :). 
  • I feel like this whole week will be filled with work. 
  • My baby bump disappeared.
  • I am trying to get Caleb into a new pediatricians practice, because have I mentioned how much I dislike our current practice?  No?? Well I do! Anway, the new practice says they are only accepting new babies or people who just moved in the area.  After letting them in on our situation, and stating that they come "highly recommended" they are suppose to call me back after lunch.  Pray that we get into their practice.
  • I really need to start doing week by week pregnancy posts so this bundle does not feel left out.  I keep forgetting that I am pregnant. 
Pictures that have nothing to do with the post.

C with my oldest niece.  He loved her. 
With baby Collin.  He is going to be such a good big brother.

We went to a cookout.  Caleb would not eat the food, but he didn't go hungry. 
Checking the ingredients.

Trying some (he opens them himself)

Loving life

All done

Smile :)


Monday, August 23, 2010


We officially have a WALKER

He started taking steps about a week ago, and now he is going strong (well 9-10 steps strong).

That is all for now. 

Feel free to cheer for him if you wish :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A First Glimpse/Am I Crazy??

So remember when I posted that I was feeling bundle kicking?? Well I still think I am, but according to the ultrasound tech that is IMPOSSIBLE because I am only 13 weeks. Yes it is official.  I completely skipped a period and did not realize it for an entire month.  Funny how motherhood does that to you.  Anyway, back to the kicking...Maybe I am crazy? Maybe I break the mold? Where I feel the kicks is exactly where bundles arms and legs are....hmmm....who knows.  However, what we do know is that so far bundle is HEALTHY and developing perfectly :).  That makes my heart smile.  He/she has 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 hands, 2 feet, a developed stomach, and a heart that is beating away at 148 beats per minute (I am ignoring the wives tale about 150+ being a girl...still keeping my fingers crossed....don't let me know if the heatrate tale proved true for you....because I still have 4 more weeks to hope and pray that bundle does not have a thingy between its legs...).  Anyway...here are the 1st pics of my little 13 week bundle.  I mean it looks like a girl right??? :)

My little alien face.  Blue eyes?? I think so... :)
Legs (sorry about the quality...picture of a picture)

Official due date FEBRUARY 21, 2011.  My B-day is the 17th...do you think I will get a present?? :)

On another note...my first little bundle is not having a good week.  He is so uncomfortable and upset from what I think is teething.  It is so hard to know for sure.  He woke up off and on all night last night. He only wanted me.  He only wanted to sleep on me, or in our bed (which we do not do, because hubby and I get no sleep, and I am paranoid I will smother him all night).  Anyway, he has been cranky all day and has been attached to my hip.  He is trying to nap at this moment, and by nap I mean wake up crying every 10 minutes.  I feel so bad for him.  I am giving teething tablets, letting him chew on ice cubes that I hold in my hand (because I love him that much), drink ice water, and I have given him one dose of Tylenol (which seemed to help).  I hate that he is in so much pain, and there is really not much I can do.  His first two teeth did not bother him at all, but these next ones are another story, and I have no idea what teeth he is actually getting.  Pray that he feels better.  We were suppose to leave today for my hometown, but since I did not sleep last night that trip got pushed back till tomorrow.  Pray that we sleep tonight so we can drive safely tomorrow. 


Friday, August 13, 2010

Why Bundle NEEDS to be a GIRL

So I don't submit this cute little man.....

With the precious smile....

And gorgeous locks.....

To this......

In which I know he will kill me for in the future....
Even though this smile makes me think he likes it.....

(Is it time for a haircut when I can do that to my baby boys hair?? I don't think I can bring myself to cut the locks just yet, but it may be getting a little out of control around the ears.  What do you think?)


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cold Turkey

I have been saying throughout Caleb's entire infancy, that I would be taking the bottle away at 1 year.  This was not a maybe thing, but a for-sure-gonna-happen-no-question-about-it-thing.  Some encouraged me that it would work, while some gave me the "Yea Right" look.  Well, I am happy to say that it worked!! Less than one week after Caleb turned one, we are BOTTLE FREE!!!! How?  The cold turkey method.  I don't think this is one you can read in books, but it was more or less, a lets try it and see how it goes method.

 Here is what I did....
  • Caleb has always been introduced to the sippy, and he used it to drink water daily.  I found a sippy he loved, and stuck to only that brand.
  • At one week before one year, I started giving him his formula in the sippy for his daytime feedings.  His bedtime and morning milk were still given in a bottle.
  • At one year, I started giving him his bedtime feeding in a sippy.
  • 3 days after one year, I attempted the sippy for his morning milk.  IT WORKED.  Right then I said Bye-Bye bottles, and I cleaned and put them away for bundle.
  • I started decreasing his milk feedings throughout the day after we said bye-bye to bottles.  Now he only gets a morning and a night sippy of milk or formula.  I still have used formula this week, because to be honest I have not been to the grocery store. 
  • He eats snacks in place of his daytime bottle feedings.  There were only two feedings in which I had to supplement snacks, and that seems to be working great.
  • Caleb does not take a middle of the night bottle.  I used the Baby Wise method around 5-6 weeks to help wean him off nighttime feedings, and I think he has only had one middle of the night feeding since 7 weeks.  I slowly decreased his milk by an ounce every night until he no longer wanted to eat. This only took about a week, and we have been night feeding free since then.  If he wakes up, I figure out what else he needs, because I know that a bottle in the middle of the night would be more out of habit than need, and I know he does not need it.  My little man eats like a champ during the day, and his little pot gut lets me know he is well fed. 

I am not the mom of the year, but I am very proud of my little man for giving up the bottle cold turkey.  The method/not really a method really does work!


Slip-N-Slide Adventure of Caleb's 1st Birthday

This post is a little overdue, but one in which I have to share.  As you have previously read we had a slip-n-slide in our yard for Caleb's first birthday party.  We were so excited about having different water stations in the backyard, and we knew the slip-n-slide would be a hit!  During the party the adults and kiddos enjoyed riding down in, including Caleb.  Caleb would just laugh while he rode down on his daddy's lap. However, after the party was over, that is when the true slip-n-slide adventure began.

We had about 20 people stay after the party, and about 10-12 of them were slip-n-sliding. I have to admit I was JEALOUS! I had been looking forward to this adventure all summer, but I did not think it would be to safe for bundle so I sat it out.  However, it was so funny to watch. 

You may remember that we had a photo station set up with an inflatable monkey? Well, the inflatable monkey got a new job in the slip-n-slide adventure, and I have to admit it was quite hilarious.

All in all the slip-n-slide was one of the best aspects of the party.  We had about 6 people spend the night that night, and they were sliding until around 2 am.  My sis and I woke up the next morning and cooked everyone breakfast, and it was soo funny to listen to everyone complain about the bruises the slide gave them the night before. 


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chapel of Love

This past weekend we traveled to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a friends wedding.  Nick was one of the groomsmen, and we brought Caleb along with us.  While there Caleb fell in love with a little girl named Emma.  His face would light up when she came near, and he just LOVED when she would lean in and kiss him.  It was sooo stinkin adorable.  My little flirt :). 

He followed her all over tha dance floor. He seemed like such a big boy playing with her and her brother. When they would run back and forth, he would crawl after them laughing, and when they would sit, he would sit.  It was soooo cute!!!
A few more pics from the trip.

We said "Caleb smile", and he smiled right on demand. Soo big!!
His very first Mirror Maze.  Daddy used his stroller to help find the way out....Caleb didn't seem to mind.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Tap Tap Tap

Bundle is kicking....I'm pretty sure...I guess this means I am further along than 13 weeks?

Friday, August 6, 2010

A Blast From the Past

As I sit here at 6 am, unable to sleep ;(, I can't help but reminisce about this time last year.  On this very day last year we were bringing Caleb home for the first time, and we were about to enjoy our very first week with him.  I thought it would be fun to look back on the posts from that first week.  Enjoy

Just to put how much they change in a year into perspective, take a look at these pics.

In my arms at 1 week

In my arms at 1 year


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Caleb Day, and my King

Yesterday was a celebration day for Caleb.  Auntie K, Taylor, Isabel and I took Caleb to the water park, and celebrated his big B-day with him. It was the hottest day of the year yesterday, so the water felt AMAZING.  We had so much fun playing. 

After the water park we celebrated at home with daddy.  I kind of made him a cake.  I baked one, and had big plans to decorate it all fancy. However, I knew there was really no point, so it is just basically a mess of orange icing. Again he had no interest in trying it.  Who knew my little man who loves to eat would be intimidated by cake?? Daddy and mommy both are not sweets people so maybe he is not either?

On another note my little man won FIRST place at the country fair beauty pageant!! He and Isabel bothe beat 40 babies each and took home to top price.  It was a last minute idea to enter him, and when I saw how many babies were there I did not think he had a chance.  He actually did nothing on stage but smile a little, and show off his standing skills.  However, I guess his blue eyes just won the judges over. Nick and I were so excited when he won.  I mean I know he is beautiful, but it always helps to know other people think he is as well. 

All cute before the contest
Daddy was so proud of him!! I just loved seeing the proudness come over his face when Caleb won!


Caleb with his prices.  A 100 dollar savings bond, and a gold ring!

Both the winners :) (They were both contestant #10)

The Little Queen herself.