Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Oh Caleb, how you surprise me each and every day.  Let me tell you a little story about the past week in your life.  The week all started last Friday when we went for your four month visit at the pediatrician.  First of all, I pride myself on having a calm, collective little man. You truly hardly ever get upset. However, at the pedi office, you acted as though they were killing you when they weighed you, and you acted as though your life was over when they measured your head!! Oh silly one. However, you were a champ with your first shot, but we had another show of the SCREAMS on the second shot.  With all that being said though, the doctor told me you were WAY ready for food. I mean you were measuring 75-80 percentile in everything, you are sitting up, holding up your head yada yada yada. Anway, the dear doctor told me how to begin introducing baby food, and then off to the grocery we traveled. 

Saturday was the day we were going to begin solids. SWEET TATER solids that is.  We were waiting until daddy got home from work, because mommy was FOR SURE you would give us a show.  I mixed the first half of your taters with cereal so you would not be confused by the consitency.  Daddy began to feed you, I began taking pictures. NOTHING HAPPENED. You did not make a face, you did not cry, you acted as though you had been eating taters your whole life.  We then gave you the other half of the jar without cereal, yes you are a hoss and you ate it all.  The consistency change was nothing to you. All you wanted was more orange goodness.

So you are a pro at eating baby food. You just began carrots today. However, you are also now a pro of making your mommy feel like a big pile of poopy when she has to leave you for work.  Meemaw had been informing me that you would cry a lot while I was gone to work. However, I just thought you were fighting your sleep, or something of that nature.  She kept telling me that it was because you missed me, and that they refer to me as "the lady who gave birth to you" and not "mommy" because you would cry if they said mommy.  Well, yesterday you showed mommy how much you DID NOT want me to leave. 

I still had about 10 minutes until I had to leave for work, and I handed your to meemaw so she could cuddle you. You were fine for a second, then you looked at me, puckered your little lips, and started crying. Not just whining, deep, hard, loud crying. I couldn't take it. I grabbed you, cuddled you, and kissed you, all while fighting back tears.  However, ten minutes later I HAD to leave for work. I handed you off again, you looked, puckered, and began crying! I have to tell you it was soo hard for momma to leave you! I cried on the way to work. I know you are in good hands, but I just want to cuddle you and let you know it will be okay! You are surprising momma more and more every day, and let me just say that I hope you stay at momma's boy forever!

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Jessica and Michael said...

That is too funny....and he is seriously toooo cute! Davis has his four month check up next week and I am not looking forward to it. I'm hoping he does okay and that it doesn't affect Christmas! UGGG! Have a great rest of your week!