Thursday, December 31, 2009

Will it Really be the Worst Year If.....

My Christmas Decorations are not taken down before tomorrow?

Has anyone else ever heard about how it is bad luck to leave Christmas decorations up into the new year? I know where I come from it is a No No.  I mean a new years eve ritual of ours was to fill the Christmas tree with firworks, place it in the pasture, and then at midnight light it to watch the fireworks go off.  One time my uncle filled it with Roman Candles because he did not know what they did! We were running all over the place to escape the shooting of those candles. It was so funny. Anyway back to my dilema. 

My baby LOVES the Christmas tree, and I have to admit I had a sobby mom moment watching him lay beneath it this morning.

I mean it will be the LAST Christmas where lights above his head will mesmerize him for hours. 

It will be the LAST Christmas he will not terrorize my tree.  It will be the LAST Christmas he will fit so nice and snuggly below, and will swat at the ornaments.

 It will be the LAST baby's first Christmas.

 The LAST first Christmas as a family of three.

It will be the LAST Christmas he is my little bitty baby.  Am I being to sappy???

All of the boxes to pack up the decorations are in my living room, my house is a mess and must be cleaned, and decorations taken down.  However, I think I may cry if I take down the tree. I think I need moral support.  Maybe I will just leave it up. Maybe I will leave it up all year and just put different color lights on it. Red and pink for Valentines, Green for St Patty's, Red White and Blue to the 4th??? Not to white trash right?

Oh blogger friends what to do.  I think I am just going to take in this moment where my little man is still little. Where his life is still filled with joy just from looking at lights, and I will lay with him for a while below the tree as well. 

Maybe I will just eat a WHOLE HEAD of Cabbage to bring good luck for the New Year. 

Happy New Years All!!


ClintandGina said...

Hi Sarah. My tree is not down either. I know exactly how you makes me sad that Ava's first Christmas is almost over. I was thinking of taking it down today, but I think I may enjoy it another few days. Hope Caleb has a wonderful first New Years. You are in for a fun month ahead of you......month 5 has been my FAVORITE.

Kimberly said...

I would leave the tree up a few more days and let him enjoy it! He is only little once. I know people that do keep it up all year around and turn it into a v-day tree, st. patrick's day tree.

CGBG said...

If it makes you feel better it's kinda our tradition to not take our Christmas tree down until AFTER the new year! One because it's so pretty (you know if I do say so myself) and because we have "Little" Christmas with my Dad's side of the family after new years.