Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Recap

We had an amazing first Christmas with Caleb.  Filled with lots of lovin from family, visits with friends, a few funny stories, and a visit from the famous Ho Ho. 

We celebrated Christmas on the 21st with Nick's family. We all had dinner, and then slipped into our Christmas Pj's to open gifts.  It was a great time, and Caleb recieved lots of clothes, and toys.

We then traveled to my hometown on the 22nd.  That night we spent some time with my old friends from high school, and Caleb got to meet some new aunts and uncles. 

The 23rd was spent attending a Christmas dinner, and then celebrating with my brothers family and my mom.  My neices were gaw gaw over Caleb once again, and their momma is expecting another baby in July. Maybe a boy this time? The ring and string says so, we will see if it proves true.

The 24th was spent at my aunts house. I went over early to learn how to make the FAMOUS ROLES. I succeeded and the recipe is waiting for me to try again. Let me tell you all, they are the best roles ever. The famous Aunt Libby roles. It is my goal to master them. I also helped cook the rest of the dinner. She is an amazing cook, and I hope I can learn to be 1/2 as good as her. After dinner we opened gifts, and Caleb was given the nickname Carlos. My cousin, he is wild, began calling Caleb Carlos at the table, and then proceeded to follow in true Hangover nature. (Get the picture?) It was funny I have to admit. Caleb recieved an antique rocking horse. So cute! Aunt Lib and Matt found a set of China for Nick and I, and I was amazed when I opened it! It is so beautiful.  8 place settings.  Now I need a china cabinet.

After gifts we traveled to my dads house.  There were some funny things that night, which almost included a broken Christmas tree, and the Sheriff taking over :).  We also read Caleb his Christmas stories, and proceeded to stay up very late with him because he would not sleep.

Christmas morning my dad woke us up at 6 am!!! He said it was pay back for all the years we woke him up so early. We went downstairs and opened gifts.  I got a new camera, some clothes, money to go shopping, make up etc.  Caleb got an awesome grow with me band toy, some adorable nike shoes, clothes, hats, and some more toys. 

We then laid around until time to go to dinner at my step grandmothers. After dinner we opened more gifts,and then headed back to my hometown for more gifts at my grandmothers. 

We spent the rest of the weekend visiting with more family, and then traveling home on Monday.  My hubby was a little ill the last part of the trip, but he is starting to feel better.

It was an amazing first Christmas with Caleb, and I am so grateful to God for allowing me to have this little blessing in my life. 

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