Monday, July 13, 2009

Mighty Monday

Hello all. I have exactly 55 minutes to post before Monday is over, and I just had to follow in the mighty Monday tradition. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend I know that I did.
  • I might be missing my friends a little today. Last week might have spoiled me.
  • I might have had a doctors appointment this morning, in which I might have found out that I am 1 centimeter dialated and 70% efaced. I might be hoping this means Caleb will come either before his due date or at least on time.
  • I might have had another pool day, in which I might have decided to wear a bikini. I might have worn a speghetti strap over that bikini however, and never removed in due to the fear that I would disgust others at the pool.
  • I might have spent 3 1/2 hours cleaning my house since I neglected all house work this past week.
  • I might be having a little bit of shortness of breath in which my heart races. I might have asked my doctor about this, and she informed me to let her know if it ever lasts more than thirty minutes. If it does not then it is a normal symptom of pregnancy.
  • I might be looking forward to "lightening" that is suppose to occur this week.
  • I might be wondering if it really will happen this week or not.
  • I might be really excited that my friend Taylor is having a girl. She might be having the first girl out of my group of friends. I might be thinking that Caleb and her baby can be boyfriend and girlfriend.
  • I might be getting really anzy waiting for Caleb to arrive.
  • I might have worked on the nursery for another hour today.
  • I might have purchased all the things I believe I "must have" before baby Caleb arrives.
  • I might be wondering when he is going to come.
  • I might think he will arrive on August 5th because that is the next fool moon.
  • The moon might just be one of my all time favorite things.
  • I might LOVE the blanket my friend Amelia made for Caleb.

This might just be a picture of my belly at 36 weeks.

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Pretty Personal Gifts said...

I love the blanket. I cherish all the blankets people made for my kids. Each one is so special. That's surely a keeper!