Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas in January

I know I know I am so behind, and I promise I am making every effort to catch up.  I mean I know you all are just biting your nails waiting to hear about our Christmas.  I know you just can't sleep at night waiting for this post. Right? Uhh huh yea, I would like to believe that my blog is that appealing, but in all reality I am writing this post more for my own memories.  However, if you do decide to read I hope you enjoy hearing about our second Christmas with our little man.

Christmas this year was a little different.  Due to the pregnancy I was unable to travel to my hometown at all.  Generally if we do not go down for Christmas, then we go down shortly after. However, this year my family had to come to me.  The weekend before Christmas I planned to have family in, and I was planning on cooking a roast for dinner. I awoke however, early on Saturday morning to find that all the power on our street was out, and that our house was FREEZING.  I immidiately scooped Caleb up and we walked aimlessly around stores for hours (did I mention it was the Saturday before Christmas?). Yea, that was not a fun experience. Anyway, my dad and sister soon arrived in town, my power came back on, and we all cooked dinner together.  Basically my dad cooked for us instead of me cooking for them, but he has more years of experience, and I will take a break when I can get it.  Caleb of course was the center of attention, and he was spoiled rotten with gifts.

Christmas Eve this year was spent with Nick's mamas family. She is one of 12 siblings so their get togethers are huge!! Caleb was just awful on Christmas Eve.  Combination of being tired and teething=fussy baby.  The only thing that made him happy was playing on top of the air hockey table, and god forbid we move him from it.  The air hockey table now sits on the ground because of this.  Unfortunately, he would not allow anyone to hold him or even look at him.  Not the best of nights. We did get a few cute pics before hand though.
This pic is a little blurry but Caleb is showing us his baby sister 
He kind of resembles Chris Farley in this pic :)
We can't get a good pic without the binky
This year we did our very first Christmas morning at our own home.  Nick and I stayed up late making sure Santa prepared all of Caleb's gifts correctly, and then little man woke us up around 8 am.  I brought him into bed to snuggle and drink his milk, and we read the Christmas story from the Bible before we went to open presents.  Caleb was not quite as excited about all of his new gifts as I thought he would be.  He was still kind of clingy and yucky feeling.  However, all of that changed when dada opened one of his new gifts. I had bought Nick a new wallet, and he started moving cards from his old wallet to the new one.  OMG Caleb was in heaven playing with Nick's old cards and wallet, and all the other toys did not matter at all. He carried those cards and wallet around all morning.  So funny. 

Taking in his new ball pit.

Oh the credit cards!

He did take a break to give the dogs Christmas kisses.

After our Christmas morning at home we packed up and headed to Nick's parents house for breakfast and more gifts.  Caleb was once again beyond spoiled, and I think that his aunts and uncles were grateful for that. I swear everyone played with his toys for over an hour. The rest of Christmas day and night was spent there, and it was very relaxing and family oriented. Great second Christmas with our little man. 

The day after Christmas we got to spend some time with this new mama and family. Baby Declan was just too cute, and I was so glad I got to finally meet him.  



mrslaurenclark said...

I'm happy you guys had a good Christmas!

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