Thursday, January 20, 2011

Making Memories

Good Morning All.  I have to admit that I am sitting drained at my computer right now at 7:11 this morning, and may I just mention that this is the second night/morning in a row that I have not been able to sleep.  Lil man fussed a little at 5 am this morning, and after that there was no falling back asleep for this 8 month prego mama.  Ughh.  This has to be my least favorite pregnancy symptom.  On a happy note though, my very last day of work was cancelled due to impending snow!! Can I get a hallelujah amen!! I am so happy about this.  I am also actually happy about the chance of being snowed in for a few days. It will force me to clean the pile of dirty dishes, wash the 20,000 loads of laundry I have waiting for me, and most importantly finish bundles nursery!! I have to admit I am only excited about the last of those tasks. I am contemplating making a target run early this morning before the snow hits to get the final pieces I need for the nursery, so when I complete it, it will truly be complete. 

Yesterday was an amazing family day with Caleb.  Since snow was in the forcast for this weekend hubby and I decided to take Caleb to the Childrens Museum yesterday instead.  Hubby had a few days off work this week as did I, and yesterday was the PERFECT day for this activity.  The museum was amazing, and not crowded at all, and I just loved watching both my boys play their little hearts out.  My husband is such a big kid and I love that. He played with Caleb in each and every activity, and never became bored. This was such a good thing since I am big and pregnant and can't breathe, and honestly did not have much energy. I spent most of my time sitting beside them and watching them play.  However, it was so fun, and I think a family pass to this museum is a MUST HAVE for us.  I will make that happen because seeing the joy on my childs face was priceless (not to mention entertainment for 4 plus hours, and a happy man till nap). 

The Children's Museum was made up of various different sections. I just loved it because each section grew with your child.  Everything was layed out so perfectly, and you could tell that a lot of time and thought had been placed into each and every activity. 

Favorites of Caleb's included
The Ball Room:  This room was surrounded by nets, filled with balls, and also filled with various machines that would shoot balls around the room.  Caleb loved rolling in and kicking the balls around the room, and hubby was in heaven trying to figure out how every machine worked.  I swear they both could have spent all day in there. 

Any and Every Chair:  Have I mentioned how much my child enjoys sitting in chairs?  He loves it!! He has three chairs of his very own in our living room, and he goes back and forth between them all day.  Every seat/chair/car that we saw in the childrens museum was  a must sit.  Infact, he made chairs out of exhibits that were not even ment to be chairs.  So cute.  Here are just a few

The Love Of Mothers Room (aka the room with loads of toys/activities/benches for mamas/ and a GATE with a security guard so the kids will stay put in one room)!! This room was so fun. It was filled with a play gym, a sand box, balls, trucks etc etc etc.  Daddy and Caleb had a ball playing with the sand and a rolling ball exhibit. 

Petting a Snake/Crawling through Tunnels:  Yes, my child got  to pet his very first snake. I have to admit I held my breath on this one, but he was so brave.  He loves animals. 

The all time favorite of the day WATER PLAY!!! Now let me just begin by saying that many mamas do not venture to this activity for many reasons.  Sure your baby is going to get soaked, they may drink some dirty water, and you may get wet as well. However, the joy that I saw on my babes face while playing in the various streams made all those little things seem so silly.  Sure he was soaked afterward, sure hubby and I had water on us, sure he had to change into mismatch pj's for the rest of the day, but boy did he have fun.  It is so great not to be neurotic about little things like this and just let you little one explore, and be a kid. 

Incase you are wondering this is the outfit that Caleb wore around the museum the rest of the day.  I personally think he rocked it, even though it did not match. 

Here is a pic of my big baby building his block house.  His mama would be so proud :)

We finished the day up with a trip to the grocery, where my baby got to ride in one of these for the very first time. 

He was oh so cute with his little vroom, woof, and beep beep noises he was making.  However, we have discovered that he is an escape artist, and can find his way out of this car no matter how tight you strap him in.  At least he thought he was funny jumping out and running down the ailses laughing.  Oh toddlerhood, how I really do love you!


Abby said...

Is that the NEW Kroger?! I'm still surprised we've never run into each other!!! Ha!

Caleb is getting so big! Can't wait til the little missy arrives. Good luck these last couple weeks - I remember how "fun" they are!

Amelia said...

That looks like so much fun!

Meant to be a mom said...

What a fun museum. I bet Caleb had an absolute blast from the looks and sounds of things. Good for you taking him all over and doing all this fun stuff with him before the baby comes. I know it can be exhausting. Hopefully now that your off work you can enjoy some rest and relaxation before the big day.

The Rogers Family said...

love all the pics of your little guy! won't be long and bundle will be here! do you have a name yet? also, out of curiousity, where do you all live? the children's museum you went to reminds me of my hometown's children's museum!