Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sweet Moments

Today was filled with gymnastics, and preschool, and lots of cuddles at home.  Semi busy, semi slow.  Those are generally how days go as a stay at home mom.  However, in the midst of the "normalcy" my kids said some pretty cute things that I want to remember.

Kinlee and I stopped by Wal Mart for some baby wipes this morning, and she was jabbering in the cart.  I told her that she was perfect, and she busted out in song singing "I'm not perfect, I'm a pretty pretty girl, but I'm not perfect".  Seriously? How cute can she be??

Caleb has innocently referred to his Dusty the Plane toy all evening as the "Crap Duster" (aka CROP Duster).  It's too cute to correct...don't judge me.

He also told me he loved me, and then said "Mom, I am never going to stop telling you that I love you".  Melt my heart.  I love his sweet little soul.

So, today may have not been super exciting, or even blog worthy really, but those sayings, are ones that I want to remember forever.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Meeting the Big Man

My kids have been super excited about Christmas this year.  They are really at such a fun age for all the Christmas magic. They are enjoying their Elf, Leonardo, and look for him first thing every morning.  They have enjoyed learning about the real reason for the season, and celebrating Jesus, and Santa is very exciting to them this year. We have already sent their Christmas list to the North Pole via Leonardo.

Mckinlee asked for

1. Mermaid
2. Princess/Dora
3. Buzz Lightyear

Caleb asked for

1. Avengers
2. Games

They are all about acting out Santa's sleigh, and talking about the naughty/nice list.  This past weekend we attended the second annual Claus for a Cause put on by our friends.  I thought for sure Santa would be a hit, but they were both timid at first.  Caleb told me that he would let me know when he was ready to talk to him, and Mckinlee held on to me tight for the first hour we were there.  Finally we told Mckinlee that if she sat on his lap she could have a cupcake.  She ran up to him, sat on his lap, smiled, and then asked for cake.  If you ask her about it she will say, "I sat on Santa's legs, smiled, said cheese for a picture, then I got a piece of cake".

The bribery didn't quite work with Caleb.  He was fine standing beside him, but didn't want to sit on his lap, and he did not want a picture.  He did however, tell him that he wanted "all the toys that he sees on TV".  Thankfully Santa told him that he could not bring all the toys, and that he needed to pick one.  Caleb picked Avengers (thank God).

So Santa wasn't a complete success this year, but it beats their feelings about him from last year.

Santa pics from the past






Saturday, December 7, 2013


A winter storm has come to our area, and the kids were bursting at the seams to play in the snow.  It didn't arrive until almost dark yesterday, so we promised them a snow filled day today.  As soon as they awoke they were basically begging me to play in the snow.  Nick participated in a Arctic Run 5K today, so once we arrived home we ventured out.

Let me just side note that getting two toddlers, and myself dressed while 29 weeks pregnant was a workout.  Layers, pulling, tucking, me trying to squeeze into my snow clothes.  I was sweating and having Braxton Hicks once I was finished.  Thank God I made them go potty before we started, because I think I literally would have cried if one of them would have had to go once they were dressed.

We began our snow adventure by building a snowman.  He ended up being a snowman laying on the ground, because the snow was not great packing snow, and because a certain 2 year old kept patting down our middle layer.  Caleb had brought a carrot to place for his nose, but we got distracted throwing snowballs and forgot.

Next up the kids went sledding.  They each used their own sled this year, and enjoyed racing each other.  Nick taught them to lay backward to make them go faster, so  that was a hit.  Bella was also joining in the fun, and at this point she and I were both cold.  I took her inside to give her a warm bath, and Nick continued to play with the kids.  It wasn't long before they came in, and my living area was covered in snow clothes (I really need a mudroom).

It is currently 6 and they are all asleep.  I am sure they are going to wake up soon and be up all night, but I have some fun Christmas activities planned and a few Christmas movies recorded.  They are predicting more snow and ice tomorrow, so chances are we will be stuck at home...which means a late bedtime will not matter.