Thursday, December 31, 2009

Will it Really be the Worst Year If.....

My Christmas Decorations are not taken down before tomorrow?

Has anyone else ever heard about how it is bad luck to leave Christmas decorations up into the new year? I know where I come from it is a No No.  I mean a new years eve ritual of ours was to fill the Christmas tree with firworks, place it in the pasture, and then at midnight light it to watch the fireworks go off.  One time my uncle filled it with Roman Candles because he did not know what they did! We were running all over the place to escape the shooting of those candles. It was so funny. Anyway back to my dilema. 

My baby LOVES the Christmas tree, and I have to admit I had a sobby mom moment watching him lay beneath it this morning.

I mean it will be the LAST Christmas where lights above his head will mesmerize him for hours. 

It will be the LAST Christmas he will not terrorize my tree.  It will be the LAST Christmas he will fit so nice and snuggly below, and will swat at the ornaments.

 It will be the LAST baby's first Christmas.

 The LAST first Christmas as a family of three.

It will be the LAST Christmas he is my little bitty baby.  Am I being to sappy???

All of the boxes to pack up the decorations are in my living room, my house is a mess and must be cleaned, and decorations taken down.  However, I think I may cry if I take down the tree. I think I need moral support.  Maybe I will just leave it up. Maybe I will leave it up all year and just put different color lights on it. Red and pink for Valentines, Green for St Patty's, Red White and Blue to the 4th??? Not to white trash right?

Oh blogger friends what to do.  I think I am just going to take in this moment where my little man is still little. Where his life is still filled with joy just from looking at lights, and I will lay with him for a while below the tree as well. 

Maybe I will just eat a WHOLE HEAD of Cabbage to bring good luck for the New Year. 

Happy New Years All!!

Books Books Books

I absolutely LOVE to read to Caleb. I have a new favorite book that I have read to him over and over and over since he was born. Our first favorite was "I'll Love You Forever".  The new favorite is by none other than Dr. Seus.  Enjoy.

When I was quite young and quite small for my size, I met an old man on the Desert of Drize.  And he sang me a song I will never forget.  At least, well I haven't forgotten it yet.

He sat in a terribly prickly place.  But he sand with a sunny sweet smile on his face.

When you think things are bad
when you feel sour and blue,
when you start to get mad....
you should do what I do!

Just tell yourself, Duckie,
you're really quite lucky!!
Some people are much more....
oh, ever so much more....
oh, muchly much-much more
unlucky than you!

Be glad you don't work on the Bunglebung Bridge
that they're building across Boober Bay at Bumm Ridge.

It's a troublesome world. All the people who are in it
are troubled with troubles almost every minute.
You ought to be thankful, a whole heaping lot,
for the places and people you're lucky you're not!

Just suppose for example,
you lived in Ga-Zayt
and got caught in that traffic
on Zayt Highway Eight.

Or suppose
just for instance
you lived in Ga-Zair
With your bedroom up here
and your bathroom up THERE!

Suppose, just suppose you were poor Herbie Hart
who has taken his Throm-dim-bu-lator apart!
He never will get it together, I'm sure.
He never will know if the Gick or the Goor
fits into the Skrux or the Snux or the Snoor.
Yes, Duckie your lucky you're not Herbie Hart
who has taken his throm-dim-bulator apart.

Think they work you to hard...?
Think of poor Ali Sard
He has to mow grass in his uncle's back yard
and it's quick growing grass
and it grows as he mows it.
The faster he mows it, the faster he grows it.
And all that his stingy old uncle will pay
for him shoving that mower around in that hay
is the piffulous pay of two Dooklas a day
And Ali can't live on such piffulous pay!


He has to pain flagpoles
on Sundays in Grooz.
How lucky you are
you don't live in his shoes.

And poor Mr Bix!
Every morning at six,
Poor Mr. Bix has his Borfin to fix.

It doesn't seem fair. It just doesn't seem right
but his Borfin just seems to go schlump every night.
It schlumps in a heap, sadly needing repair
Bix figures it's due to the local night air.

It takes him all day to unschlump it,
and then....
the night air comes back
and it schlumps once again

So don't you feel blue. Don't get down in the dumps.
You're lucky you don't have a Borfin that schlumps.

And while we are at it, consider the Schlottz,
the Crumple-horn, Web footed, Green-bearded Schlottz
whose tail is entailed with un-solvable knots.

If he isn't muchly
more worse off than you.
I'll eat my umbrella,
That's just what I'll do.

And you'r lucky in deed you don't ride on a camel
To ride on a camel, you sit on a wamel.
A wamel, you know, is a sort of saddle
held on by a button that it knwn as a faddle.
And boy!! If your old manel faddle gets loose,
I'm telling you duckie you are gone like a goose.

And poor Mr Potter.
T crosser I dotter
He has to cross T's
and he has to dot I's
in an I an T factory

out in Van Nuys!

Oh the jobs people work at!
Out west near Hawtch Hawtch.
ther's a Hawth-Hawtcher bee-watcher
his job is to watch....
is to keep both his eyes on that lazy town bee.
A bee that is watched will work harder you see.

Well....he watched and he watched
But in spite of his watch,
that bee didn't work any harder not mawtch.

SO then somebody said
"our old bee-watching man
just isn't bee watching as hard as he can.
He ought to be watched by another Hawtch Hawtcher
the thing that we need
is a Bee-Watcher-Watcher!!"


The bee-watcher watcher watched the bee-watcher.
He didn't watch well. So another Hawtch-Hawtcher
had to come in as a watch-watcher-watcher!
And today all the Hawtchers whoe live in Hawtch-Hawtch
are watching on Watch-watcher-watchiering-watch,
watch-watching the watcher who's watching that bee.
You're not  a Hawtch-Watcher. You're lucky you see.

And how fortunate you are not Professor De Breeze
who has spent the past thirty two years if you please
trying to teach Irish ducks how to read Jivanese.

And think of the
poor puffling Poogle-horn players,
who have to parade
down the poogle-horn stairs
every morning to wake up
the Prince of Poo-Boken.
It's awful how often
their poogles get broken!

And oh! Just suppose
you were poor Harry Haddow. Try as he will he can't make any shadow!
He thinks that perhaps, something is wrong with his Gizz.
And I think, by golly their probably is.

And the Brothers Bazoo.
the poor brothers Bazoo!
Suppose your hair grew
like theirs happened to do!
You think you're unlucky...?
I'm telling you duckie,
some people are muchly,
oh, ever so muchly
muchly more-more-more unlucky than you!

And suppose that you lived in the forest in France
Where the average young person just hasn't a chance
to escape from the perilous pants-eating plants!
But your pants are safe! You're a fortunate guy.
And you ought to be shouting "HOW LUCKY AM I!"

And speaking of plants
you should be greatly gladdish
you're not farmer Falkenburgs
sevententh raddish.

And you're so, so lucky
your not Gucky Gown,
who lives by himslef
ninety miles out of town,
In the Ruins of Ronk,
Ronk is rather run down.

And your so so SO lucky
you're not a left sock,
left behind by mistake
in the Kaverns of Krock!

Thank goodness for all of the things you are not
Thank goodness your not something someone forgot
And left all alone in some punkerish place
Like a rusty tin coat hanger hanging in space.

That's why I say "Duckie!
Don't grumble! Don't stew!
Some critters are much much,
oh, ever so much-much
so muchly much-much more unlucky than you!"

I love this story because it makes you think! I love books with good little lessons in them.
What are your favorite children's books??

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tooth Fairy oh Tooth Fairy

Lend me your knowledge.  I have a teething baby boy on my hands who has emotions like a teenage girl at this point in time. One minute he is smiling, the next he is screaming.  Last night I was up from 3 am till 6 am with him rocking, feeding him a cold bottle of juice and water, walking the floor, cuddling etc etc etc. Nothing worked. As soon as he would fall asleep the binky would pop out of his mouth, and a scream of pain would come from his poor little mouth.  I believe he is getting ready to pop a tooth on the bottom.  We saw a hint of white over Christmas, and now his gum is all swollen. 

Ideas I have found so far to reduce pain...

  • Orajel- Does it work???
  • Mesh feeder: Place frozen bananas or plums in it and let baby chew.  Is this okay for babies who are only 4 1/2 -5 months?
  • Cool teethers in fridge.  Caleb likes the feeling of these but he can not keep them in his mouth. He always drops them.
  • Freeze a washcloth.  We are getting ready to try this. I think it may work.
  • Go back to the older days and use good ole alcohol :). Just kidding, but it is advice that I have heard.

Any advice mommas???

Christmas Recap

We had an amazing first Christmas with Caleb.  Filled with lots of lovin from family, visits with friends, a few funny stories, and a visit from the famous Ho Ho. 

We celebrated Christmas on the 21st with Nick's family. We all had dinner, and then slipped into our Christmas Pj's to open gifts.  It was a great time, and Caleb recieved lots of clothes, and toys.

We then traveled to my hometown on the 22nd.  That night we spent some time with my old friends from high school, and Caleb got to meet some new aunts and uncles. 

The 23rd was spent attending a Christmas dinner, and then celebrating with my brothers family and my mom.  My neices were gaw gaw over Caleb once again, and their momma is expecting another baby in July. Maybe a boy this time? The ring and string says so, we will see if it proves true.

The 24th was spent at my aunts house. I went over early to learn how to make the FAMOUS ROLES. I succeeded and the recipe is waiting for me to try again. Let me tell you all, they are the best roles ever. The famous Aunt Libby roles. It is my goal to master them. I also helped cook the rest of the dinner. She is an amazing cook, and I hope I can learn to be 1/2 as good as her. After dinner we opened gifts, and Caleb was given the nickname Carlos. My cousin, he is wild, began calling Caleb Carlos at the table, and then proceeded to follow in true Hangover nature. (Get the picture?) It was funny I have to admit. Caleb recieved an antique rocking horse. So cute! Aunt Lib and Matt found a set of China for Nick and I, and I was amazed when I opened it! It is so beautiful.  8 place settings.  Now I need a china cabinet.

After gifts we traveled to my dads house.  There were some funny things that night, which almost included a broken Christmas tree, and the Sheriff taking over :).  We also read Caleb his Christmas stories, and proceeded to stay up very late with him because he would not sleep.

Christmas morning my dad woke us up at 6 am!!! He said it was pay back for all the years we woke him up so early. We went downstairs and opened gifts.  I got a new camera, some clothes, money to go shopping, make up etc.  Caleb got an awesome grow with me band toy, some adorable nike shoes, clothes, hats, and some more toys. 

We then laid around until time to go to dinner at my step grandmothers. After dinner we opened more gifts,and then headed back to my hometown for more gifts at my grandmothers. 

We spent the rest of the weekend visiting with more family, and then traveling home on Monday.  My hubby was a little ill the last part of the trip, but he is starting to feel better.

It was an amazing first Christmas with Caleb, and I am so grateful to God for allowing me to have this little blessing in my life. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Blue Eyed Boy

These blue eyes

Hope that your Christmas was Merry and Bright.

That it was one filled with lots of family

Lots of Kisses

Lots of Silly faces

A non broken Christmas tree

Aunties that loves you more than life

And lots of smiles

More pictures of

to come.  As soon as mommy finds all her camera stuff. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Daily Read

This year has been one for the record books of my life.  First time pregnant, first labor, first time momma, first time trying to figure all things baby out.  However, throughout this year there have been a few fellow mommas out there who have helped me through. I have turned to them for advice, read about their little family happenings, and truly connected with people I do not even know! For that I want to say thank you ladies!! I thought I would take the time and list my top 12 daily reads (no particular order) of fellow momma bloggers out there!! Merry Christmas all, and keep the stories coming!

1. Babbling Abby:  What can I say.  You make me laugh, and little Beck is just the cutest little one year old man ever!! I know that we will end up running into eachother one day at Tarjay. 

2. Dave and Brit Plus One: Brit we have come a long way since High School.  However, Kennedy is just the most precious little girl ever!! Thanks for introducing me to the blog world.

3. Keeping Up With the Jones'es: Our little bundles are basically the same age, and I love finding out what new things Ellie is doing. 

4.  Hanging with Mr. Cooper: This blog is one of pure joy. I am so happy to hear that through all the IVF issues, sweet Meant to be a Mom now has her little man to snuggle.

5. The Williamson Family: Kyah is adorable, and Erin's testimony is truly amazing.  Her birth story is one to be told, and I am so thankful that God has his arms around her. She is also an amazing momma, and very crafty!

6. Kelly's Korner: I am sure you all know about little Harper. Harpers bows, make me long for the day I have a girl!!

7. Katie's Keepers: Pain in the blog world is found all around.  However, this momma has truly touched my heart. I find myself praying for her daily since baby Reese went to be an angel.  Her faith is an encouragement to all.

8.  The Mac's:  My first introduction to tradgedy in the blog world. I cried and cried for this family upon hearing of Cora's story.  However, new baby Mac is about to arrive, and with that joy for a hurting momma. Her faith and perseverence has been such a blessing to my life.

9. When a Duet Becomes a Trio: Love Love Love her stories, and little cowboy is just a delight on the eyes. Her photography skills make me envious!!

10. The Rolands: Little Brody Luke is soo cute!! I just feel as though I relate with Lea Liz, and I love to hear what they are up too. 

11. The Lutz Family: I have really enjoyed reading about little Ryder, and their new adventure down south. 

12. Sophie's Hope: This momma of four seems to have it all together.  From family traditions,to loving Jesus, to daily crafts, to the most stylish children on the planet. She is the type of momma I strive to be. 


As you all probably know now UK 2K is the new saying! Go CATS! It was very exciting watching the game last night, and I am so proud of our Wildcats!! It was a little bitter sweet however, thinking back on our little angel up in heaven.

I had to laugh when a former player was talking about our Mr Wildcat.  He said that they drove into Louisville and he looked over and Bill was crying. He asked him what was the matter and Bill simply replied "It's Louisville Son!"  Haha I had to laugh. He HATED Louisville, and  I can just hear him saying those words. 

Bill I know you are smiling down from heaven, and just know that "Your little Sarah" was thinking about you last night, I miss you darlin!

What is Christmas?

Just what is Christmas, anyway?
Why do we celebrate?
Why is December 25

A very special date?

Is it about the Christmas tree,
With all the twinkling lights?
Is it about the Christmas cards,
The ones my mommy writes?

Is it about the mistletow,
Where Mom and Daddy kiss?
Is it about the Christmas play,
The one we never miss?

Is Christmas about Christmas gifts?
I love them very much.
Is Christmas about Santa Claus?
His beard is fun to touch.

Is Christmas about candy canes?
I think they taste quite nice.
Is Christmas about Santa's list?
They say he checks it twice.

Or maybe it's about the food!
Mom's Chrismas cookies rule!
Or maybe it's about the snow.
White Christmases are cool!

Is it about the Christmas songs,
The ones we sing each year?
Is it about the Christmas elves
And Santa's eight reindeer?

No, that's not what Christmas is about!

All of these things are really nice,
And superduper fun.
But Christmas is much more than that--
It's all about God's son.

God sent his son, Jesus the Christ
From heaven up above.
He came to earth to save the world--
God's greatest gift of love.

So, Christmas is the Lord's birthday
The day he came to earth.
Forever we will cemebrate
His very special birth!

Okay, now I get it.

Santa Claus anc Christmas trees
And presents are okay,

But Jesus is the real reason
We have a Christmas Day!

Written by Michelle Medlock Adams