Monday, January 31, 2011

Bundle Had a Shower

I will begin this post by informing you all that sadly bundle has not made her appearance as of yet.  Mama has been having lots of cramping and pressure, and weird charlie horses in my hip area for a few nights, but no real deal.  However, by the pressure I have been feeling I am convinced that I have at least increased by another 1/2 centimeter.  We shall see on Wednesday. 

Anyway, back to the point of this post.  This weekend 3 of my mama friends threw me a small friends shower.  I was so excited that they thought of me and bundle since it is my second baby, and also so excited that some of my college friends were able to attend as well.  It was fun catching up with them this weekend, and seeing all the great gifts lil miss got.  Lets just say that she is going to be well dressed, bowed, and prissy!! So excited. 

Here are some pics from the shower. 

The lovely hostesses 
The ribbon game.  Two people had ribbons the EXACT same size, and they were both almost dead on my belly size!! Crazy!

One of the two diaper cakes that we received.  This one was made by this mama.  She is trying to start up a business, so if you are interested send her a message! It was amazing. Filled with swaddle blankets, bibs, binkys, bottles, socks, stuffed animals, diapers etc. So talented.  It was even monogrammed for lil miss!

Sweet Jaxson was the only baby in attendance, and he had so much fun helping me unwrap all the pretty clothes!

Just an embarrasing picture.  Can you say awkward face?

Thanks to all my loved ones who made this weekend possible.  Mckinlee and I are truly grateful!


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Erin said...

Had so much fun you over the weekend! I will email you my pictures from the shower!