Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spoiled Rotten

Todays blog is devoted to my two girls Bella and Sydney. In previous posts I have mentioned our lovely doggies, and I must tell you that they are SPOILED. Bella has always been Queen since the first day we brought her home. Sydney is attached to her daddy's hip, and loves everything outdoors. However, both of these spoiled babies share the bed with my hubby and I. Since pregnancy has recentely been interfering with my sleep we have added a body pillow to the bed as well. However, momma Sarah gets very little use from this because it is usually being occupied by one of the three other occupants of the bed. Syd usually snuggles with her daddy, and Bella lays with her head on my pillow with me. Nick and I often joke about how we do not even get to touch eachother while laying in bed. We feel as though there is a wall between us. A wall of pillows and fur that is. Here are some pictures to show you just how spoiled they are. However, we love them. I wonder what my bed will look like once Caleb is here?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rain at 29 Weeks

I hope everyone had an amazing Memorial Day weekend. This weekend for me was filled with working, hanging out with friends before they went to the Reds game (I can not stand to watch baseball), and what was suppose to be a pool day with my hubby. I have to admit that Nick and I went to sleep last night so excited about having a pool day together. I think he was just secretely excited to see me in my hott one piece again :) (YEA RIGHT). Unfortunately when we awoke this morning it was cloudy, cool, and raining. We were soo depressed. Our plans for the perfect memorial day were ruined :(. We did take advantage of the rainy day and cuddled in bed like we used to back in the old days. It is so nice to just lay there and talk without having to be somewhere. Nick cooked us waffles and sausage for breakfast and it was soo yummy. Then we decided to take advantage of the day and do some errands we had kind of put off. We ran to Wal Mart and printed 4D pictures to send to my grandmother (she has no idea how to see them online). We also found a float for me to use in the pool this summer. It is neat because you can roll it up to transfer it while it is still inflated. We had talked about buying an above ground pool for this summer, but the house we are moving into to rent has a slanted back yard. However, we did find a pool to place on the deck. It is a kiddy pool but it will be just big enough for me to place my preggo body in the last few weeks of my pregnancy when I am to fat to venture to our friends pool. I will be sure to post pictures because it will for sure be entertaining and hilarious. After Wally World we ventured to Babies R Us (Where I parked in the expectant mothers parking for the first time). I had not parked there as of yet because I felt like I wasn't showing enough, but with my new bump I took advantage of the close spot. There we finally registered for a glider (Nick's favorite baby item). We had waited until we decided the stain of wood we would be using on the baby furniture. We are using a cherry/espresso color, so we registered for a glider with that stain. We tried to be picky and custom order but the associate told us it would take about 15 weeks to come in. Baby Caleb is due in 11 weeks so that will not work.

We have made it to 29 weeks, and if God forbid Caleb were born this week he would have a 9 out of 10 chance of surviving. That is very comforting. He is about 3 pounds now, and is compared to a loaf of bread. His white fat cells as forming at a more rapid rate, and he has perfected his sucking ability. It is so crazy to me that he will be in 11 weeks!! YAY. My body is totally starting to feel pregnant though. He is kicking like crazy at all hours of the day, he is fluttering all around my belly as I type this. I love it though. My belly is starting to grow more and more, and the little aches and pains of pregnancy are occurring more and more. However, he is worth it. The past few weeks have flown by so I hope that continues. I have a lot to look forward to in the next 10 weeks, and I know August will be here before we know it.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

One Piece Swimsuits are Hott Right??

The moment has arrived. It is officially summer time which means pool days are ahead. Today in fact Nick and I had our first pool day with a friend from Northern Kentucky. At 20 weeks I attempted to pull off a bikini while in Florida. As predicted I began showing that week. However, now at 28 weeks I would not dream of slipping one of my tiny bikinis on and strutting my pregnant bod to the pool. I mean I know people wear worse things who are bigger than me, but I do not want to put them through the agony of looking at my preggo belly if they do not have to. I mean especially with the outie belly button and the scar tissue popping out (GROSS). I had put off venturing to the store and actually purchasing appropriate swim attire because I felt as though I would loose what little sex appeal I had left. However, this morning I ventured to Old Navy with the intention to buy a tankini before heading to the pool. When I arrived at the store I was at a loss. They had so many cute bikinis that I would have purchased if I was going to be my normal, skinny self this summer. However, I forced my eye past them and began looking for tankinis. I could not find anything. They were all so boring. I also grabbed a few *cough cough* one pieces, and headed to the dressing room. I am soo silly because I honestely thought a small would fit me in a one piece, and that a medium would fit me in a tankini top. Not the case. Apparantely 12 extra pounds does a lot to your body. So I stepped out of the dressing room and headed to grab mediums in all the one pieces and a large in the tankini top. I walked back into the dressing room, and to my horror mediums fit just right and there was no room for growth, and the large tankini top did not cover my belly button. I just could not bring myself to give into an XL or maybe XXL for the tankini top. Therefore my only choice was to buy a one piece. I stood and stared at the mirror for a few minutes, and tried to call my hubby to see what he would say about a one piece purchase. Poor guy I want him to feel as though he has a kind of attractive wife at the pool, and I didn't want him to look at me as though I was wearing a skirted grandma bathing suit. He did not answer though, and since the swim suit was only 12 dollars I gave in and bought it. I gave my hubby a fashion show when he arrived home, and even put on stelettos to make it "more sexy". He smiled and said it was hott, but I know we both would have preferred a bikini. The worst part was my huge preggo boobs did not even appear big in this one piece wonder. Bikinis have a way of showing off what you've got but not thie beauty. Anyway I ventured to the pool in my hott mom attire, surrounded by skinny, bikini, college girl bodies. All the time wishing I could look as hott as a Vicky Secrets model sporting a one piece. Oh well little Caleb is worth it, but Nick and I have both decided that our next child will be planned and that I will not be a preggo mommy in the summer. I will be keeping my eye out for hotter picks, and will hopefully come up with some tankinis that will not require a size XL to cover little Caleb.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Baby Brain is Kicking In

Thus far in my pregnancy I have made jokes about how I feel like I am stupid. I will forget silly things, or say stuff that does not make sense. However, yesturday at my 28 week appointment the baby brain really kicked in. I arrived at my appointment and waited to be called back. After I was called back they weighed me and I had gained 3 more pounds (12 pounds total this far). Then they asked me to go to the restroom and leave a urine sample like usual, but this time I did something really really stupid. I went into the restroom, sat down on the toilet and began urinating. Only to realize mid pee that I forgot the plastic cup. I immediately tried to hold my pee in and grab a cup but it was to late. I sat there trying and trying to pee just a little more, but there was no success. I then had to think what to tell the nurse. I was to embarrased to tell the truth, so I just told her I could not go yet, and asked if I could leave the sample at the end of the appointment!! How embarassing/hilarious/stupid. The rest of the appointment went well, and baby Caleb measured right on track for 28 weeks. Oh how I have to love the baby brain!!

It's a Great Day to Be Alive

Today was an absolutely wonderful day. It started off with a healthy visit to the doctor (story to come later), my hubby PASSED HIS TEST (one step closer), we got to see our beautiful little boy, and we hung out with some friends. I just have to say that the 4D ultrasound is the best invention thus far. There is no way to explain how amazing it is to look at our little babies face before he actually arrives. When we first began the ultrasound I was unsure if it was going to work because his face was smooshed up against me. However, the technician had me roll onto my left side, and it was a perfect view of our little boy from then on. It was so cute because he literally showed us every part of his body. I would say "awe I want to see his little hands and fingers", then in the next few seconds he would hold up his hands. Same with his feet and ears. It is also a definite that he is a boy. No denying. We even got to see his little butt wrinkles. How cute. The technician was so excited about his pictures, and asked that we for sure send newborn pictures for her to compare. All in all the trip to Lexington was a great time. Though I did end up getting sick towards the end for no reason, and Nick had to pull over the car on the side of the road. Did anybody have a lot of nausea in their third trimester? I am hoping it was just a freak event. However, no amount of sickness could bring me down from the high of seeing my little boy. Also, I am soo pround of my hubby, and I truly thank God for this wonderful day. We have decided that Caleb is a perfect mix of the two of us. After careful examination of the pictures we have decided that he has Nick's nose and mouth (hopefully eyes) as predicted. His toes looks just like Nick's as well. Also, he unfortunately has my forehead. He also appears to have my cheeks and chin.

Monday, May 18, 2009

One Day Away

Tomorrow is a huge day in the Gardella house. I have an appointment tomorrow morning with my OB-GYN for my 28 week checkup at 10 am. At the same time Nick will be taking his final physical test for the fire department. He tends to get really nervous before these tests, and he lets his mind get away from him. Pray that he will stay calm, and pass the test. He has passed it the two previous practice times with time to spare, and I know he will do just as well tomorrow. Fire fighting has always been his dream, and he is so close to accomplishing it right now. Say a special prayer for him tomorrow if you do not mind. As soon as I am finished at the doctor and Nick is finished with his physical test we are going to head to Lexington for a 4D ultrasound!! YAY. I have to tell you that I have been soo excited about this ever since we booked the appointment last week. Nick and I keep talking about how amazing it is going to be to see what he looks like, and really put a picture with the love we already have for him. Today I have been looking through 4D images of babies at 28 weeks posted online. The amount of detail that you can see is soo amazing. I will be sure to post pictures of Caleb tomorrow asap.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Milkshakes, Apple Pie, Banana Splits, Roles etc etc etc

We arrived home from out visit in Pikeville today, and it was such a wonderful visit with family. I was able to spend time with my daddy, and sister yesturday as well as my grammy, aunt, uncle, cousins and of course MATT. It was soo good to have Matt home, even though it is not permanent as of yet. He is doing so well. I have to say that the boy loves to eat though. I think he ate more yesterday than what I would eat in three days. Thats okay though because he was on vacation. His grandmother Lockhart made Christmas Dinner (his wreck occured on the way to Christmas dinner), and Matt opened his Christmas gifts after dinner. It was funny because it was all winter clothing. The food was soo yummy, and he enjoyed every bite.
Aunt Libby asked me to feed him quite a few times. I fed him apple pie, a large milkshake, some of his dinner, and another apple pie later last night. She also taught me how to fix his milk (mixed with ice and blended). It was a good time to just sit and talk with him. He uses a board with letters to communicate. It was soo sweet at one time because I told him his pie was making me hungry. He grabbed his message board and spelled out "You have a baby, eat cake". He then would not let me finish feeding him until I fed myself. It was a sweet moment. He was also the same old Matt though because he was beating up on his younger brother. We got him close enough to Will to pull out his leg hairs, and stomp his feet. It was funny.
My nickname in the hospital when Matt first had the accident was "fatty". Everyone had just found out I was pregnant a few weeks before, and they were all joking about how I was going to get fat. I have always been the smallest person in my family. Yesterday they all called me fatty, and they actually decided that for me I was really fat. I asked Matt if he thought I was fat and he shook his head no at first, and then started smiling and shook his head yes. They are all super excited for little Caleb to come though, and through all the jokes they agreed that I looked pretty good for a 28 week pregnant girl.
It was hard to say good bye yesterday however, soon enough they will be back. 7 weeks is what he has left at Shephards as of now. If he starts showing a lot more progression then he will stay longer. He should be back home before Caleb arrives though, and I promised him that I would bring Caleb to meet him as quick as I can.

Friday, May 15, 2009


I have to tell you that I am soo excited about this weekend. It is going to be crazy busy but such a blessing at the same time. Tonight I have to work at 4, and as soon as I get off Nick, Bella, Sydney and I are jumping in the car and heading for Pikeville. MATT IS IN TOWN TO VISIT FOR THE WEEKEND!! He is actually in Kentucky, at home, and not 9 hours away at Shepards. He is doing so well, and this is just one more step towards full recovery. It is going to be such a blessing to have all of our family together once again. I honestly did not know if we would ever see such a day again when I first receieved the news on Christmas Day. All I can say is GOD IS GOOD!! He has worked such a miracle in Matt's life, and in all of the lives of the people who love him. I can not wait to spend some time with my cuz, and pray for some Aunt Libby roles. I have been craving them the entire pregnancy. My aunt is by far the best cook in the entire world. Every holiday she tries to teach me something new, however, I do not know if I will ever be as good as her. It is also hard to concentrate every holiday because Matt is always sitting there staring at me, and waiting for me to mess up so he can make fun of me :). That was actually something that I would have missed if God forbid he wouldn't have recovered. THANK YOU LORD FOR YOU INFINITE BLESSINGS.
Saturday morning we are going to go out and look at some bedding for the nursery, and decide for sure if that is what we want. I also have baby shower planning to do with my grammy. She has to decide on a day before 32 weeks and then I am going to help her make invites online. Poor thing doesn't even know how to turn on a computer. I wish I could spend the entire weekend in Pikeville, but Nick and I both have to work on Sunday. Therefore, we will be traveling early Sunday morning.
4D imaging is booked. Tuesday at 2 at Lexington Fetal Photography. My hubby has his final physical test for the fire department Tuesday morning at 10. He told me that Tuesday after his test would be the best time to go. So I called today, and we are booked! I can't wait to see what little Caleb looks like. I truly believe that he will look just like his daddy!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Once Upon a Time There was a Girl....

with an innie belly button. However, on December 5th 2008 the girl discovered that she had a baby growing within he belly and thus the journey of the belly button began. The belly button used to look just like any normal belly button, and in fact at one point in time it was even pierced. However, the poor belly button is now loosing its once cute innie figure and is growing into a huge, pokey, protruding outie every day........
Okay, so maybe I got a little to into the story of my protruding belly button, but I just have to tell you that it is changing so much. Nick and I first noticed it around 21 weeks or so and laughed when one side of it began to poke up a little. However, week by week it has gone from a one side protruding button to an entire button protrusion. It is not a full outie yet, but it is definetely getting there. In fact, the other day I was changing in the morning and my lovely husband looked at me and said, "I think your belly button grew overnight". I looked down and to my horror it had. So now, instead of a cute innie, I have a large round soon to be outie taking over my stomach. It is my prediction that by 30 weeks I will have a full outie as a belly button. I'll keep you posted as to when it happens. It does go back to normal right???

Here we are at 27 weeks and the baby is approximately 2 pounds, and 9.6 inches. I read somewhere this week that if God forbid he were to come now he would have an 87% chance of survival and normal life. That number comforts and scares me at the same time. They say that his facial expressions are almost fully developed and that you may be able to see them in an ultrasound. Nick and I are looking into 4D ultrasounds, and I think that we may make the trip to Lexington to have once completed. Lexington Fetal Photography is having a Mothers Day sale until the 20th of May, so that is a definite possibility. Little Caleb is kicking like crazy this week, and the other night Nick and I watched (I guess his foot) move around and around my belly button. It was sooo neat. I find myself staring at my belly at night a lot and just watching the movement. It is amazing to know that he is in there, stretching, kicking, flipping, tugging etc. I have included a picture of my belly at 27 weeks, for your enjoyment.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Sugar at the Bottom of the Bowl

This week marks 27 weeks, and also one week before the test for gestational diabetes has to be completed. I have to admit that I had put off this not so glorious task as long as I could, and finally gave into the fact that I needed to complete it this week. My hubby and I decided that this morning was the perfect time because he did not have to be into work until later and neither did I. This morning I awoke at 5 am unable to fall back asleep until about 7, and instead of getting up and eating something I just laid there and tossed and turned. BIG MISTAKE. Silly me forgot that I was not allowed to eat 2 hours before having the test completed, and we were planning on going to the hospital around 10 or 10:30. I awoke at 8:30 am to get ready, and therefore that meant no food for pregnant me. Due to the fact that I am so forgetful now with the pregnancy brain and all, we had to first run by my doctors office. This is because I had misplaced the order form from my doctor to have the test completed, and I had to go get a new one before we went to the hosiptal this morning. I used to be so good at keeping up with things, but not anymore. The drive the hospital was so tempting with all the restauraunts that we passed. By this time I was STARVING. I finally arrived at the hospital, got my little orange drink, and the nurse told me to drink it within five minutes and bring it back to her. I stared into the white cup with the orange concoction I had heard so much about and braced myself for the first drink. My cute hubby was sitting there staring and waiting for my first facial expression. Finally I pulled the cup up to my lips and began to drink. I have to say THIS STUFF IS HORRIBLE. Orange soda my butt, it is more like orange soda with an entire box of sugar poured into it. It truly tasted like the milk at the bottom of a really sugared down bowl of rice crispies. Only, I had no choice but to drink it. I kept telling myself it was only one cup and that I could do it, and cute Nick cheered me along the entire way. He kept saying "Chug it Chug it" like it was some drinking game back in college. I finally looked at him and asked if he wanted to taste it, and then he would understand why I did not want to chug it. The drink might be okay if you really like sugar and sweets, however, I do not, and this drink was almost to much for me to handle. What happened to the days where they would give you a snickers bar to eat before this test?? Anyway, I finally finished the concoction, and the nurse tolded me to wait one hour and then we could have the blood test done. This is not my idea of an ideal morning.....don't eat or drink, drink pure sugar, and then lets top it off and have someone jab a needle into your vein!! FUN!! Nick and I did think ahead though, and brought Monopoly Deal cards to play while we were waiting. We are obsessed with that game!! Finally the time arrived to go into the back and have my blood drawn. I have always had a phobea of having anything stuck in my veins, and I have to have moral support anytime I have to have blood drawn. My hubby stood there and held my hand while I hid my face in his chest and waited for the nurse to begin. OUCH OUCH OUCH...she kept poking and pulling and asking me to squeeze my fist, and just when I thought it was over, she said "We are going to have to try another needle because that one did not work". WHAT????????????? I thought I was going to break down and cry. Finally she inserts another needle into my poor vein and draws the amount of blood she needs. I was able to breathe, and best of all go eat!! Nick and I went out for lunch and ordered soo much food. The waitress even commented by saying "you all must be hungry today". YES I AM HUNGRY!! I HAVE ONLY FASTED AND THEN DRANK SUGAR, AND HAD BLOOD DRAWN OUT OF MY STARVING BODY. No I did not freak out on the waitress, but that is what was running through my head. However, now the ordeal is over, and I am just waiting to hear the results. No news in good news, and I just pray that I do not have to go through that again, and that there is a new way invented before I have my second baby to test for gestational diabetes.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Questions for Bloggers

I have noticed that my header for my blog is not nearly as neat as others. I have tried adding a picture, and I never have been able to make it fit correctly. Can anyone give me any advice as to how to change it, and make it into what I want it to be? Also, I have noticed on various blogs that people can organize pictures down the side. How do you do this? Basically I just need some blogging advice. Help please.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

26 Week Checkup

Whew, today is a busy day, and it is not quite over yet. This morning I awoke at 6 am from a not so great sleep (that seems to be a normal occurance now), and I could not fall back asleep for the life of me. I layed in bed watching my cute hubby sleep with one dog wrapped around my head, and the other dogs' head on my chest. I tried and tried and tried to drift back off into dream land because I knew that I had a busy day. I finally fell back asleep for 20 minutes and awoke to an annoying alarm telling me that it was time to begin my day. After a quick shower, small breakfast, and a few minutes getting ready I was off to my 26 week appointment that was suppose to begin at 9:20. I definetely was a few minutes late and did not arrive until 9:35. The appointment went very well. Nick and I had a bet going as to how much weight we thought I had gained in the last two weeks. He guessed 2 and I guessed 5. We were both wrong because I have not gained anymore weight at all. The doctor measured little Caleb, and allowed me to hear the heartbeat. He also informed me that the pain I have been having in the inner part of my leg is natures way of telling me to take it a little bit easier. He told me just to rest when the pain begins. Hopefully it does not become an every day occurence. After the doctor I went straight to work for a morning lunch shift. It was my first day as an official server and not just a trainie. It went pretty well, but I only had four tables. I was done around 2:30, and I have to be back at work for a night shift at 5. Hopefully I will have more tables tonight.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco De Mayo

How yummy does this look??? I have to admit that throughout my entire pregnancy I have craved a frozen strawberry margarita. There is nothing better than lounging my a pool on a hot summers day with a nice frozen margarita in your hand. Many people have suggested that I give into a virgin one, but I have been instructed by various bartenders that it would not taste the same. Therefore, as I sit here on this cinco de mayo 2009 my mouth is watering for a margarita and a nice mexican dinner. Mexican is a possibility, but I guess I will have to wait 96 (hopefully) more days to indulge myself in my ultimate craving. By no means am I am alcoholic in any way, but I just love the flavor. Nick and I have joked about him having one ready for me when I arrive home from the hospital. However, I know I will have to get the breast pumping thing down first and have some back up milk for baby Caleb. I don't know if he would find the ingrediants of a margarita as tasty as I do. Nick is trying to plan something for tonight. We always go to Mexican on Cinco De Mayo, and I can not wait to pig out. However, I do not know what we will do afterwards. Hopefully hang out with some friends and catch up.

I have to admit that the days are starting to tick by now. Last month we had something planned every weekend, and therefore the weeks went by rather quickly. However, this month our main plan is to save money, and therefore we have no trips planned, or anything to look forward to. June I know will be filled with baby showers for my pregnant friends and myself, my little sisters high school graduation *tear*, and a big move. Therefore my plan for July is to maybe work a few days a week, lay on a float in the middle of a pool like a beached whale, and decorate our new house/apartment (don't know which yet). I am mostly excited about beginning the decorations for Calebs room. It seems so far away, and I am so excited to make my visions a reality, put away his little clothes, organize all of his presents, and prepare for my baby. Therefore, I am asking any mommies out there what they did when they got to this point in their pregnancy to pass time. We need to be money conscious, so no big trips or expensive outings, but just little ideas. Please let me know if you have any suggestions so the time will pass by, and I will be ready to Caleb to be in my arms.

Monday, May 4, 2009


I am beginning the count down to my due date already, and though as of Saturday there were still 99 days to go, I just can not wait. In honor of my wonderful husband I made him a little gift. I do not remember where, but I read about a 365 days of love gift that someone made their husband on Valentines Day. I kind of ran off that idea and made Nick "Daddy's 99 Gifts before Caleb". Inside I placed 99 gifts for him such as 30 minute massage, movie night your choice etc. Each day he gets to draw a new gift. He was so excited when I first gave it to him, and he has been wanting to draw the gift for the next day the night before. I just wanted to give him a little love in the midst of all the baby madness, and show him that I am still thinking about him. It is crazy to think that though I want little Caleb here so badly, Nick and I only have 3 more months to be alone. I am trying to take in every moment and appreciate my wonderful husband.

We are at 26 weeks now, and I truly feel as though I am obviously showing. However, to my surprise there are still people at work who have no idea that I am pregnant. I guess our uniform disguises my belly a little, but I had someone offer me alcohol the other day and ask if I smoked. I didn't bother to say uhhh hello I am six months pregnant. Instead I just said no thank you. I have included a 26 week picture. I feel as though this will be the last week that I will be able to button these jeans. I am really hoping for warm weather so I can skip maternity jeans all together and just wear dresses. So far I have not given into maternity clothes, and I have to admit that I am a little afraid of them.