Monday, January 24, 2011

The S*** Hit the Fan

I have to admit bloggy friends that I have come face to face with a no-good-very-bad-mommy-moment.  A moment that I was hoping never came, but in turn if I look back was inevitable.  Lets begin this post with a conversation about my sweet little 17-month-old son.  You know the little man who DOES NOT talk, and who basically says "uhhh" for everything.....well, apparently he can say a few things.

He can say woof, tickle, kitty, kick, mine, juice, dada, mama etc etc, however, mine is usually the only thing he says nowadays.  Anyway...he can also say another not so pleasant word that breaks my is the story....

A few weeks ago we were having a game night with friends, and Caleb was playing with his own deck of cards.  He was throwing them off the table and kept saying "ooooo shhh".  I immediately looked at hubby and said he "Is he saying Oh S***?".  Hubby assured me that he wasn't, and we let it pass.

Last week my sister in law was playing with Caleb, he dropped a ball and he said "Oooo shh".  She immediately asked me if he said "Oh S***".  I Told her that I had thought the same thing at one time and that it was a strong possibility. 

Let me pause here to give some background.  Caleb goes EVERYWHERE with us, and he always has.  He goes to game nights where cussing occurs, he plays wii with daddy and I and an occasional word or few (or 20), will pop out.  Although, we know we need to censor it has not quite happened yet. So needless to say, as much as I hate to admit it, my child has been around a lot of cussing in his day.  Well, he has caught on for sure...

Saturday night my mother in law watched Caleb so Nick and I could go on a date.  He was playing air hockey with uncle Tony (his favorite game ever), and uncle Tony scored on him.  Apparently my sweet little innocent baby slammed down the hockey puck, and said "SHIT!", clear as day.  Not only did he say the word, but he used it in context.  I almost died when hubby told me this story.  I shrank down to a small little being, and beat myself up a million times over and over again.  I have vowed that the cussing has now stopped around my baby, and hopefully this will work. 

So in ending my baby who can not say dog, or eat, or night night, or bath can however, CUSS!!! I say this with a veil pulled over my face, and I hope that no one judges me for this.  Trust me, we are hoping the S*** will never hit the fan again. 

Just so we end this post on a good note, here is a picture of little man the other day.  I found him "cooking" his peperoni from his pizza.  He was stirring and blowing on it, and it made my heart melt!!



PotterMama said...

Had to laugh at this! I think every child will say a something along these lines in their toddler years! They pick up on EVERYTHING! My kids say things and I sometimes have no idea who they got it from! He's such a cutie!

Meant to be a mom said...

Hehe, Oh no. That's seriously funny though and no you are not a bad parent. Good gosh, I can't tell you how many of my friends kids say things that would blow what Caleb said out of the water.
Cooper hasn't quite gotten there yet but I know our time is approaching. Its time for a sensor is what we will be saying when we hear one of the lovely choice words that could come out.

Its amazing that they say the one thing you don't want them to say :)