Thursday, December 10, 2009


The time of year is here again. Christmas card time that is. Since Caleb was born, I have been thinking about Christmas cards. Do I do funny, adorable, whole family, Caleb and the dogs, only Caleb etc etc. Well yesterday I finally made a decision and ordered the Christmas cards from Wal-Mart. First off they were so CHEAP. I was able to get 50 cards for 20 dollars! I almost ordered 25 cards for 40 dollars off shutterfly. Anyway, I ordered them online and then loaded Caleb up despite the crazy wind, and went to pick them up at Wal-Mart. I got them gave them a quick look over, paid and started to walk out of the store. I gave them one more look before we left, and I realized something was missing. At the bottom of the card it said

Wishing you a Merry Christmas.
Nick, Sarah, Caleb, Sydney Gardella

Notice what is missing? I could not believe I left my baby girl off. BELLA that is.

 I mean she is only my precious little girl who I am mildly obsessed with. Her name is only Bella Gardella, and the princess that must be included on the card. I immediately called my hubby and asked what I should do. He told me to go talk to the photo station attendant and see what I could do. Luckily she said that I could fix the problem, re-order and then pick them up today.  Therefore, before I head to work today I am stopping by the pick of the cards that include Bella's name on them, and hopefully send them out tommorrow. 

Just incase you are wondering I decided to go with a card with 4 pictures of Caleb. At first we had thought about doing a humerous card that included this picture...

The card was going to say HAVE A HOLLY JOLLY CHRISTMAS.

However, after thinking about it I decided to go with 4 happy pictures of my little man. There are a lot of people in my family who never get to see him, and I wanted them to be able to see his adorable face.  The above picture cracks me up though.

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