Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tooth Fairy oh Tooth Fairy

Lend me your knowledge.  I have a teething baby boy on my hands who has emotions like a teenage girl at this point in time. One minute he is smiling, the next he is screaming.  Last night I was up from 3 am till 6 am with him rocking, feeding him a cold bottle of juice and water, walking the floor, cuddling etc etc etc. Nothing worked. As soon as he would fall asleep the binky would pop out of his mouth, and a scream of pain would come from his poor little mouth.  I believe he is getting ready to pop a tooth on the bottom.  We saw a hint of white over Christmas, and now his gum is all swollen. 

Ideas I have found so far to reduce pain...

  • Orajel- Does it work???
  • Mesh feeder: Place frozen bananas or plums in it and let baby chew.  Is this okay for babies who are only 4 1/2 -5 months?
  • Cool teethers in fridge.  Caleb likes the feeling of these but he can not keep them in his mouth. He always drops them.
  • Freeze a washcloth.  We are getting ready to try this. I think it may work.
  • Go back to the older days and use good ole alcohol :). Just kidding, but it is advice that I have heard.

Any advice mommas???


Abby said...

I only know of the ones that you've already posted, and we tried them all! Well, except the alcohol, of course!!!!

Just take solace in the fact that it's only a phase. You'll make it!

Lea Liz said...

Teething tablets,Oragel, and baby tylenol!!! My lifesavers with Brody teething!!!!! Brody cute 3 teeth at one time!!!!! Hope that tooth pops thru soon!!!! Can you imagine how bad it would hurt to cut teeth?

Hope you all have a great new year!

ClintandGina said...

Ava has loved just sucking on a warm wash cloth and her soft chewy bath toys. She has two teeth now. I too have tried everything I can purchase at Target, but they all fall out of her mouth.

DamnGoodDad said...

Tried all of the above, including whisky. Turns out the "cool teethers" worked best when frozen solid and the alcohol worked best when I drank it rather than giving it to her. :)