Thursday, February 3, 2011

We Have Conquered

As you saw from my last post lil man has been a little under the weather lately.  Basically since Christmas we have been fighting one illness after another.  However, this past week was the worse.  On Thursday I noticed that his cough that he had from a previous illness was getting worse, and so I called the doctor and got him in.  Thankfully, the doctor heard nothing in his lungs, but he did realize that Caleb had his very first ear infection and a throat infection as well.  He prescribed amoxicillan and told me that the cough would continue as well due to all the drainage. 

So, I left the doctor thinking we had everything figured out, and I was excited for a fun girly weekend with friends. Nick had big plans for daddy son days with Caleb, and I just knew they were going to have so much fun.  Unfortunately over the weekend Caleb just kept getting worse and worse.  He was coughing to the point of vomiting, running a fever, not eating, not playing, was very clingy, and kept waking up crying.  It was so sad and miserable.  When he was still this way on Monday I called the doctor and they told me to bring him in asap.  As soon as we got into the room they weighed Caleb (he lost 1 lb in 5 days), took his temp, and called the doctor in.  The doctor sent us immediately to urgent care for lab tests and chest x-rays, and informed me that if his electrolyte count came back low he would have to be admitted to the hospital for IV's. 

Thankfully, he was not dehydrated, but his chest x-rays did show pneumonia in his lungs. The next morning we had to travel back to the doctor for treatment.  They did a respiratory and heart rate check on him, gave him a strong shot of antibiotics, and switched his antibiotic as well.  They told me to come back the following morning unless he got worse over night.

That day he was still very clingy, and did not want to play or eat. I was having to give him Pedialyte through a medicine dropper.  However, that night our little man came back.  I left to go to a mommy group and hubby stayed with Caleb. When I got home he informed me that Caleb ate SEVEN chicken nuggets, cheese, pickle, and drank his pedialyte!! WOO HOO.  I am not usually so excited about him eating chicken nuggets, but at that point anything he would take I was thankful for. 

The next morning I took him to the doctor. He was smiling, laughing, eating, drinking and being normal again.  His respiratory test came back way better than the day before, and he had no fever!! The doctor and I decided that he seemed to be good to go. 

So we are continuing antibiotic and pushing the fluids, but he is doing so much better. He is not contagious, and is allowed to live as normal, and I am so thankful to have my baby back.  I just kept praying during all of this that Mckinlee would stay put until big bro was better.  Could you imagine the emotional breakdown this mama would have had??

So we conquered the pneumonia as of now, and I am so thankful for modern medicine, and a doctor who actually knows what they are doing!!

Here is a random pic from months ago that my sis posted on facebook...I kind of love it. Yes I know my belly looks a little chunky but this was the beginning stages of pregnancy, where you don't look pregnant yet just a little flabby. 


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Amanda Money said...

So glad your little man is feeling better. My 18 month old just got over having the flu. They are so pitiful when they're sick :-(