Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Favorite Things Tuesday

Well, I know it is technically Wednesday now, but I can not sleep, and therefore, Tuesday is not over yet. Since I had an emotional breakdown in my last blog (thanks for the comments of support), I thought I would try to blog about something happy. Babbling Abby's website has been giving me a lot of ideas of things to blog about weekly. Today she is following a link that has started called Favorite Things Tuesday. Today the topic is favorite movies so here is a list of mine.
  1. Father of the Bride: This seems to be a regular favorite of all women, but I can remember watching it weekly growing up. This time last year was my wedding week, and I remember thinking about that movie and crying during the final detail preparation.
  2. Twilight: I became obsessed to say the least with the Twilight book series this past year. The movie is one of my favorites even though a lot of details are left out because I love to see a good book brought to life. PS I secretely want to play Bella, even more so than I want to play Hermione (I used to act, and acting has always been a passion of mine)
  3. Speaking of PS, PS I Love You is another favorite. It is so sweet, and I have never made it through without crying.
  4. All of the Harry Potters
  5. The Notebook: I love the passion and the history that the two characters share. I still get chills when I think of their first kiss as adults when he pulls her to him and says, "It wasn't over, IT STILL ISN'T OVER"......whoo.

I can think of many more movies that I like, but not any that I would list as favorites. Thanks again for all of the support ya'll. I must confess I am getting a grip on my emotional breakdowns, and hopefully my hormones are leveling out.

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