Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Aww the Love

As you have probably already noticed I have been updating the look of my blog a little here and there. I was looking at some other little accessories for it, and I came across this. 

I had to laugh. I am a true Twilight addict (Babbling Abby, I know you are too), and even though I am a die hard Edward lover..

 ...I am not going to cover my blog with Twilight accessories. However, it was too funny and true not to share.
However, if you are a team Jacob fan (cough cough Katie) they do have a button for you as well :).

I'll Leave you with another little guy that I am addicted to (even more than Edward Cullen shhh)...

1 comment:

Abby said...

I'm with ya, sista!!!!