Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Time Is....

I have been thinking a lot about Christmas, I mean obviously it is that time of year. Mainly I have been thinking about the magic of it, and the feelings that pop in your mind when you think about it. I mean Christmas is so different to each and every individual. Everyone has different memories, traditions, experiences etc etc etc.  I have spent a lot of time thinking about what I want Caleb to feel/remember when he thinks of Christmas, and what traditions I want to start with him from the beginning.

When I think of Christmas I remember
  • Laying in bed with my sisters on Christmas Eve. We were young, and Santa was FOR SURE coming to our house that night. I remember whispering to eachother and listening for "footsteps" on the roof.  We would HEAR them, and all of us would close our eyes so tightly and pretend to be sleeping. Afterall, Santa does not visit unless you are asleep.
  • I remember staying up all night on Christmas Eve with my sisters when Santa was no longer real to us. The childhood magic was gone, but the anticipation of the gifts we would receive the next day was soo exciting. The night would take SO LONG. However, with the first break of sunshine Christmas day was there!
  • I remember at times being a brat because I maybe did not get the exact gifts I wanted.  Ughh so awful to think about.
  • I remember the first Christmas I truly began to realize that Christmas was not about the presents under the tree, or what you did or did not receive. Christmas was about Jesus, Christmas was about family, Christmas was about love and hope. (It took me well into my teen years to realize this).
  • I remember always singing Happy Birthday to Jesus in my head on Christmas morning, and telling him happy birthday all throughout the day. 
  • Christmas is decorating the day after Thanksgiving, wrapping presents, smelling the Christmas candle, thanking God for his son, loving family, and starting new traditions with my little man.
  • Last Christmas came the realization that pain can come even on the most magical day of the year. With my cousins car accident on Christmas day, and the reality that he might not make it, all the Christmas magic was gone in an instant.  It was not about presents, or laughter, it was about clinging to my family and to God.  However, with this awful experience came the HOPE of Christmas. The HOPE and TRUST that everything would work out. My cousin is here this Christmas, not fully better, but here. Now we can truly experience Christmas JOY.  Even though Christmas marks the one year anniversary, we have Matt here to love and talk to, and that is truly what Christmas is about.

I am not positive what "Christmas" will be for Caleb. I do not know what things he will remember, and what will make him "feel like Christmas". However, I have a few traditions that I am going to start with him this year.

1. Reading "God gave us Christmas".  It is a great book that speaks of both God and Santa.
2. Reading "The Christmas Story" in the Bible on Christmas Eve.
3. Baking a birthday Cake for Jesus on Christmas Eve and singing happy birthday to him. I will leave out a piece of birthday cake for Santa instead of cookies.
4. Opening his stocking on Christmas Eve.
5. I will encourage him to give to unfortunate children in the future, by having him participate in cleaning out his clothes that no longer fit, or giving away a toy he no longer plays with.
6. Showing him love, and hoping that he comes to understand that LOVE is what Christmas is all about.


Lea Liz said...

Love all of your Christmas traditions! I am excitied to start my own with Brody too!

Love the new blog look!

Meant to be a mom said...

It sounds to me like you have a very good idea of what Christmas is truly about. I think that Caleb will grow up having a very good memory of his family times and with great love, support and memories. You will teach him to love God and to be happy for the birth of Jesus and what that meant for us all. Thanks to you and his daddy, your son will grow up and do these same things with his kids. That's a blessing to him and his future family. :)
Don't you just love to pass on those wonderful traditions?
It will be so fun to give him gifts too. I can't wait for Cooper to get excited for Christmas and we can read a book about Jesus and open presents. Oh how fun!!!!!