Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wants for Bundle

I am getting hardcore into shopping (aka looking) for bundles wardrobe.  Trust me if I had all the money in the world this little girl would have about 6 closets full of clothes.  However, the reality is that we don't and I am very frugal when it comes to shopping for babies. I mean lets face it they outgrow everything so quickly.  However, I am obsessed with a few items and I think they may just have to make it into her wardrobe. All or which will be topped with a bow of course.  If anyone (family/friends) feels the need to buy these for her she will love you forever promise :).

Old Navy Loves (0-3 or 3-6 months)

 The next two would be so cute with tights or leggings and possible some little uggs with the first.  :) 

Baby Gap Loves (0-3 or 3-6)
Crazy 8 Loves (0-3 or 3-6)

Don't you love? OMG I have been searching etsy and ebay like crazy, and let me tell you I am in love with various little outfits.  However, I will let you know when and if I ever can justify spending 30+ dollars plus shipping on one outfit.  Trust me if I could justify it we would go bank rupt!

Anyway, I am still up in the air about bedding.  I thought I had my heart set on this little number...... 

Then I discovered these....I am so torn.  I have no idea what look I am going for. I thought I wanted bright and fun, and these next two certainly fit that, and I could go wild in my head figuring out just how to fix the nursery. 

However, my eye is really pulling me more towards these classic looks as well. I never thought I would go this fancy, but I am really loving them. 
 I really like the hint of fun hidden in this one. 

Help me choose!!


The Dimino's said...

I love all the bedding! I think my favorite is the pink and green though!! very cute!!
And tell me about all the cute clothes for girls!! I have gone completely nuts!! The outfits I have been getting are like $40-$80 a piece!! Shhhh!! don't tell the hubby!! LOL They are just too cute not to buy!! I am trying to buy them at half off for next year though!! So that way I can buy all those cute boutique smocked outfits!!

mrslaurenclark said...

I love both of the gray sweater dresses!! You have many tough decision for bedding. They are all so adorable!

Branson said...

I love nursery #2!

Lyr said...

Those close make me want a daughter sooooooo bad!!!!!! They are just so cute. I love the sweater dress.

Catherine said...

The second one and the last one are my favorites! They're all so cute that it's hard to choose, though...

Julie said...

This is a site I stumbled across for headbands, bows, crocheted little hats - everything is $1-$3 a piece... and they are adoroable, well done, and super fast shipping.
Just thought I'd pass it along... for your little girly :)

Anonymous said...


I love all the bedding! where did you find the 3rd one at? I have not been about to forget about it.