Friday, December 4, 2009

It Can't Be True

My little man is 4 MONTHS old today! I know I say this every month, but time is flying by so fast!! He is changing so much and becoming more and more independent each day!! It seems like I have blinked my eyes and he is now 4 months! What happened to my tiny little baby? I just love him more than life, and I am loving this stage of his life. He is so fun and alert now!

Caleb What you are up to at 4 months:

Eating: You are eating 7 ounces every 4 hours.  We started you on cereal last week, and you LOVE it. Unfortunately you are allergic to rice cereal. Your little face broke out with red bumps after you ate it. We have switched you back to Oatmeal cereal and you love it just as much.  You are eating about 2-3 scoops of cereal with 1/2 scoop of formula one time a day. We can not feed you fast enough. You SCREAM in between bites. It is so cute. You are recognizing the spoon now and opening your mouth when you see it.  You also recognize when mommy and daddy are eating from a spoon. You are still taking 1 ounce juice and one ounce water every other day to keep your system regular.

Size: You are growing growing growing! You are 16 POUNDS! I just can't believe it! I always hold you and ask you "What happened to my little baby". I like to call you my pillsbury dough boy.  You are wearing 0-3, 3, 3-6, and 6 month clothes all depending on how they are made.

Sleeping: You are still sleeping through the night. You generally go to sleep around 11, and you wake up around 8-10 every morning. In the morning we always have cuddle time. You roll over on your side and wrap your arm around my neck and fall back asleep. I have to admit it melts my heart! I could lay like that all day.  With all the traveling we did over Thanksgiving your sleep schedule was a little off, but we are back on track. You no longer sleep in your travel bed when we go on trips, but you LOVE your pack-n-play.  You also love the snuggle your lovey bear or your blankie when you are tired during the day. You like to fight your sleep before naps but I will rock you and allow you to snuggle your blankie or lovey, or I will lay beside you in my bed and you will generally fall asleep.

Exciting New Things:
  • You had your first vacation this past week. We traveled to SC and to Florida. It was the first time you had been out of KY, and you traveled through 6 states. Vir, Tenn, NC, SC, Georgia, and FL.
  • You put your feet in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. It was chilly so your screamed, but you really enjoyed touching the sand.
  • You met your great grandparents Gardella's for the first time.
  • You have held your own bottle one time.
  • You talk ALL the time! I love it
  • You laugh out loud a lot more now, but you give yourself the hiccups a lot when you do.
  • You discovered a love for the Christmas tree
  • You have discovered your mouth! All things go in your mouth. You have actually put your own binky in 3 times now.
  • You still have to be swaddled sometimes when you sleep, but for the most part you are over that.
  • You kick and move your arms so fast now that you get out of breath.
  • You love to hit your tummy time toys.
  • You sat by yourself for 15 seconds about 3 times now.
  • You smile all the time. All we have to do sometimes is look at you and the largest smile will come over your face.
  • You had your first boo boo. Sissy accidentally jumped up on the bed when you were laying up there and scratched your face. You cried I cried we cuddled and cried some more, but we made it through.
  • You had your very first cold. Congested nose, sleepless night, a small fever, and cough. It only lasted 4 days but it made mommy so sad. 

I LOVE YOU LITTLE MAN!! I am so excited to celebrate this month of your life with you. It will be your very first Christmas, and I can not wait to enjoy every moment of it with you. It will be the best Christmas ever! I love you I love you I love you.


The Dorns said...

So exciting all the new changes they make each month. I see you started food already and sounds like he is doing great. is an awesome website if you wanted to make him food. Its pretty easy I freeze it in ice cube trays and then pop them out into ziploc freezzer bags. Another one that you can sign up to get a weekly email is

Have a great week he sure is a cutey.

williamson family said...

First of all I love the bibs! They are so cute and they make for great pictures.

Second.. I just loved reading all of his milestones.
Kyah is still behind him but I'm looking forward to all of the fun things ahead. Kyah has caught his paci falling out and put it back in (once) but now he rarely takes it at all. I think that we are weaning ourself off of it. For the last 2-3 weeks we have only been able to use it to go to sleep at night and the last week he won't take it at all.

As for the laughing... that's adorable about the hicups. How funny! Kyah laughed twice now but we are still working on it.

Also, Kyah runs out of breath when he kicks too. I think it's so adorable to watch their little faces. It's like they are so determined. One of my faves.

Great post! It just gives me a glimpse of all of the fun things to come :) You are such a good momma!