Monday, January 10, 2011

Sick Days

Seriously I feel as though sickness has overtaken our home.  For the past 2 months I swear that every time I turn around Caleb is sick again with something.  Either he is teething/cranky and has a runny nose and cough to go along with it, or he has a broken leg, or pink eye, or an unknown fever etc.  It is breaking my heart.  I swear he was maybe sick 3 times his entire first year of life, and this toddler stage sickness is crazy.  So crazy to me because he does not even attend daycare so I do not know where he catches everything. 

Last night Caleb was not feeling so great before bath.  He coughed so hard that he literally puked all over me, and was so upset afterward.  He woke up at midnight with a fever and was so upset.  We got him calmed down and he sat with Nick and I on the couch for a long time.  Then hubby realized that his little heart was RACING, and he was breathing as quick as a newborn, and there was a red rash on his cheeks.  I immediately ran to the computer and looked up "normal toddler heart rates", and then we pulled out my trusty stethoscope that I used for the year I was in nursing school back in the day.  Anyway we realized that Caleb's was about 20 bpm above normal and we both started getting worried.  We decided to call the pediatrician at 1 am.  Yes, I am the mother that calls and wakes up my beloved pedi in the middle of the night with symptoms that I am sure will lead to the death of my child.  The doctor explained that the red face and racing heart were common with fevers, and that if he became unresponsive or to lethargic that we should take him to the ER. If not he recommended coming in today if the problems continued. 

Caleb ended up sleeping in our bed all night last night, and hubby and I both randomly checked on his breathing and heart rate all throughout the night. This morning however, he has no rash, no racing heart, is breathing normal, but still feels like poo. He slept in until 11, and he is napping again.  He is very clingy and yucky feeling. I feel so bad because I can not keep him healthy.  I hate teething and all its symptoms and the pink eye and viral infections and every other sickness in the world. 

I mean does sickness not realize that we only have up to 42 days left with only little man, and that we want this last month to be fun?  Did I mention that I hate sickness. 

Here are a few pictures of my cute little man (sick or not he is just to precious)



Lyr said...

I feel like sickness this year have lingered a lot longer than they should. NO FUN! I'll be praying for quick healing in your family!

Meant to be a mom said...

Oh, poor sweet Caleb, this just breaks my heart. I hate that there is so much nasty stuff going around. I hope he gets to feeling better fast. But I do know what you mean, and unfortunately its damn near impossible to miss catching some of it this year. I'm never one to be sick but this year I've gotten the yucky cold thing twice really bad.
I sure hope Caleb is better than he was yesterday today.

Amelia said...

Poor Caleb : ( I hope he gets better soon!! And I hope you guys don't get sick too.

sally21c said...

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