Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Got My

Toes in the water

Toes in the Sand

Not a Worry in the World

Life is GOOD today

Life is GOOD today

We are back home from our Florida vacation, missing the beach of course. This beach was sentimental to my hubby's family, and it was sweet to visit. This was his grandmothers favorite beach, and was where her ashes were spread after she passed away. She liked to come and watch the dolphins swim in and out. While we were there we saw a couple of dolphins swimming. It made us smile. 

It is good to be home but little man has his very first cold. Last night was a rough night since he was so congested. After a doctors visit today and a few tips on how to help him feel better, I am hoping we can have a better night tonight.  Pray that he feels better fast!


Lyr said...

Great family photo's! They are so perfect!

williamson family said...

Love the pictures but I do hate to hear that little man has a cold. I hope that he gets to feeling better soon. It seemed like Kyah was trying to come down with something this past week as well. I put the Humidifier in his room and put the baby vicks on his chest. I even put a few drops of peppermint oil in the Humidifier. He seems to be doing great now (little stuffy here and there) but overall much better. Good luck with it.

Meant to be a mom said...

I'm definitely praying for Caleb. I hope he gets to feeling better fast. Those pictures are so sweet. I love the one of all of your feet and your jeans rolled up while your holding his hands.