Friday, July 31, 2009

Show Us Your Life: Wedding Party

Once again it is a Show Us Your Life Friday. The highlight this week is show us your wedding party/wedding. My wedding was held in July of 08 at the Marriott Griffin Gate in Lexington, KY. The ceremony took place outside at the Bluegrass Pavilion at 6 pm. The reception immediately followed in a tent beside of the ceremony site. Nick's cousin Trent performed the ceremony, and Nick and I both memorized our vows and ring vows to recite to eachother. We had a rather large wedding party. We each had 7 bridesmaids and groomsmen, and we had two flower girls and 1 ring bearer. The flower girls were my two neices and the ring bearer was Nick's cousin. Our wedding party consisted on siblings, and friends both from high school and college. Also, Bella made an appearance in a Build a Bear gown for pictures. SOO CUTE. The colors chosen for the wedding were chocolate brown and pink, and the guys wore tan tuxedos. Nick's tie was ivory, the groomsmen's ties were pink, and our father's ties were brown. Our flowers consisted of various pink roses. Our photographer was Eric Graf and I would highly recommend him. Also, I just have to let you know how sweet my hubby was the day of the wedding. Starting 6 hours before the ceremony (every hour on the hour), I would recieve set # of roses "6 hours until I marry the love of my life", "Five hours before I marry the mother of my children" etc. I cried when I recieved the first set, and I looked forward to the next rose all the way up until an hour before. Can he be any sweeter? I mean really!! Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I am happy to report that Nick and I completed our final birthing class tonight. Talk about timing. If the class would have lasted just one more week, we would have already had Caleb here to take care of and not just baby Teet. Tonights class was all about infant care and new momma care. We learned how to bathe, swaddle, diaper, feed etc etc our new baby. Teet was soo little that the hospital blankets swallowed him whole. We watched an interesting video on newborn manurisims, and I have to admit that all I could think about was little Caleb's arrival. I can not wait to see him for the first time. After our break we came back and learned about momma care after baby is born. We discussed the baby blues, and PP Despression. The instructor then began talking to us about our bodies, and the pain that we may experience after delivery. I have to admit that I had not thought to much about the pain that could come with stiches, but I am thankful to have learned of various ways to help minimize this pain. However, I about died when I saw the size of the maternity pads and underwear that the hospital supplies new mommas. The pad was the size of a diaper. I couldn't help but laugh, and Nick and I just looked at eachother. I mean seriously huge. I know they are probably the best thing at the time, and I am sure that I will not care, but they are soo different than I imagined. I mean I had purchased pads (for the first time since I was 12), but now mine seem to tiny. I dunno what to think. They make it seem as though you are going to hemorrage blood with the size of the pads. Is it really as bad as it seems? I am afraid that they will show through all of my clothes that I am taking to the hospital. I guess we will just have to see. I feel as though every time I walk it will sound crunchy. SOO attractive. Oh well baby Caleb will be worth it.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Induction is Scheduled

Hello all. Today has been a wonderful day here in the Gardella household. Unlike last Tuesday when I had my emotional break down. The doctors appointment went well this morning. I spoke with the doctor about my concerns regarding my "old" placenta, and the fear I had about the baby not receiving adequate nutrients. I asked him if we could just go ahead and schedule an induction. He informed me that as long as my cervix looked well then that was a possibility. He performed another oh so painful cervical exam, I am 2-21/2 centimeters and 80% thinned out. He told me that since I was so thinned already that an induction could be scheduled. He left the room to set a time and date, and I was so relieved. So, I am being induced Tuesday August 4th at 6:30 am. Since I am so thinned out I do not have to go to the hospital the night before to have my cervix thinned. He said when I arrived they will go ahead and break my water, and start the potocin. He also said that I can have an epidural from the start if I choose, and yes I am choosing to do so. It would be great if I did not have to feel labor at all. So, this time next week I will either have Caleb already, or be really close to it. August 4th or 5th will be the birthday of my little guy. AHHH I am soo excited. Please pray that Caleb continues to grow and that he is born a healthy baby.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Mighty Monday.....

I might have forgotten that it was Monday, and that I was suppose to write my post in the form of mights

I might have already entertained you with an extremely long post today

Therefore I might not force you to read more about me.

The only thing I might ask is that you pray that the doctor agrees with me tomorrow in thinking induction is the best solution to my old placenta problem :).

Hello from Jamaica

No, I have not broken all of the doctors orders and not only traveled further than an hour, but traveled to another country as well. However, I can not help but sit and think back on this time last year. That is because this time last year Nick and I were almost to Jamaica, and we would be there until August 5th. I can remember being so excited that we did not even care that we had to wake up at 6 am, crawl out of the most comfortable bed of all time, and catch a flight at 7:30. Even though we had not crawled into bed until about 3:30 and we were exhausted. However, the idea of laying on the beach in Jamaica was soo appealing. All the wedding stress was over, and there were literally NO WORRIES for the entire week. Ahh to be honeymooners again :).
This morning instead of catching a flight to Jamaica we got to take a peak at our little baby (which is just as great). Can I just say that he is smashed up. Poor little thing. I could not tell his head from his stomach or his arms from his legs. He is one smooshed ball. The ultrasound technician said that he is still measuring small. 36 weeks and 1 day to be exact. Which is way smaller than the 4 day behind ultrasound we had at 32 weeks. However, she said that on the graph his growth is consistent for him, and they are predicting that he weighs 6 lbs 8 ounces which would put him in the 40th percentile. My fluid is still fine, but my placenta in her words is OLD. She showed us my placenta and said that if it looked like a rock wall (mine clearly did) that it had seen its last days. She said that if the baby would not have been measuring consistent for him and with my old placenta I definetely would have been referred for induction. However, since the baby is still measuring okay for him (even though he is small), she said that the doctor could refer 1 of 3 options at my appointment tomorrow.
  1. Allow me to wait it out, and see when labor naturally begins (I don't really want to do this one). I am afraid with my old placenta will come problems for little Caleb. She said a lot of times with old placentas the baby will not get enough nourishment.
  2. The doctor will strip my membrane. I looked this up because I was not sure what it meant. Basically during my cervical exam he will run his fingers around in there to loosen my cervix and uterus up. The ultrasound tech called this the exam from hell. Sounds painful, and though it can begin the labor process it is not guaranteed and may need to be repeated. (Not sure if I want to do this either).
  3. Schedule induction (I'm all for this). I would love to know when labor will begin. All of my family lives out of town and we have various friends that do as well. I would love to be able to give them a day to arrive for the baby to be born.

Truthfully, I am just ready to know what decision the doctor will make tomorrow. 1 will break my heart, and worry me to death. 2 is workable, sounds painful, but the tech told me to just be really active tomorrow and the next day and that helps it to work. 3 best case scenario (unless they schedule induction for the end of next week because then what would be the point??). Until tomorrow I am going to take in the ONE PRETTY DAY of Kentucky weather, and lay at the pool. It may be my last chance this summer. Pray for me to be patient as I await the doctors decision, and pray that the best decision for Caleb's health is made.

One more note for this post (I know it is long). This weekend we celebrated our anniversary. Our original plan included zoo on Saturday, and then a romantic dinner/something else on Sunday. However, we awoke on Saturday to a down pour, and then our power went out. Therefore the zoo idea did not happen. The night before we attended a county fair, and let me tell you it was COUNTY. Anyone from Pikeville knows what the definition of County is, and it blew me away. I guess it was because I am from eastern Kentucky (which has a really bad rep for being country). However, here in Northern Kentucky they have tractor pulls, demolition derbys with lawn mowers, and they sell animals at their fair. I didn't really think tractor pulls existed unless you lived in the west. My husband then informed me that they had students at their high school who would drive their tractors to school on occassion WHAT??? This cracked me up. So needless to say my husband can never ever call my hometown country again after what I experienced on Friday. Anyway, Saturday we decided to have our romantic dinner at a Hibachi Grill, and then went and watched The Ugly Truth (hilarious). Sunday, we woke up for church. Our new church we found is doing a series "Questions that deserve an answer"...basically all the tough questions that Christians blow off to non Christians. (How can a good God allow suffering, How can there be only one true religion, Do Science and God coorespond etc...). Soooo interesting that we do not want to miss one Sunday, even after Caleb arrives. After church we finally went to the zoo, and we had a fabulous time. Let me tell you though if I did not walk that baby out yesterday then walking is not going to do the trick. Afterward we came back home, cooked pancakes, and just enjoyed eachothers company. Like I said before we are planning true anniversary night after the baby arrives, but it was a wonderful anniversary weekend with my wonderful hubby.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Loving the One and Only for One Full Year Today

Today as of midnight is my hubby and I's one year anniversary. It is crazy to think that one year has gone by, and to see how much our lives have changed. This time last year I layed awake in bed dreaming about the day ahead and going over and over details in my head. Tonight I sit awake due to the baby that we are going to have in our arms in a couple of weeks. I never would have thought this time last year that we would be two weeks from meeting the new love of both of our lives on our one year. In fact, I thought we would be celebrating our first year of marriage on some beach somewhere :). This year has taught me so much about myself, about love and about life. I have grown to love my hubby more and more everyday, and there are still moments when he takes my breath away.

  • I love how you truly take the time to listen to me, and to take my dreams and goals into consideration. I appreciate all you do to incorporate both of our ambitions into life daily.
  • I love how you fall asleep EVERY time you begin to give me a massage...even though I joke with you about it, it is an adorable quality that you possess.
  • I love that you are the father of our baby boy, and I can not wait to see the love you have for him.
  • I love that you are a provider, and that you work so hard to make sure that Caleb and I are taken care of.
  • I love that you love dogs as much as me :).
  • I love the struggles, the good times, and the lessons that we have learned this past year. We have overcome so many obstacles, learned a lot about eachother, and discovered ways to work through every situation.
  • I am so thankful that you love me, it still amazes me sometimes.
  • I love that you put up with me, and love me the same even when I am having a bad day, and my mood is not pleasant.
  • I love that you can cook, and that you have mastered some of our favorite meals.
  • I love that you are you...don't change.
  • I am so grateful for our first year together, and I am looking forward to many many more.
  • I love that we are so opposite, but that some how we mesh well together,
  • I love that you are athletic because I am SOO not :).
  • I love you forever and always

Friday, July 24, 2009

Show Us Your Wedding Dress

I am sure that many of you are not a stranger to Kelly's blog "Kelly's Korner". I just love reading about her little baby and family. Every Friday she does a show us where you live post. However, since we just moved into our new apartment I never joined that bandwagon. However, she is changing things up a bit and is now doing a Show us Your Life Friday blog. This weeks topic is Show us your wedding dress. Since Nick and I's one year anniversary is Sunday it seemed like the perfect time to post this. Enjoy the pictures of skinny me this time last year :).

I bought my dress in Reading, Ohio at a bridal shop. Reading is so neat because it is like a small town filled with bridal shops. There are so many to choose from. When I first began the process I knew that I wanted my dress to be strapless and fitted, and have a sweetheart neckline. My number one request was NO LACE. However, after endless hours of searching I still could not find "the one". I had been trying on off white dresses because I felt white would wash me out. In an attempt to just see what I would look like in all white the consultant placed a white lace dress on me, and we fell in love with how lace looked on me. It did not look old fashioned at all. It was then that the consultant began pulling lace dresses and within 20 minutes she placed "the one" on me. My eyes immediately filled with tears and I was so happy. Given the dress she brought me was completely outside of the budget I had set for myself, but between my hubby and my daddy we made it work. The dress was designed by Christos, was lace almost to the bottom, and the bottom had three layers. The sweetheart neckline, the three layers at the bottom, and the veil all had the same stiching. I loved loved loved it. I still need to have it dry cleaned and packed away however. Hopefully, it can still be fixed up. I am such a procrastinator. I tried to include pictures from all angles of the dress. I loved the way the bustle turned out.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Baby is Here

Introducing Teet Whisperer Gardella
Born July 22, 2009 at 6:30 pm

Sorry all I know the title probably excited you. You and I both want little Caleb to arrive. However, until he does there is a new addition to our family. Little baby Teet. Teet is a baby full of purpose. Tonight he taught mommy and daddy how to properly breast feed, and he is also assisting us with the process of training our dogs that babies are a no no. We learned from the Dog Whisperer that bringing a doll into the house, and placing the scent of the baby on it will help the dogs understand that the baby is dominent over them. Therefore, we are trying that as of now. Nick changed his very first baby boy diaper tonight. Our diapers smell so much like a baby, and therefore, we decided that would be the best scent to place on little Teet. After Teet was diapered Nick began the process of training. Surprisingly they are doing pretty well. Sydney is curious, and Bella is completely ignoring little Teet. I even attempted to make him cry. However, our dogs are too smart, and they realized it was me. We are practicing sitting on the couch with Teet, and teaching the dogs to wait to come up until we tell them to, and laying down beside us when they are on the couch. I have a feeling Bella will still end up in my lap however, because that is the position she always took when I held my baby niece. Here are a few photos of our first nights as parents :).

Favorite Things Tuesday

Well, I know it is technically Wednesday now, but I can not sleep, and therefore, Tuesday is not over yet. Since I had an emotional breakdown in my last blog (thanks for the comments of support), I thought I would try to blog about something happy. Babbling Abby's website has been giving me a lot of ideas of things to blog about weekly. Today she is following a link that has started called Favorite Things Tuesday. Today the topic is favorite movies so here is a list of mine.
  1. Father of the Bride: This seems to be a regular favorite of all women, but I can remember watching it weekly growing up. This time last year was my wedding week, and I remember thinking about that movie and crying during the final detail preparation.
  2. Twilight: I became obsessed to say the least with the Twilight book series this past year. The movie is one of my favorites even though a lot of details are left out because I love to see a good book brought to life. PS I secretely want to play Bella, even more so than I want to play Hermione (I used to act, and acting has always been a passion of mine)
  3. Speaking of PS, PS I Love You is another favorite. It is so sweet, and I have never made it through without crying.
  4. All of the Harry Potters
  5. The Notebook: I love the passion and the history that the two characters share. I still get chills when I think of their first kiss as adults when he pulls her to him and says, "It wasn't over, IT STILL ISN'T OVER"......whoo.

I can think of many more movies that I like, but not any that I would list as favorites. Thanks again for all of the support ya'll. I must confess I am getting a grip on my emotional breakdowns, and hopefully my hormones are leveling out.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mommy Sarah's Terrible Tuesday

You all, I am a hormonal mess. I have found myself breaking down the past few days over the tiny things, and I am feeling sorry for myself in the process. I am sooo done with everything. I'm done with being fat, done with not being able to bend over, done with my toenails looking disgusting because I am to fat to paint them. I am sooo sooo sooo done with sitting at my house, watching tv, playing on the computer and cleaning. I am done with the ugly Kentucky weather that has been keeping me from going to the pool. I am DONE DONE DONE. So the only question is why can't the baby just come already??? AHHHH I am going out of my mind. I broke down to my hubby after our appointment this morning, because the idea of sitting around waiting for another week is too much for me to handle right now. The days tick by when you are not allowed to do anything!! I know people have it worse because I am not on strict bedrest, but the whole you can't do this or that list is really long. I have to find something to do to make this week go by faster.

My appointment went well. I gained 2 more pounds, I am still measuring a little behind but that has been normal for me, and I am about 1 1/2 to 2 cms dialated. Let me just tell you that I hate having my cervix checked. PAINFUL. However, the only thing that gets me through it is the anticipation of finding out if we are any closer to D Day. The doctor ordered an ultrasound for me to check the babies growth and fluid. He said that if the baby was a little behind where they felt comfortable or if my fluid was beginning to decline then they would go ahead and deliver. He ordered the ultrasound for this week, however, the nurse at the front told me there were no avaliable appointments until MONDAY. MONDAY PEOPLE that is 6 days away, and I do not know if I can mentally make it that long. I mean the order said THIS WEEK, I do not recall MONDAY being this week. However, that is the only day avaliable unless it is an emergency so I guess I just have to suck it up and deal with it.

Here is my weekly plan

Today: go to the pool because it is actually pretty

Wednesday: get a baby doll for birthing class, and then go to birthing class at 6:30

Thursday: as long as it is pretty my cousin and her little boy are coming to the pool to go swimming

Friday: NO PLANS (probably sit on my butt and stare at the wall, all the while wondering when Caleb is going to come. Maybe cry a little because I am sooo done!!!)

Saturday: zoo with my hubby (I am really looking forward to this so hopefully it is pretty enough to go)

Sunday: Our one year anniversary. However, we are planning on really celebrating our anniversary 6-7 weeks after the baby is born. We are going to plan a romantic, baby free, pregnancy free night, and it will probably be the first night I leave baby Caleb. However, this week all I know that we are doing for sure it going to eat. What else can a 9 month pregnant lady do???

Anyway, I do not want you all to think that I have gone crazy or anything, I am just overwhelmed, frustrated, impatient, and tired. I am soo ready to see and hold my little one, and the days are just ticking by. Pray for me ya'll I need it.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mighty Monday

It is Mighty Monday July 20, 2009 and I am 37 weeks and 1 day pregnant. I wonder how many more Mighty Monday's I will spend preggo?? Anyway here is a list of things that I might have done today/this weekend.
  • I might have finally watched Harry Potter this weekend, and I enjoyed it very much. I might be thinking it is not as good as the book, but that might just be expected.
  • I might not remember a lot of the details of the book because it came out so long ago.
  • I might have had a visit from my daddy this weekend, and he might have made Nick and I an amazing dinner. Filet Mignon, baked potato, salad, roles yummy yummy yummy.

  • I might be a little spoiled by my daddy, but that might just be okay.
  • I might have found a new church with Nick on Sunday that we both really really like. We might have been happy that we found one we really connected with.
  • I might have given my dear puppy Bella, who is in need of a hair cut, a bath today.
  • This might be a picture of the finished product. She just might be the cutest dog ever.

  • Caleb's bag might be ready for his arrival. I might have over packed it just a little. That might be okay though. I would rather have too much than too little.

I might have began packing a hospital bag for Nick and I.

  • I might have began a project today that I may use in the nursery.
  • I might be thinking I need my grammy to come in town with the finishing touches for the nursery. However, I might be okay with adding those touches after Caleb arrives.
  • My belly might have dropped a little, and I might be hoping this means Caleb is coming soon.
  • Caleb's bed might be ready for him.

    • His changing table might be as well

    • His carseat might be ready to hold him.

    • Mommy and Daddy might be ready to hold and see him.

    • I might be finished with this pregnancy thing ughhh.
    • I might not be able to get the pictures for this post to line up exactly how I want them. Therefore, I might be giving up :)

    Saturday, July 18, 2009

    Run Run Sydney

    Hello all. Well I must say that today has been an eventful day. It all began this morning with a shopping trip with my friend Taylor who just found out she is having a baby girl. It was soo fun to shop with her, and look at all of the adorable baby girl clothes. After shopping I came home and took an oh so glorious nap. I am beginning to feel the 1st trimester type tired feeling again, and taking a nap was amazing. Afterward I cleaned my house, and was about to do some things in the nursery, but I decided to take Sydney out to potty first. So Sydney and I began walking outside like we do multiple times a day, however, today was different. We were walking through the grass, and there was a small hole that I did not see. This hole caused me to roll my ankle a little and fall down on the ground. Before you freak out, I just fell on my knee and hands, and there was no harm done to baby Caleb. However, this caused me to let go of Sydney's leash. You have to understand that Syndey is like lightening when she is running. You can not catch her. I immediately ran back upstairs to our apartment and called Nick. My exact words were "Nick you need to come home right now". I did not realize at the time that he would think I was in labor. He asked me really fast what was wrong, and I informed him that Sydney had gotten away, and I needed him to come help me catch her. I then went back downstairs, and walked outside to try to find her. Thankfully she ran to the woods beside our apartment, and not the other direction toward the highway. Neither of our dogs understand that cars will hurt them, and I just knew that she was going to run into the road. I made my way over to the woods, calling her name and trying to get her to come to me. All with no success. Finally I grabbed a stick, got her attention, and then threw it in front of me. When she ran over I stepped very quickly on her leash and CAUGHT HER. Thank God. I was so nervous that something would happen to our puppy, and that I would feel as thought it was my fault. Thankfully she is fine, and laying beside Nick on the couch right now as I speak. I have almost started crying multiple times tonight because I keep thinking that she could have died today. I am so happy that she is safe.

    Thursday, July 16, 2009

    How much Longer????

    That is the question that I keep asking myself. How much longer will I be pregnant, how much longer till Caleb arrives, how much longer will I have to put up with nausea etc etc etc. This morning was quite eventful. I had my pre registration appointment at the hospital today at 11:15. Nick was working so I traveled alone, and went in to fill out the necessary 19 pages of paperwork. Let me just inform you that last night was once again spent hugging the toilet, and so mamma Sarah is a tired girl today. Anyway, during the course of the paper work the lady asked me a lot of medical questions/history, and questions about symptoms I am experiencing currently in the pregnancy. I let her know that at my last appointment I was 70% effaced and 1 centimeter dialated, and that I had lost my plug. She then began asking me about nausea, and I informed her that the past 4 nights have been spent hugging the toilet. She then put all of my symptoms together and adviced me to call my doctor to see if they wanted me to come in for another check this week. She was afraid that I was having signs of early labor and did not know it. So I leave the hospital and try to call my doctor. Let me just tell you it took me 30 minutes to get in touch with the nurses even calling the emergency line. That fact really freaks me out. In between trying to get in touch with the doctor, I am trying to call my hubby because I am convinced I am in early labor, and I need him there with me. However, my hubby does not answer the phone. So I am calling the doctor, calling my hubby, calling the doctor, calling my hubby. All the while freaking out and sitting in my car. Finally I get in touch with the nurse, and I let her know that the lady at pre registration had told me to call and let the doctor know about my symptoms and see if i needed to come in again this week. The nurse asked me a few more questions, and then she told me that unless I began having consistent contractions that she believed I was okay, and that it would be fine to wait until next week to be examined again. WHEWW RELIEF. Finally, my dear hubby calls me back and I tell him not to listen to his voicemails because I am pretty sure I sounded angry in them, and I let him know what had happened. He apologized for not answering, and promised that he would keep his phone close, and check frequently to see if I had called from now on. The rest of the day I relaxed at the pool and laughed about this mornings happenings. I am still wondering when this little baby is going to arrive. It is a waiting game for sure.

    Wednesday, July 15, 2009

    I got all my sisters with me

    Hello all. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday. I am hoping that it will clear up a little in Kentucky and that the sun will shine down so I can go out to the pool. Eventhough it is warm outside, I hate going to the pool when it is overcast or hazy, and lets face it 9 month pregnant me has nothing else to do with her days. That is actually kind of a sad fact. Yesterday my beautiful sisters entertained me by coming over and seeing me after they arrived back from ARUBA. Yes, I know it I am so jealous. Then to top it off they flew out this moring for Myrtle Beach for my step brothers wedding. Goodness, I miss being able to travel during the summer. I am ready for little Caleb to arrive so I can be done with this whole being pregnant and stuck thing. It is so unlike me to just sit and sit and sit. I do not think my house could stay any cleaner because I clean it every day just to entertain myself. You have to understand that I am a go go go type of person, and I love adventure, traveling, going to see friends in different states etc etc. Sitting on my butt all day is soo not me. It's worth it though if it is keeping Caleb healthy. I am excited however, to watch the new Harry Potter. Normally I would have already attended the midnight showing last night, but I found out at the Transformers midnight showing that my pregnant body can not take it. Tonight Nick and I have birthing class, so it looks as though we will be watching the movie tomorrow night. I can't wait. I love love love Harry Potter, almost as much as Twilight. I have yet to find another series of books that has interested me as much as those two series did. Anyway, yesterday was a fun day of shopping and hanging out with my sissy's. My youngest sister and I ventured in to Vicky Secrets to look for a new bikini for her, and I was eyeing all the two pieces I would have purchased this year if I would have had my body. Kat found the perfect bathing suit, and I was in love with it. Ohh to be skinny again :). Soon enough I guess.

    Pregnancy has been kicking my bottom the last couple of weeks. I swear I have been so sick to my stomach, and once again I spent last night hugging the toilet. Birthing class says that increased nausea is a sign that labor and delivery is approaching. I wonder if that is what is going on or not? I just do not want to get my hopes up that he will come a little before his due date or by his due date. However, I kind of feel like he will. I guess it is just a wait and see kind of thing.

    One more thing. We found out today that my hubby is one step closer to being hired for the fire department. Final stages are drug tests (which he will pass with flying colors). Keep your fingers crossed and your hearts praying that whatever God's will is happens. Have a great day.

    Monday, July 13, 2009

    Mighty Monday

    Hello all. I have exactly 55 minutes to post before Monday is over, and I just had to follow in the mighty Monday tradition. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend I know that I did.
    • I might be missing my friends a little today. Last week might have spoiled me.
    • I might have had a doctors appointment this morning, in which I might have found out that I am 1 centimeter dialated and 70% efaced. I might be hoping this means Caleb will come either before his due date or at least on time.
    • I might have had another pool day, in which I might have decided to wear a bikini. I might have worn a speghetti strap over that bikini however, and never removed in due to the fear that I would disgust others at the pool.
    • I might have spent 3 1/2 hours cleaning my house since I neglected all house work this past week.
    • I might be having a little bit of shortness of breath in which my heart races. I might have asked my doctor about this, and she informed me to let her know if it ever lasts more than thirty minutes. If it does not then it is a normal symptom of pregnancy.
    • I might be looking forward to "lightening" that is suppose to occur this week.
    • I might be wondering if it really will happen this week or not.
    • I might be really excited that my friend Taylor is having a girl. She might be having the first girl out of my group of friends. I might be thinking that Caleb and her baby can be boyfriend and girlfriend.
    • I might be getting really anzy waiting for Caleb to arrive.
    • I might have worked on the nursery for another hour today.
    • I might have purchased all the things I believe I "must have" before baby Caleb arrives.
    • I might be wondering when he is going to come.
    • I might think he will arrive on August 5th because that is the next fool moon.
    • The moon might just be one of my all time favorite things.
    • I might LOVE the blanket my friend Amelia made for Caleb.

    This might just be a picture of my belly at 36 weeks.

    Shower of Friends

    This past week has been an eventful one, and let me tell you I am so grateful for that. It has been so difficult to sit around and watch the clock tick with nothing to do. I need entertainment to make these last 4 weeks before Caleb to go by quickly. Wednesday Beth and Neil came in town for a visit. Initially they planned to spend the night on Wednesday and then travel back home to Indy on Thursday. However, they are such wonderful friends that they decided to stay with us until yesterday, and I was so excited. It was so nice to have friends around. Yesterday was also my second and final baby shower, and Amelia and Dan traveled in for that. The guys went golfing while us girls attended the shower, and then we all met up for lunch. 5 couples ended up coming back to our apartment, and we all stayed up until almost three am playing cards, and hanging out. It was like college again, and possibly one of the last non baby almost all nighters that I will pull. It was great to see all of my friends from my old college, and also spend time with new friends from Northern Kentucky.

    We are now at 36 weeks I can not believe it. It used to seem like this day would never come. However, here we are and I am so excited to be so close to meeting my little angel. Nick and I went baby shopping today in order to get the final things I feel as though I must have before Caleb arrives. I was having a hormonal break down because I was afraid he would arrive early and we would not have what I considered "must have" items before baby. We purchased our changing pad/covers, breast pump, milk storage bags and bottles, bottom cream, and our carseat. Unfortunately, we did not receive our glider, but my grandmother is bringing her rocking chair up on her next visit, and we are going to to get some comfy cushions for it. I still have to fix up a lamp for the nursery, and add the final decorating touches when my grandmother brings them. However, I feel comfortable knowing that we have the items we will need to take care of baby Caleb if he were to arrive tomorrow. I have included pictures from my shower, and our party last night.

    I am so thankful that my friends could be there to celebrate with me. I do not get to see them very often and this week/weekend was amazing.

    Look at the diaper cake. Sweet Lauren (one of the hostesses), and her sister made it for me. It was so cute. Nick and I had a hard time bringing ourselves to take it apart tonight, because it was so wonderful. I loved the binkys and socks that were used as decorations on it. As well as the adorable monkey. Our cake was also so cute. My mother in law said that she stayed up all night working on it. The little train of letters was adorable, and the circles reminded me of the nursery decorations. So cute.

    I was also excited to have two of preggo friends there to celebrate with me. There is nothing like having other preggos around, who understand everything you are going through. Taylor on the far left finds out what the sex of her baby is tomorrow. I think she is having a girl, but we will just have to wait and see. Beth is 26 weeks now, and is expecting a boy October 10th. I can not wait for all the little babies to actually be here, and become best friends just like their mommas. I really think baby Caleb has popped out this past week, and I have to admit that my baby bump makes me smile because it means that my little boy is growing growing growing. Goodness I can not wait to see him.