Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hey Ralphy

Once again my little man looked like Ralphy from A Christmas Story, when we ventured out to play in the snow today. Caleb is no longer running a fever, and seems to be feeling a bit better (thank God), and since hubby and I were both home for a snow day today we decided to venture out. Now when I say venture I mean total of like 30 minutes. Caleb was not as into it as we thought he would be. He basically could not figure out how to walk in his clothing, or grab at snow with his gloves on, or how to function in general. He basically just sat in the snow and laughed as Nick and I threw snow at each other and the dogs. We tried to build a snowman but the snow was to light. Caleb did enjoy taking a ride in his swing that he had not used since summer though.

When we were getting dressed to go outside I pulled out all my ski gear.  Well, needless to say my size small ski pants do not fit over my 34 week belly.  They would  not even zip.  Good thing it was just us out back. 

After the task of taking off all the snow clothing we came in and I made him Hot Strawberry Milk. One of my personal favorites, because I hate chocolate. My child however, was not a fan and I am sure he would have loved hot chocolate 10 times more. The rest of the day was spent playing inside, napping, and sanitizing every toy in Caleb's room to rid us from the pink eye germs.

I love snow days with my little family even if my child is still a little overwhelmed with the whole idea




caycee said...

Caleb looks so cute is his snow gear!

k said...

I'm with you on the snow pants not doing up - I'm just going with it! My little man doesn't care about my pants. He cares that he can't pick up snow with his mitts on.

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