Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Caleb 17 Months

My sweet baby turned 17 months yesterday.  I seriously can't believe that I am typing that.  You do not know how bittersweet that is with my emotions right now.  I have 1 more month with my little man before we add another love into our lives. One more month to hold only him, to take in all of his faces, and to give him my undivided attention. One more month!!! I remember when I first found out I was pregnant I counted how many months apart the babies would be.  18 months.  Okay I could do that.  18 months was a far way away, and I could prepare.  However, 18 months is now 1 short month away, and now it seems like it came so fast.  My little mans second year is flying by, and I can only imagine how fast time is going to fly when bundle arrives.  So, this month takes a special place in my heart.  I am going to do everything in my power this month to concentrate completely on my little man.  I am going to plan activities, put down the electronics when he is awake during the day, and just work to make him happy.  I want him to know that his mama loves him more than life, and that I always will. 

Caleb at 17 months you are...

Sleeping:  You are now sleeping in a BIG BOY BED!! Wow! I have to admit that I had a moment when we first moved you to your car bed, but you are doing amazing.  You have slept 4 nights in it, and when you wake up in the morning you do not try to get out on your own. You wait until we come in to get you.  You are at this moment in time napping in it for the very first time.  You have been napping in your crib the last few days, because the toys that now fill your room were to exciting for you during naps.  You kept getting up and playing.  However, you are amazing me at this moment with how big and good you are napping in your big boy bed.  You are going to bed around 9:00-9:30 and waking up at 7:30. You take a nap from 11-1 daily and some days you take a one hour nap between 5-6 or 6-7 (depends on your mood). In the morning when we bring you into bed with us, you have to be right on top of me.  If I turn my back to you, you grab my face and pull me back towards you.  I love this.  Whenever I am not in the bed you are all about cuddling with dada, and I always laugh when I come in because you two will be sleeping in the exact same position.  Too cute. 

Eating:  I feel as though there is nothing new to say with this catagory.  Still 3 meals a day, and snacks in between.  You are still obsessed with all fruit.  Unfortunately the only meat you will is chicken nuggets. I was so against feeding you nuggets, but you have to get some protein in your diet. You get protein from peanut butter, yogurt, and nuggets on occasion.  You will only sign "more" for food, and usually it is for powdered doughnuts (my #1 craving this pregnancy).  You also know that fast food bags have nuggets in them and you will freak out if you see us get a bag.  You immediately start reaching and signing more.  Goodness.  I really did not want you to learn the amazingness of fast food just yet, but you get it on a very rare occasion.

Size:  You are still 24 lbs and somewhere between 29-31 inches.  You are wearing 18-2T clothing, and you are in a size 4 shoe.  You also still wear size 4 diapers, but you can also fit in a 5.

Speech:  Your new word of the month is "Mine".  It is basically all you say all day.  You have also learned to say "sissy" to Sydney, and at times you will say "get it".  You also say "More" now but only for powdered doughnuts. 

Exciting New Things:
  • Every day you amaze us more and more with the commands you understand.  We just look at you and ask "when did he grow up".
  • You will search high and low for your binky, and walk around saying "Mine" once you find it.
  • You pull your binky out of your mouth, throw it, and hold up your hands like "where is it".  When we pick it up you say "MINE", and you grab it back.  So cute.
  • You now sleep in a big boy bed, with a pillow, and tucked in blankets.  So big.
  • You sit at a big boy table to eat now.  The high chair has been packed away.
  • You play "wii" with our wii remote, and any other electronic remote.  You turn them sideways sit in your soccer chair, and say "woof woof" while turning it side to side. 
  • Anytime you see a toy car you grab it and go vroom vroom.
  • You are walking like a champ again after getting your cast off.
  • You have moved to your big boy room to make room for sister, but your room is not actually decorated yet.
  • Your bedroom and playroom are now combined, and it honestly looks like a playroom with a bed thrown in.
  • You love to fill cups up in the bath and pour them on you and go "woooo".
  • You can tell us what an elephant says.  You hold your arm up and go "ahhhohhh". 
  • You love to build blocks.
  • You love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse now.
  • You are obsessed with my iphone, and honestly I do not know how we lived without it. You love your apps on it, and you will play with it for forever!
  • You have been very cuddly lately.  I love this.
  • You are hard core back into seperation anxiety.  You will not stay in the church nursery, and if we are at a friends house and dada or I get out of your sight you freak out.  I'm not a fan of this, and I am hoping that it is just a stage that will soon pass.
  • You still think your baby sister is your belly, and you still stick your binky in your belly button to give it to her. 
  • You know where your head, nose, eyes, ears, teeth, piggies, baby sister, and hands are. 
  • You can sign "all done", "more" "eat" and "diaper change". 
  • When you are hungry your generally walk into the kitchen and try to open the fridge.  You also walk over to the sink when you are thirsty.
  • You still communicate mostly with "uhhh".  However, we always know what you mean, or we figure it out really fast.
  • You laugh when we laugh now. 
  • You randomly walk up and give us tons of kisses now.
  • You are so my child. You loved to be massaged.  You will sit perfectly still if I start rubbing your back, and you will grab my hand and place it where you want me to rub.  If I stop you grab my hand and put it back on you.  Just like me. 
  • You still make your no face, and a roll the eye face that are so funny.
  • You hit a lot less now. 
  • You still love to give Bella and Sydney kisses.

Baby boy I love you more than you will ever know.  I know you will not remember this time when it was only us, but I hope that you always understand how much joy you bring to my days.  You have changed my life, and you are the greatest blessing I have ever known. 


k said...

I'm about to write the 16 month post for my little guy while I'm 8 months pregnant so I completely get where you're coming from about it being the last month as a family of 3. Exciting but crazy at the same time.

Caleb seems like such a happy little guy!

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