Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Pink is in the Eye

So, this weekend has been a pretty uneventful one.  Mostly due to the fact that little man came down with pink eye.  Ughh.  Pink eye is so awful. I used to always catch it when I was younger, and I was so sad when I realized that was what he had.  He awoke from his late nap on Friday with gooped together eyes, and was pretty darn miserable.  We headed to the pediatrician first thing Saturday morning, where the pink eye was confirmed. He also had a bit of a viral infection in his lungs so they gave him a steroid shot to clear that up. On top of all of that 2 molars are coming in. Poor little guy. 

So, basically we have quarantined ourselves all weekend, and I have been washing bedding and hands like crazy.  Tomorrow (after the contagious time wears off) I am going to sanitize all toys.  Hubby and I have just been praying that we do not get it.  That would suck so bad to be 8 months prego with pink eye.  So pray that we some how do not get it.  It will literally be a miracle if I escape it, because my little mans face is basically right in mine all day everyday.  Have I mentioned he has become a Mama's boy lately?  Even though it wears me out I love it. 

Here is a video of him being cute just because....



mrslaurenclark said...

I'm praying for you to stay well! And the video in the tub is too cute!!

The Lutz Family said...

Geez you just can't catch a break lately! I hope all the craziness is just getting itself out of the way before the little one arrives :)

k said...

My little guy got pink eye when I was a couple months pregnant. I was able to avoid it and hope you can too. It's awful and hopefully he responds well to the medication.

Mama Laughlin said...

Poor guy! :(
T just got over pink eye, too.
And now I have it!

sally21c said...

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