Friday, October 29, 2010

Yep...A Car Hurts!!

So lets begin this post by re-introducing you to our dog Sydney.  (Yep this is her, back when she was a sweet little pup that could barely walk)
 We got Sydney about 1 week after I found out I was pregnant with Caleb because hubby wanted a big dog.  I personally am a fan of the teeny tiny itty bitty's, but I agreed that we could have her.   Given at the time we were renting a home with a back yard, and I had no idea that at one point we would be moving back into an apartment.  Ughh.  Anyway, we got her right before Christmas, and we were learning all the little kinks about her.  At first she just slept all the time like puppies do, and that was nice.  However, that stage did not last long, and soon she became the WILD Sydney that we now love. 
 I have to admit that Sydney and I have had a love hate relationship these past two years. She is a very hyper breed of dog, and having her cooped inside an apartment for a year, was not really in her best interest, or mine.  I mean literally the dog would hurdle the couches, and run laps in between rooms all while Bella was chasing her and barking.  Annoying to say the least. Especially when I was big prego with Caleb.  She even got away from me a few times while walking her back in my 37 week pregnant days.  I was for sure on those days that she was dead meat, and bound to get hit by a car.  However, she survived without a scratch, and was still hyper as H***.

We moved this past Spring into a house with a fenced in backyard.  That was a requirement on our search because Sydney had to have a place to run.  However, when we first moved in she found every loose place, every hole, and every way possible to get out of the fence.  Our first month in this house it seriously felt like we were searching for that dog daily.  One time we even had to pick her up from the pound.  After hours of work on the fence hubby got it Sydney proofed, and we did not have a problem with her escaping again.

That is until last week.  Last week I got a phone call that my dog was on the side of a main road and that she needed immediate medical attention.  I rushed out of the house, with Caleb in hand, and no diaper bag to speak of. I called hubby on the way and yelled into the phone "Sydney got hit by a car".   He promised that he was one his way.  When I got to her, she was only a block away from our home, and she was laying in a pool of blood. Her right arm had a compound break, and both bones were poking out. She was just laying there shaking.  I immediately started crying, while I spoke to the nice people who were helping me.  They lifted her into my car for me all while she is screaming in pain.  This of course causes Caleb to start screaming out of fear, and me to continue crying. We were a mess.  Hubby arrived about 2 minutes later, and we rushed Sydney to an emergency clinic.  There they told us that she also had a dislocated left elbow, and I do not even want to discuss the price we had to pay to get this little crazy fixed.  Lets just say that it really is a bummer that vets do not take payment plans because we basically blew through our savings.  After a visit with another vet, an overnight stay, and a million dollars later, Sydney is back home with us. We are so thankful that she is okay, but I do not know if she will ever learn that cars really can hurt you.   

Oh and just to let you know, the vet informed us that she is to stay immobile for 60 days.  Haha, this is nearly impossible.  She is still trying to jump, run, play etc.  However, we are determined for her to heal properly so we do not have to take her to an orthopedic specialist for surgery.  Seriously, our bank account can not afford that.  So Sydney, please just be calm for once in your life. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

23 Week Bundle

I have to make a confession.  I could not remember if I was 23 or 24 weeks prego.  In fact, last night hubby and I were looking in What to Expect, and I asked him how many weeks I was.  We both thought 24.  Haha We were wrong.  I am 23.  Geesh prego brain. 

Bundle is doing great at 23 weeks.  She is a mover. All over my belly all the time.  Love it.  My belly has gotten a lot bigger, and I can tell that it has moved up past my belly button.  I have the full on baby bump now. 

This past week has been crazy with a sick little boy, and a hurt dog (post to come).  I promise mama knows you are there and loves you more than life. 

New things with my body this week....
boobs leaking like crazy
Low cramping pain in my left side.  Had this with Caleb starting about now. 


Never Grow Up

Amazing song...made me cry...twice :(


Monday, October 25, 2010

Caleb G and The Great Pumpkin Adventure

This weekend our family visited the same pumpkin patch two times.  All because this mama is silly and forgot that it is now getting dark before 9:30, and my camera died, and we all know that you can not go to a pumpkin patch without a camera.  Basically, to avoid a hormonal pregnant emotional breakdown we decided that we would try the pumpkin patch again on Sunday, and I am so glad we did. 

We shared the great experience with Nick's cousins and their babies and my MIL and SIL.  It was so much fun and was by far the greatest pumpkin patch I have ever been to!!
My child loves to sit with pumpkins.  I mean he is obsessed.  He would take off and push pumpkins out of his way to sit between them.  I have to admit it was adorable!

Enjoying the patch with Aunt Abby (who is by far Caleb's favorite person of all time. I think he loves her more than me)
 The face we can never say no to!
 This is him with his cousin Baylee.  Notice the outfit difference?  Yep this was taken Friday night about 2 minutes before my camera died. 
 Just chillin with the pumpkins again
This pumpkin patch also had a petting zoo.  They had everything from Camels to llamas.  It was hilarious because I was telling Caleb all the different sounds the animals make.  When we got to the llama he looked at me like "what sound?".  I smiled and made a spitting sound.  He just laughed.  He was a lot like me with the animals. He loved to look at them, but God forbid they try to touch him.  He would pull his hand back so quick.  Like mother like son :). 
 Again with his favorite person enjoying the animals. 
Next we took a hayride up to the pumpkin patch.  It was Caleb's first hayride, and he enjoyed it for about five minutes. Then he spent the rest of the time ticked off because we would not let him down.  Hmmm it is crazy how a 14-month-old can not understand that they would fall to their death if they were allowed to run around the back of a truck.  I mean can't they understand reasoning??  No??? Really?? I guess that is why they throw tantrums when they do not get their way. 
 Even though he was totally upset on the hayride, the corn maze solved that problem.  We allowed him to lead the way, and I swear we were in there for forever.  He lead us all the way to the back.  It was so cute to watch him choose the path, and walk like such a big man.
 After the corn maze him and his favorite person in the world enjoyed sharing a funnel cake.  Look at those cheeks.  He was obsessed.  Probably another reason why she is his favorite person ever. 
 After all that adventure it was time to pick a pumpkin.  He was amazed by all the pumpkins, and I think checked out every single one. 

Finally one was chosen
 However, not before he decided to lay down in the dirt, booty in the air, and fill his pants full of poop. I mean like stinky man poop. It was hilarious, but we were in a predicament because diaper and wipes were in the truck back at the beginning of the farm. Therefore, our little man had to chill in his poo for a little while. Generally that does not bother him, but add being crazy tired to the mix, and the fact that he once again had to sit still on a hayride and you get......

Notice what finger of hubby's he is holding onto.  You think he was trying to tell us something?? :)


Friday, October 22, 2010

Winne of Thirty One!!!

The winner of my thirty-one bag giveaway is.....

#4 Mrs. LEA LIZ!!!

So excited for you girl!! Send me your home address and the pattern you want at!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Waiting for Declan

This pretty mama in this picture with me is in labor!!!!

I recieved a text last night at 1:30 am letting me know her water broke.  I am so excited for her and Dan, and sad at the same time that they live so far away :(.  It is hard having a  best friend go through such a life changing experience and know that you have to share in the joy from so far away! However, I am praying hard and anxiously awaiting any news of little Declan's arrival.  Mealy is planning on going all natural, and if anyone can handle it she can!!

So excited for you Mealy.  This is the day that will change your life forever.  You will experience a love to great to describe!! Take in the newborn cuddles, sleep when he sleeps, and do not feel as though the house has to be perfect (like I did).  Those newborn cuddles are more important than dusting.  I love you so much and  I can't wait to see pics of my new little nephew!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Thirty One Giveaway!!!

Mama Taylor is now a thirty one gifts consultant, and on Saturday I am hosting my very first thirty one party.  I have to say that I am absolutely obsessed with their products, and I completely plan on buying a diaper bag that will work for 2 children (eekk).  As if I do not have enough to carry around already. 

We are so excited about this party and about thirty one gifts that we wanted to do something special for you,  my loyal bloggy friends.  Thanks to mama Taylor and her amazing charity we are giving away a Thirty One Tote to one of you lucky readers. 

These totes are absolutely amazing.  They are so much bigger than what they look like in pictures, and they could be used for so many different things.  They could be used as a school bag, a diaper bag, an overnight bag, scrapbook bag, toy organizer etc etc.  They are amazing!!!

The best thing is you get to pick your favorite pattern, and have the item directly shipped to your house for FREE!!

Want to be the lucky winner?  Here is what you need to do....
  1. For one entry become a follower of my blog if you are not already, and leave me a comment letting me know you did so.
  2. For two entries head on over to mama Taylors blog and become a follower of her.  Leave me a comment letting me know you did so.
  3. For three entries head on over to and click on view our catalog.  Browse the catalog and let me know what your favorite item/pattern is. 
  4. For four entries leave a post on your blog about my  giveaway with a link to my blog!
You can also place an order through taylors website that will go directly towards my party.  This would be great in helping me get that X2 size diaper bag that I so badly want!! :).  All you have to do is go to the above website and click on place and order. Then just click on my party and order away.

This giveaway will be running until 3 pm Friday the 22nd, and then I will post the winner!!! Soo excited, and I hope you are too!!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Picture Perfect...or Not!

Getting a good picture of my little toddling toddler is proving to be quite difficult. 
 He is all over the place, and he will not stand still for one second. 

 This little beauty however, did humor my impromptu photo shoot, and let me snap a few cute pics of her.

 However, my little man would never quite give me the "perfect picture" face I was going for.
 He would rather look to the side
 Look at the leaves on the ground
 Or run through the fields. 
I wonder where it gets it from???
 Oh well, maybe one day I'll get another pefect picture of him.  For now his silly faces will have to do.


Friday, October 15, 2010

So..I woke up to Pee Again!!

Anyone have any advice on how to keep the night time pee in the diaper?  I mean I seriously wake up every morning to a pee covered baby and crib. I strip him, clean him up, re-dress him (all while he is crying).  I then have to strip the bedding and take pjs and bedding straight to the washing machine. I am getting way to fat to bend over the crib and replace the bedding, so generally my childs bed looks like a mess of blankets and a non sheet covered matress. I mean who am I Amber from Teen Mom?  Ughh.

Basically  I am writing this post to ask for advice.  How do you other mamas keep your baby dry at night??


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Take Me Out To the Tailgate!

This past weekend was Caleb's first real UK tailgate.  Last year when he was a wee little baby we took him for his "first tailgate", but with his young age and the cool weather we never really ventured outside.

 This is what he spent most of his time last year doing. 
 However, this year, this year was perfect.  He was sporting his UK jersey, the weather was amazing, family was in town, and we were celebrating hubby's birthday.  Everything was set up for the perfect tailgate, and that it was. 

 By the end of the tailgate this is what Caleb looked like. Yes, I had the baby running around in a watermelon stained onesie.  However, the worst part was that he smelled of beer and makers mark because he accidentally spilled two drinks all over him.  Ughh.  All in good tailgate fun I guess. 

This is a regular from my old restaraunt in college and his love. They have amazing parking spots in the blue lot for games, and it is always so fun to stop by and see them.