Monday, January 3, 2011

33 Weeks

Thank you to all who have already commented on my last post.  It helps me know that I am not alone in my emotions.  In light of my last post I thought it only appropriate to do a post on bundle. I mean I have only truly documented about 5 weeks of my pregnancy and I really want to remember this time. 

We are currently 33 weeks along.  Every day I have different emotions with this pregnancy.  I am already at the done point, but at the same time I am not ready for her to arrive just yet.  I do not have her nursery completed nor do I have enough clothes for her to wear once she gets here, and I only have about 3 bows.  I really need to step it up.  However, I am done with feeling prego.  I am ready to feel like myself again!

We had an ultrasound last Monday because once again I am measuring small.  I am measuring about 5 weeks behind where I should be, and once again this concerned the docs.  I was not as worried this time around because I knew that it was normal for me.  At the ultrasound we learned that bundle is actually measuring about 1 week ahead of where I am at.  She was measuring 33 weeks last week when I was 32.  Maybe our due date is wrong? I mean we were not sure of it any way.  Here is to hoping :).  She looked great, and had very little room left in my belly.  Fluid was still good, and my placenta was normal! Oh and she verified that she was indeed a girl!! We got a complete crotch shot and I was so happy for that.

The ultrasound went great other than the fact that I almost passed out on the table.  I can not for the life of me lay flat on my back or everything starts to go blurry.  I spent the remainder of the ultrasound on my left side facing away from the monitor :(. 

How I am feeling:
  • Sciatic pain like crazy.  On my right side this time.  Sometimes my entire leg goes numb.
  • Sore abs.  She kicks a lot!!! I mean like to the point where I have screamed out in pain.  She likes to dig her elbows and knees into my stomach and just twist.  OUCH!
  • Her feet are still permanently in my ribs
  • I am no longer able to bend down or turn over easily.
  • I am getting bigger, and I am obviously prego now
  • Emotional
  • I have to use the restroom all the time!
  • I sleep okay, but I still can not go back to sleep if I get woke up.
  • Ready/not ready
  • Excited to start the nursery and to shop for her
  • Excited about the baby shower my friends are throwing me this month
  • Worried about breastfeeding, even though my boobs are still filled with colostrum.
  • A little overwhelmed.
  • Tired
All things normal this far along in pregnancy.  Here is a pic of me at 31 weeks.  I look about the same this week!


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Beth said...

Sarah, I am so excited! I cannot wait to see her, let me know about your shower and where your registered and all that jazz...Love you, hope to see you soon!