Monday, July 13, 2009

Shower of Friends

This past week has been an eventful one, and let me tell you I am so grateful for that. It has been so difficult to sit around and watch the clock tick with nothing to do. I need entertainment to make these last 4 weeks before Caleb to go by quickly. Wednesday Beth and Neil came in town for a visit. Initially they planned to spend the night on Wednesday and then travel back home to Indy on Thursday. However, they are such wonderful friends that they decided to stay with us until yesterday, and I was so excited. It was so nice to have friends around. Yesterday was also my second and final baby shower, and Amelia and Dan traveled in for that. The guys went golfing while us girls attended the shower, and then we all met up for lunch. 5 couples ended up coming back to our apartment, and we all stayed up until almost three am playing cards, and hanging out. It was like college again, and possibly one of the last non baby almost all nighters that I will pull. It was great to see all of my friends from my old college, and also spend time with new friends from Northern Kentucky.

We are now at 36 weeks I can not believe it. It used to seem like this day would never come. However, here we are and I am so excited to be so close to meeting my little angel. Nick and I went baby shopping today in order to get the final things I feel as though I must have before Caleb arrives. I was having a hormonal break down because I was afraid he would arrive early and we would not have what I considered "must have" items before baby. We purchased our changing pad/covers, breast pump, milk storage bags and bottles, bottom cream, and our carseat. Unfortunately, we did not receive our glider, but my grandmother is bringing her rocking chair up on her next visit, and we are going to to get some comfy cushions for it. I still have to fix up a lamp for the nursery, and add the final decorating touches when my grandmother brings them. However, I feel comfortable knowing that we have the items we will need to take care of baby Caleb if he were to arrive tomorrow. I have included pictures from my shower, and our party last night.

I am so thankful that my friends could be there to celebrate with me. I do not get to see them very often and this week/weekend was amazing.

Look at the diaper cake. Sweet Lauren (one of the hostesses), and her sister made it for me. It was so cute. Nick and I had a hard time bringing ourselves to take it apart tonight, because it was so wonderful. I loved the binkys and socks that were used as decorations on it. As well as the adorable monkey. Our cake was also so cute. My mother in law said that she stayed up all night working on it. The little train of letters was adorable, and the circles reminded me of the nursery decorations. So cute.

I was also excited to have two of preggo friends there to celebrate with me. There is nothing like having other preggos around, who understand everything you are going through. Taylor on the far left finds out what the sex of her baby is tomorrow. I think she is having a girl, but we will just have to wait and see. Beth is 26 weeks now, and is expecting a boy October 10th. I can not wait for all the little babies to actually be here, and become best friends just like their mommas. I really think baby Caleb has popped out this past week, and I have to admit that my baby bump makes me smile because it means that my little boy is growing growing growing. Goodness I can not wait to see him.

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