Monday, January 31, 2011

Six Reasons Why....

The ice/snowstorm needs to NOT occur....

  1. I am already terrified enough to have a winter baby.  I hate snow, cold, sickness, bad roads, and everything else that comes along with winter.  I just know that the second that ice starts falling from the sky I will go into labor.  I will then have a list of worries in my head (as if I am not a worry wart already) that may or may not include...omg what if we die on the way to the hospital, omg my lil man is going to be in a car with someone other than me during this, omg what if something happens to my lil man, my family and nicks family have to drive in this, omg what if they wreck and die?? Yea, basically all about death and ice....not a pretty picture, and probably enough to send this worry wart mama into labor.
  2. I still have a sick boy at home with me, and I am worried enough about him. I do not need the additional worries of slick roads, and the death that will for sure occur to my loved ones (at least in my mind). He has another appointment in the morning to get treatment for his newly diagnosed pneumonia.  Poor man.
  3. Our totally amazing, super dooper, gonna be famous one day mamas group starts tomorrow night.  We named it Milk and Cookies, and there will be plenty more posts to follow about this I am sure.  However, if the ice storm comes we will have to cancel our VERY FIRST MEETING!! :(.  This is definitely getting in the way of this mama's plans.  You know the plans you make when you are big ole pregnant to make the weeks pass by faster?  Yep..I may cry.
  4. My hubby has to work this week in order to finish up some jobs before Mckinlee arrives.  He will have to drive in the ice.  Did I mention that this terrifies me?
  5. I have a ob appointment on Wed., and I really really need to know where I stand in this pregnancy.  Have I dilated more, predictions, etc etc?? If the ice storm comes the office could close, or I could not be able to get there, and then I will just be sitting here worrying with my concerns.
  6. My camera went ca-put this weekend.  It keeps saying lens error.  Not good since I could have a new baby any day, and god only knows I need a functioning camera. I was either going to go camera shopping in stores or online, and this needs to happen in the next few days.  (I will replenish my bank account with b-day money since we were not planning for this at all!).
I will end this post with the most depressing pictures of my little man over the last few days.  He is just miserable.  Pray for him please.


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