Monday, November 29, 2010

Checking In

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend.  Ours was great, though we had a few little problems (post to follow).  I am so happy to get back to the blogging world, and my mind is just full of post ideas for the week.  We now have a functioning computer so I will try to post tonight with some updated pictures of my little man and some breaking news about our family.  Other posts in the making this week...
  • Caleb's Christmas Shirts (yep they are finished)
  • Third Trimester Update AHHH
  • Glucose Test Post
  • Caleb's 16 month post
  • Possibly a Christmas Decorations Post
  • A little heart felt work that I have been thinking a lot about lately
  • Lots of pictures of Caleb. 
So excited to get back into blogging!!


Momma B. said...

We'll be waiting! Tell Caleb we love him!

Anonymous said...

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