Friday, January 1, 2010

I Should Have Eaten the Cabbage

I gave in yesterday to the old tales of bad luck in the new year if my Christmas decor was not taken down.  I took down my babies new favorite toy (aka christmas tree), and packed it away until next Christmas season. However, I awake today on New Years Day, and I have a string of bad luck.

I am ill blogger friends. I mean like hug the toilet, stay in the bathroom all day ill.  I have unfortunately caught the stomach bug my hubby had last week, and I am miserable. I was fine this morning when I woke up to feed Caleb, but by 2 pm I was SICK.  It is miserable, and frankly I believe I should have better luck than this. I mean the CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS ARE PUT AWAY!! I know it is not the best way to begin the new year, but I am hoping it will pass quicky. We have pictures tomorrow morning and I really do not want to have to reschedule.

The worst part of the situation is the fact that I can not play with Caleb. My hubby is home today and it was suppose to be a lazy family day. However, with Mr. Kill Your Stomach Make You Want to DIE bug, I am now confined to my bedroom. I am sitting in my bed, unable to sleep, surfing the internet over and over and over.  All the while my baby is blissfully bouncing in the jumparoo in the living room, while my hubby gets to play with him and see all the cute smiles and faces of the day.  I want to be able to play to.

Oh well I'll take Dr. Seus's advice "I'm telling you duckie, don't grumble don't stew! some people are much more so much much much more so muchly-more more more unlucky than you". 

On a lighter note News Years Eve was fun. My friends Beth and Neil came in town and brought baby Jackson. We had dinner with another couple, and then headed to Nick's best friend from high schools house for a small New Years get together. Caleb ended up going to bed around 3 am and we followed at 5 am. Way out of the norm. Happy New Years All.

Celebrating the New Year with Caleb

Neil and Beth

Playing together. Jaxson is so much bigger now!

Pooped at the end of the night. Don't they look like twins?

My New Years Blessing!