Thursday, December 31, 2009

Books Books Books

I absolutely LOVE to read to Caleb. I have a new favorite book that I have read to him over and over and over since he was born. Our first favorite was "I'll Love You Forever".  The new favorite is by none other than Dr. Seus.  Enjoy.

When I was quite young and quite small for my size, I met an old man on the Desert of Drize.  And he sang me a song I will never forget.  At least, well I haven't forgotten it yet.

He sat in a terribly prickly place.  But he sand with a sunny sweet smile on his face.

When you think things are bad
when you feel sour and blue,
when you start to get mad....
you should do what I do!

Just tell yourself, Duckie,
you're really quite lucky!!
Some people are much more....
oh, ever so much more....
oh, muchly much-much more
unlucky than you!

Be glad you don't work on the Bunglebung Bridge
that they're building across Boober Bay at Bumm Ridge.

It's a troublesome world. All the people who are in it
are troubled with troubles almost every minute.
You ought to be thankful, a whole heaping lot,
for the places and people you're lucky you're not!

Just suppose for example,
you lived in Ga-Zayt
and got caught in that traffic
on Zayt Highway Eight.

Or suppose
just for instance
you lived in Ga-Zair
With your bedroom up here
and your bathroom up THERE!

Suppose, just suppose you were poor Herbie Hart
who has taken his Throm-dim-bu-lator apart!
He never will get it together, I'm sure.
He never will know if the Gick or the Goor
fits into the Skrux or the Snux or the Snoor.
Yes, Duckie your lucky you're not Herbie Hart
who has taken his throm-dim-bulator apart.

Think they work you to hard...?
Think of poor Ali Sard
He has to mow grass in his uncle's back yard
and it's quick growing grass
and it grows as he mows it.
The faster he mows it, the faster he grows it.
And all that his stingy old uncle will pay
for him shoving that mower around in that hay
is the piffulous pay of two Dooklas a day
And Ali can't live on such piffulous pay!


He has to pain flagpoles
on Sundays in Grooz.
How lucky you are
you don't live in his shoes.

And poor Mr Bix!
Every morning at six,
Poor Mr. Bix has his Borfin to fix.

It doesn't seem fair. It just doesn't seem right
but his Borfin just seems to go schlump every night.
It schlumps in a heap, sadly needing repair
Bix figures it's due to the local night air.

It takes him all day to unschlump it,
and then....
the night air comes back
and it schlumps once again

So don't you feel blue. Don't get down in the dumps.
You're lucky you don't have a Borfin that schlumps.

And while we are at it, consider the Schlottz,
the Crumple-horn, Web footed, Green-bearded Schlottz
whose tail is entailed with un-solvable knots.

If he isn't muchly
more worse off than you.
I'll eat my umbrella,
That's just what I'll do.

And you'r lucky in deed you don't ride on a camel
To ride on a camel, you sit on a wamel.
A wamel, you know, is a sort of saddle
held on by a button that it knwn as a faddle.
And boy!! If your old manel faddle gets loose,
I'm telling you duckie you are gone like a goose.

And poor Mr Potter.
T crosser I dotter
He has to cross T's
and he has to dot I's
in an I an T factory

out in Van Nuys!

Oh the jobs people work at!
Out west near Hawtch Hawtch.
ther's a Hawth-Hawtcher bee-watcher
his job is to watch....
is to keep both his eyes on that lazy town bee.
A bee that is watched will work harder you see.

Well....he watched and he watched
But in spite of his watch,
that bee didn't work any harder not mawtch.

SO then somebody said
"our old bee-watching man
just isn't bee watching as hard as he can.
He ought to be watched by another Hawtch Hawtcher
the thing that we need
is a Bee-Watcher-Watcher!!"


The bee-watcher watcher watched the bee-watcher.
He didn't watch well. So another Hawtch-Hawtcher
had to come in as a watch-watcher-watcher!
And today all the Hawtchers whoe live in Hawtch-Hawtch
are watching on Watch-watcher-watchiering-watch,
watch-watching the watcher who's watching that bee.
You're not  a Hawtch-Watcher. You're lucky you see.

And how fortunate you are not Professor De Breeze
who has spent the past thirty two years if you please
trying to teach Irish ducks how to read Jivanese.

And think of the
poor puffling Poogle-horn players,
who have to parade
down the poogle-horn stairs
every morning to wake up
the Prince of Poo-Boken.
It's awful how often
their poogles get broken!

And oh! Just suppose
you were poor Harry Haddow. Try as he will he can't make any shadow!
He thinks that perhaps, something is wrong with his Gizz.
And I think, by golly their probably is.

And the Brothers Bazoo.
the poor brothers Bazoo!
Suppose your hair grew
like theirs happened to do!
You think you're unlucky...?
I'm telling you duckie,
some people are muchly,
oh, ever so muchly
muchly more-more-more unlucky than you!

And suppose that you lived in the forest in France
Where the average young person just hasn't a chance
to escape from the perilous pants-eating plants!
But your pants are safe! You're a fortunate guy.
And you ought to be shouting "HOW LUCKY AM I!"

And speaking of plants
you should be greatly gladdish
you're not farmer Falkenburgs
sevententh raddish.

And you're so, so lucky
your not Gucky Gown,
who lives by himslef
ninety miles out of town,
In the Ruins of Ronk,
Ronk is rather run down.

And your so so SO lucky
you're not a left sock,
left behind by mistake
in the Kaverns of Krock!

Thank goodness for all of the things you are not
Thank goodness your not something someone forgot
And left all alone in some punkerish place
Like a rusty tin coat hanger hanging in space.

That's why I say "Duckie!
Don't grumble! Don't stew!
Some critters are much much,
oh, ever so much-much
so muchly much-much more unlucky than you!"

I love this story because it makes you think! I love books with good little lessons in them.
What are your favorite children's books??


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